Dubai- My Second Home

Life in a new city is an episode of new lessons, relations,experiences and culture. It will enrich your outlook on life.This article explore my traumas and trials in Dubai and how I transformed it into good. Now Dubai is my second home and I relish every bit of it.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the country, United Arab Emirates. It has recently attracted world attention due its high -rise buildings like Burj Khalifa ,the recently opened Butterfly Garden and the Miracle Garden. This country is to host World Expo 2020. The year 2016 will witness the launching of new impressive projects that would attract more tourists and make it a good destination to visit.

I flew to Dubai eight years ago, soon after my marriage. During the first week of my visit, my flat was like a guest house and I met a lot of new faces. They comprised of my husbands' relatives and friends who couldn't attend our marriage. I was treated as a bride, showered with love and care, almost pampered. All this while I was enjoying my new role of a 'Bhabhi' and hence wasn't aware of the new country I just landed and how it would my tune my life thereafter. It was only after a week that I realized Dubai is far more beautiful than my expectations, but life won't be as colorful and easy as I dreamt of. Though I had lots to enjoy and feel happy about, there were a few elements I really missed and made me incomplete. Initially, my life in Dubai was a puzzle with a lot of 'missing', but I tried hard and filled those blanks to complete my family.

Flat Life

I spent my childhood in a two storeyed house with my family, hence a shift to a one bedroom flat wasn't a welcomed change for me. I felt deserted. No trees, no verandahs ,only raised buildings everywhere. My husband leaves early in the morning and arrives late evening. I got so bored and suffocated that every hour seemed to be a day. I had plenty of time, but nothing to do nor was interested. The thought of cooking added to my grief. I missed my family and homeland so badly that I started thinking of my return flight just days after my arrival. When I decided to start my career, I got pregnant and the morning sickness and nausea worsened my trauma. As days passed, I started feeling better and with my husbands' support we made a small world of our own filled with happiness, expecting our new member. Now, am so much comfortable with this flat life that, I no longer regret my choice of raising my kids here. Recently, we shifted to a two bedroom flat. It's spacious and has a kids room too and so my kids are happier than before. We take them to parks, beach, plan trips with their cousins and also they accompany their dad for a car wash, grocery shopping and also to his cricket ground. I want my kids grow enjoying Nature, just as we did during our childhood.

Fashion and Brand

Though my fashion statement, 'simple and comfort', remain the same, Dubai life has changed my shopping style and now I prefer branded products. The reason, it's quality and durability. I do follow latest fashion trends but try only those which suits my personality. I wear light make up for occasions .Maybelline and Deborah are my choice. I shop outfits from H&M, Splash and when it comes to salwar suits, Maria B, Zanaib Chotani always remain my first choice. They are plenty of good saloons nearby and so a hair cut or a hair color is not at all a big deal.


People in Dubai love and also respect others privacy. But that doesn't portray them as selfish. They are ever ready to help us when in need. Back in my native place, the scenario is just the opposite. We are so attached with our neighbors that, we are the part and parcel of their happiness and sorrows, be it personal or professional. On the contrast, in Dubai, only when we listen a baby crying, we come to know the good news. There are many families who do keep a good relation with their neighbors, but the majority prefer privacy. Initially, I couldn't digest this, but now I too prefer privacy and feel disturbed when someone intrudes my personal space. I try to avoid crowded and noisy places and no longer enjoy loud parties and occasions with the same tempo.

Climate and Health Issues

Dubai has a tropical desert climate and the weather conditions keep changing every week. If it's sunny today, it may be windy or cloudy in a couple of days. Sunscreen lotion and good sunglasses are a must during summer. Being eczemic and allergic, I struggled a lot in the beginning, but now it's under control. I have tuned my lifestyle to cope with this and also opted ayurvedic treatment. Throat infection and urine infection are the two common ailments associated with this climate change. The frequent occurrence of both has turned me to a "half doctor". Now I know the signs and symptoms and practice home remedies to avoid overuse of antibiotics. Citrus fruits gives us immunity to fight infections and hence I include them in my diet. Avocado and pomegranate are beneficial especially for women and so I make them into shake and drink once a week. A glass of warm milk with pure turmeric also boosts our immunity and is good to combat allergy. A gargle with warm saline water in the morning kills bacteria. Steam inhalation and nasal spray relieves nasal congestion. Using anti histamine for three days is good for runny nose and cold symptoms. I always keep a herbal cough syrup with me and also bought a nebulizer for wheezing cough and chest congestion. I make sure that I drink plenty of water and my skin looks better than before.


Most of the reputed Indian schools follow Montessori method that calls for parental involvement. One basic advantage of the curriculum is that, the concept is made very clear and promotes the child's observation and understanding skills.This objective is attained by various activities like projects, cut-outs, print-outs, chart work and working models. All these require our time and effort. Initially it frustrated us, but seeing my ward's progress in her academic graph, we decided to support it positively. Last month a science exhibition was held at my daughter's school and she was assigned to prepare a working model on Ozone Depletion. We worked hard and together and made this difficult task easy. It was a great learning experience for us, refreshing our knowledge about the topic and compiling everyones ideas into the final product. Her explanation on pollution and it's effects was very much appreciated by the teachers and also the parents.


This is one thing I cannot adjust till date.Traffic in Dubai is unpredictable. As years pass, though many initiatives are taken by the Government and new roads are constructed, traffic problem is still a major concern. The sole reason, the drastic increase in vehicles. A minute's delay can end you up on the road for hours. We have no choice other than spending hours on road. The working sect and the school kids need to leave early. There were many occasions when we had to drop the idea of slipping out due to traffic, especially during weekends. It cause health issues like hypertension and stress.

Dubai has nurtured me to a independent individual, a dutiful wife and a responsible mother. Though a Muslim country, it welcomes people from other nations whole-heartedly, thereby teaching us the lesson of tolerance and cooperation. This country has helped me to handle the ups and downs of life with sheer confidence. It has given me many opportunities to grow into a better person and make the best out of the minimum.

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