Tips to get sound sleep

Having problems sleeping well? To get a sound sleep, you must eat properly for dinner, massaging your body, following a healthy pattern during the day and keeping your mind free from worries.

Many people suffer from the problem of insomnia ,while others are not able to sleep soundly for 6 to 8 hours although, they spend their time on bed. If someone in the house is not soundly sleeping, then the other members also do not sleep well as they are disturbed. For many reasons, people are not able to sleep in a sound manner. But due to lack of proper sleep, they feel lethargic throughout the day. So, they should undertake some steps to sleep properly. They need not visit a physician to get proper sleep. But they can change their lifestyle and attitude to get proper sleep. Insomnia refers to a condition when a person is not able to fall asleep even during night time. But many people feel lethargic, but are not able to sleep soundly due to several reasons. But they can try some tips at home to get sound sleep.

Some tips at home for sound sleeping

Proper dinner at night

You must eat something that can produce a cooling effect to your body. Do not eat spicy food or sweets at night. If you eat spicy food, then you experience burning sensation in the chest and if you eat sweets, you feel overactive. You must preferably drink a glass of ragi malt at night so that it produces a cooling effect to the body.

Follow a healthy dietary pattern in a day

You must preferably eat an healthy breakfast in the morning, moderately eat during lunch time and eat less during the night time or for dinner. During the nightime, you must eat something less but you should eat something that makes you feel relaxed. You must follow a balanced dietary pattern during the day. If you eat meagre during the day and eat indiscriminately during nigttime, then obviously you experience indigestion. You may feel sleepy for sometime, but later on after midnight, you wake up with problems such as stomach pain or acidity. Hence, your sleep is disturbed. So, you must eat as much during daytime and at night, you must not be urged to eat much. So, if you eat even little, you must feel relaxed. In this way, you can go to bed without any troubled feeling.

Keep your mind free from stress

Before going to bed, you must keep your mind away from stressful thoughts. If you are a student, then go to bed after you feel satisfied that you have studied much. If you do not complete a chapter, then you may not be willing to go to bed because you feel that your work is incomplete. Plan your timing to go to bed. If you arrive on the bed, think positively. You must feel you have a wonderful opportunity at the end of the day to go to bed and sleep soundly. Do not worry about the future and think about the past. You can start planning for a better future day by day only if you sleep for sometime without any worries. You must remember that you have a good chance to remain away from worries. In Yogasana, you perform an exercise named as 'Shavasan' before going to bed. You can relax your body and muscles and follow the exercise. You can also listen to the audio of this wonderful activity.

Massage your body

Before going to bed, you must massage your body with warm oil for at least 10 minutes. Hence all your muscles and body parts become relaxed. Your nerves are stimulated and hence you feel peaceful.

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Author: Kailash Kumar26 Feb 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Most of the literature on the subject matter talks about 'keeping mind free from stress', but none reveals the secret, if any, of achieving this feat. Perhaps it is easier said than done. In case there are reasons causing stressful situations, then it appears almost impossible to prevent it and thereby achieve sound sleep. Taking bath prior to going to bed is also recommended for sound sleep.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha26 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Stress is the root-cause behind the distortion of sleep. We may attribute the same to our life-style disorders including erratic pattern of our meals like Pizza, Burger, French-fries and so on. Moreover, there is no scheduled time-table for the meals. Dinners too are delayed resulting in derailment of the biological clock leading to poor sleeping habit. In fact, the dinner should be light and must be taken two hours before going to retirement to bed.
A message of almond oil on the forehead also produces sound sleep. Pranayama will also give effective result. Stress can be minimized to a considerable extent by adhering to yoga.
The article written by the author has listed many useful points which would alleviate stress and sleeping pattern can be restored back.

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