How not to be an introvert during an interview

Do you have difficulties as an introvert during an admissions or job interview?There is nothing wrong in being an introvert. However, if at the time of sitting for your interview you appear to be an introvert, it will create a problem. So this article provides some useful tips on how not to be an introvert during an interview.


Every person has a different kind of personality. So some people are really extrovert in whatever they are doing. Some people are just the reverse of it. They like to keep to themselves. They are shy of mixing up in a crowd of people. They take time to socialize. There is no good or bad being an extrovert or introvert. Although there is a drawback or shortcoming of being an introvert. I am going to discuss that here and will give you some remedies to overcome your shyness or introversion.

Drawback of being an introvert

Please don't take this point otherwise. Being an introvert is not wrong. But it shows some negative impact when such people appear for their interview. If they are applying for a job in the marketing sector or advertising sector or even in the software developing section, being an introvert will throw a negative image of yours on the interviewer. Maybe an extrovert person of the same potential as yours would appear as a more appealing person for the job than you. Later on, you might analyze the situation and think, why is it that you are not able to crack most interviews? The answer to this question lies in the next section.

What is the basic glitch here?

The interviewer who is there to take the best out of you, gets confused about your real self. Remember, you have to express yourself properly at the time of an interview. It is not job of the interviewer to do so. The more you remain shy at the time of interview, the more will the interviewer think; you do not like this job. He might also think that you don't know anything about the job that you are appearing for.

Even, sometimes the interviewer reads your body language. If your body language is not appropriate for the interview or if it is not giving positive vibe, they will not be impressed. Generally, shy people or introvert people appear as arrogant and haughty persons to the interviewer. If this kind of a feeling is imparted, the chances of your getting a job will be very narrow. Now, there will be many people who will identify with the situation described here. So the question is what is the remedy in such cases? Let me go through some easy way outs where you don't even have to change your personality as a whole.

Remedial measures

  1. Keep a smile on your face. This works both ways. As an interviewee you gain confidence on yourself. The interviewers are also impressed to see a person mentally calm at the time of interview. Sit straight and look in their eyes while you talk to them. If you shun away from looking at them, they will know that you are a coy person and will not pay attention to your answers.

  2. It is a preconceived notion that interviewers are bad. They give the candidates a tough time during the interview. Sometimes candidates get nervous by such baseless preconceived notions. They get unnecessary shy at the time of interview. Interviewers don't like that. Do not keep such thoughts in your head. Talk to them. If they crack a joke to ease your feelings, laugh or smile at it as applicable. If you have any doubts ask them. They like candidates who not only answer their questions but also ask his doubts too. You are going to join a company. You must be having questions about the salary, about the rules and decorum, about the dress code. When you go for the interview, ask them about it. There is no harm in it. They will be more than happy to answer such questions.

  3. Whenever they question you, answer properly. If you feel that you need to answer a question by drawing a diagram on the whiteboard provided, then ask their permission and use it. If you feel you need a paper to explain, ask them for one. They will provide you with everything necessary. Just don't make the mistake of asking for a pen. Pen should be brought by you at the time of your interview.

  4. If you need to answer in one or two sentences then do so. But don't feel shy if you require speaking more about the question. Some introvert candidates feel so shy, that even if they know the answer, they remain quiet. Only if the interviewer pokes that person, he speaks more on it. Let me tell you again, it is not the job of the interviewer to do so. He might even get irritated if he has to poke you all the time. Speak your heart out. But don't mumble. Tell them whatever you feel, but in a polite and articulate way. Please don't speak fast. This is also a sign of introversion. Speak slowly and confidently.

  5. Confidence is a big weapon. Even if you are introvert, if you are confident in what you are answering, half the battle is won. The interviewer always tries to confuse the candidate by contradicting him. If the candidate is a shy person, he will get intimidated. My suggestion is use your confidence and knowledge to strike out the contradiction.

  6. While contradicting what the interviewer tries to impress upon you, don't be impolite. Speak only when they are finished. Don't interrupt why they are speaking. Even if they interrupt you while asking a question, don't do the same to them. Then you will appear as an arrogant person.


If you follow these rules, you will bag the job even if you are an introvert person. As you can see through the points, nowhere did I suggest that you should change your personality. Be the person you are. Shine as the person you are. Only apply some small techniques at the time of your job interview, to not let anybody else know about your shyness.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman25 Feb 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Good and most important points as the interview is a function of assessing all the qualifications of a candidate rather than just the academic one. Though academically qualified, a candidate with bad quality and nature will be considered as unfit for the post. Similarly dress sense is another important one. I went to a big software concern as a panel person for interviewing candidates and saw most of the candidates in informal dress and timid face postures. It is not expected that the candidates must be too humble and must be wearing dhothi and half sleeves shirt etc., but normal politeness and a formal dress is not a big thing to ask for.

Author: Kailash Kumar25 Feb 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

The personal interviews are conducted for assessing certain personality traits relevant from the point of view of the job offered to the candidates. The real personality is revealed in any case after the experienced individuals conduct the interview. In case the candidate is very shy and introvert then attending some coaching institute is likely to be useful. Learning soft skills helps not only during the interview process but later also throughout the career. It is also true that one cannot fake during the interview. In case the candidate possesses core competencies and deep domain knowledge, then it becomes easier to clear personality test also.

Author: Swati Sarnobat28 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Always believe in yourself. You will not be punished if you answer wrong. If you clear this interview, you will be wonderfully rewarded. If you fail, next opportunity is awaiting. So why do you fear and become introvert. Be expressive and bold because you feel happy and blissful from within. If you are extrovert, then the interviewer will definitely smile at you. Keep these points in mind.

Author: Venkiteswaran13 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

The article gives simple and basic, but, some very relevant tips for candidates appearing for interviews.
I especially support the author in her suggestion tip that "It is a preconceived notion that interviewers are bad". Just like pregnant women were kept scared by negative stories in early days, in the present day, somehow, there is a negative aura given to the interviewers. It is this myth or misconception that the author wants to dispel. A candidate has to feel secure that the interview board is not our enemy. They are there to get the best candidate. It may be you also. But how will they find it? They may start from very basics and pull on and stretch to your maximum capacity.That is only to see what is your maximum potential.

From my experience, I can say that it is we, the candidates who lead the interviewers by our initial and early answers. If we are open, honest and factual, the going will be easy. The interviewers will understand if we are nervous or anxious and that prevents the answer. Then they will make us comfortable by asking some simple, courteous and ice breaker questions.

So we should not lead them in wrong path by our fake answers. The tips given in the article thus come to guide the candidate.

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