The role of parents in shaping the personality of a child

To shape child's personality, the parents should teach the lessons of assertiveness, maturity and importance of being physically fit. Every parent should accept this sacred duty of their life and bring-up their children fruitfully.

A child show grow up and become emotionally and intellectually matured. Parents should not only help in building a successful career of their children or instilling confidence in them, but also they should teach their children the value of ethics in life. Parents should teach their children to become matured and face the adverse situations of life boldly. Besides, they should also teach their children to properly apply the concepts of their theory to solve the complex problems of life.

For many years in life, children are strongly under the influence of their parents. They develop concepts in mind about life by viewing their parents behavior. For eg. If someone knocks at the door asking for some help and when the child interacts with father that someone is come, the father uprightly tells the child to tell the guest that he is not available. So, a child develops a concept in mind that lying is not a wrong action. If they speak lies, they think that they can get maximum work done from others. Although parents play a major role in shaping child's personality, they should also remember that they cannot do everything to the child. Parents should not feel pressurized in the process of developing children. They should only try their best to properly mold the child. Some parents feel disheartened when they hear comments from people about their children and if people point at them saying that your children are naughty because you have pampered them and so on. The parents should consider that they are playing a very sacred role in shaping child's personality. Every parent wants to provide good education to their children and make their children successful in their career. But if their children should be wealthy and also happy for a long duration, then they should inculcate three main factors namely assertiveness, maturity and emotional intelligence and physical energy.

Points to consider while shaping child's personality

Teach them to be assertive

The parents should always try to build assertiveness to their children. So, the parents should first teach their children to overcome their non-assertiveness. They should identify the mental blocks of their children and understand the root cause for these mental blocks. The parents should always have a broad vision towards life and should not compare the situations prevailed during their period and the lifestyle of the present generation. Usually, the problems of generation gap take place due to these reasons and the relationship between parents and children is weakened. The parents should openly listen to the problems of children so that the children feel free to interact with their parents. Otherwise, the children get suppressed and lose confidence. The children also become assertive when their parents do not extremely worry about them. The parents should be confident about their children, so that children become confident. Some of the games the parents can play with group of children and their children include beating the clock, musical alarms, and other group games.

Building maturity and stability in them

The parents should also teach their children to become matured and imbibe the ethics of life. They should not only teach their children to become successful and confident in life, but also the importance of values in daily life and the long-term benefits of building values in life. By becoming matured a person learns to solve complex problems of life in a calm way. Many people become successful in life but due to some unexpected happening in life, they tend to commit suicide, fall drastically ill or lose their mental balance in life. So, if a person should retain and enjoy the success that they have achieved in life, they should become matured. The parents should teach their children yoga, aerobics and techniques of meditation from their childhood, so that the children become calm and composed from their tender age. They should teach the techniques of counting numbers when they get angry and hence keep their mind calm. They should handle every adverse situation of their life wisely and calmly, so that the children learn to use wise strategies to solve any complex problem in life.

Keeping physically fit

If a person should remain energetic for a long period, then he should always feel physically active. Some people are matured and assertive also, but they lack physical energy and hence do not feel enthusiastic to perform many activities. So, they cannot become successful according to their capacity. The parents should encourage physical activities of children from their childhood. So, the parents should always remain physically active and hence the children are automatically encouraged to become physically active. The parents should get up early in the morning and go out for a walk. If they begin their activities during the early hours, then their children learn the importance of being punctual.

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