Are human the worst form of animals?

Are human the worst form of animals? Few recent incidents have forced me to think about this issue. Human beings are said to be the most intelligent breed of animals. The "brain" is much more developed in humans. But do we see that in reality? Human beings have a choice to choose between basic instincts and Let us find out.


We are so lucky to have born as human beings. It is a privilege that we never understand. There are reasons or I would rather say, incidents, behind such a conclusion of mine. In fact, one very interesting incident that provoked me to write this article, is about a tiger and a goat. This incident was quoted by my fellow ISCian few days back. You must be knowing the incident. Let me recapitulate it for you once again. In a Russian zoo, a hungry tiger was offered an alive goat. But in spite of being hungry, he did not touch the goat at all.

A quick analysis with respect to the incident

A lot of discussion has been done on the reasons behind this unearthly incident. I am not going into all that details right now. Let me share my viewpoint over here. I feel that if a tiger is not accustomed with some feeding technique, then he doesn't feel the urge to change that procedure even if he is hungry. This tiger could overcome his basic instincts. But can a human do the same.

Some people may call this as the lazy nature of the tiger. But as anyone would agree, hunger overcomes laze. Then what could have been the reason? If a human being watches money lying somewhere, he would immediately pick it up, even if he doesn't need the money. In this case laziness doesn't overpower him at all. Not even the willpower comes to rescue. Even though the tiger was lazy, he did save a goat. We humans seldom try to save animals that way. There are so many nice and edible fruits and vegetables available. They can easily curb our hunger. We do kill all sorts of animals for eating purpose. So this proves we can't let our willpower win our hunger.

Incidents where animals showed their superiority

  1. I remember an incident near my house where a puppy was injured. His mother assembled few brick pieces and made a bed for the puppy surrounded by the brick pieces. From time to time he licked the puppy to make him feel better. Later on the veterinary was called.

  2. Few years ago one incident caught everybody's eyes. A newborn baby was abandoned by his parents in a trash can. When the trash can was looked into everyone saw that a dog was cuddling the baby to protect it. He didn't even let the doctors touch the baby. Such is the love and affection of these fellows.

  3. If any of you have seen the movie Born Free then you will know how faithful the lioness was to her master was. She never touched her master and his wife, even though she grew up as a sturdy lioness. You will see that in case of humans, they will betray the people who turn out to be benevolent to them.

  4. Some of you might know the weird case of year 2007, when someone called Todd Endris of America was saved from a ravaging shark attack, by a group of dolphins. Humans have shown weird behaviour of not even helping a wounded person on the road. We have become so busy in our regular mundane work that these incidents have become very trivial for us.

  5. There are several incidents where you see the female of one species feeding milk to the child of another species. When it comes to motherhood animals never discriminate among their own children or offspring from some other category of animals. Is it not a lesson to be learnt from animals?

  6. Lastly, there are quite a lot of situations where people have experienced threats from burglars or wild animals. In such cases it is the pets of those people who help their masters. A lot of pets have lost their lives in this procedure. What happened to their masters? Well, they bought a new pet the next day.

Irksome behaviour of humans in situation same as above

  1. Human beings are said to be the most intelligent breed of animals. If I talk about motherhood, then if you remember the recent Sheena Bhora case, then maybe I don't have to explain much. A mother killing her own daughter is a phenomena that I can guarantee you no animal will ever do it. If such thing is done by the animals then our world will probably be destroyed that day.

  2. Recently an incident of West Bengal showed that humans can harm their own family members too. Few days ago the family consisting of an old couple was killed by their only grandson. This happened due to monetary issues. You can hear about parents who are abandoned by their children in the daily news. Parents invest their whole life after their children. Old age home is what they get in return.

  3. A lot of businessmen get killed by their employees. The reason being mostly arguments over salary or over share in the company etc. So many incidents have happened where the domestic helps have killed their employers. This shows people love to harm the people who are their benefactors.

  4. If you think of Jessica Lal murder case, then the real reason that justice got delayed so much was that nobody was ready to speak the truth. Nobody accepted what they saw. Few years ago a popular television actor tinted his shirt with blood red colour to pretend that he is injured. The idea was to see if today's busy generation do care about people and if they do come to help him. To his astonishment no car was stopped, no pedestrian bothered to look at him, or hear what he has to say. If we humans are so intelligent than animals, is the kind of behaviour we should project?


So as you can see we are not really utilizing the privilege of being human. The question is that are we really being human? In fact, I think animals which are falling under the category of brainless are much more intelligent or humane than us. We should not only realize this situation, we must also take care of it. Otherwise if there could be a day when other animals could speak, then they will say,"You humans are the worst form of animals, no doubt!"

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Author: Venkiteswaran21 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

As humans we were taking pride that we possess the sixth sense. However day by day human actions and activities make us doubt that humans are actually senseless.

What the human society of today is doing is like the moron who cut the trunk of a tree at the point below the place he was sitting.

The nature was nurturing us, the humans, vegetation and all animal forms. When all other animals ,birds and creatures adapted to nature and nurtured it we the humans actually tortured the nature. That has caused situations which lead to extinction of many forms of creatures, birds and animals. One by one humans destroy the nature and its inhabitants. Humans cannot exist by themselves alone in this earth.

Even when feeble voices of reason and sense emanate from many corners, man's greediness does not stop him from self destruction. What more to prove that man is the worst form of animals? If animals can say it in words, they would have objected to the comparison of humans with them.

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