The role of parents in building confidence among children

Parents should take different steps to build confidence such as never comparing with anyone, encouraging the child, practicing activities that build confidence and by never over-pampering your child. The parents play an important role of building confidence and instilling confidence among children.

Every parents wish that their children should become successful in life. But many parents become disheartened even if a child scores low in the examination or does not win any prize in school. A child does not become successful in life only by capitalizing his or her strength but also by building immunity to fight against his or her weakness. Every human being is inherited with both weaknesses and strengths, but weaknesses should not hamper success in life. A man who can identify and capitalize his strength for the betterment of community and wisely tackle the adverse situations in life can become successful. Such people know how to convert their weaknesses into a learning process. Parents play a major role in building confidence among children because children spend maximum of their time with their parents. They are willing to get separated from their parents even for an hour only if the parents are confident with their children. So, children depend upon their parents at every step of their life, until they become settled in life. But at the same time, if a person is not successful in life, he should not blame his or her parents for their failure. But yet, to be happy in life and see happy faces of children, they can play a major role in building confidence. Parents can be happy only if their children are happy and so they should always try to make their children happy.

Ways to build confidence among children

Do not ever compare your child with someone

The children can change drastically at some point of time. If your child is not able to speak at the early age, then he or she may speak even better than the other children after your child learns to talk. A child may be skilled in one area and very weak in some other aspect. You must always try to capitalize the strengths of your children and teach them to overcome weakness by being strong-minded instead of constantly taunting them. You must also assess whether your child is not able to cope up with certain aspects or is not able to build certain skills due to the homely environment. Even you may be the cause for the drawbacks of your child. For eg. your child may not be speaking well or interacting wisely with other people because your child is not exposed to social environment. At an early age, the child is deeply influenced by the surroundings. If you compare your child with someone, then he or she will obviously get demotivated. As a parent, you must always support when your child is showing weakness in any area because your child requires your support. Every parents support their children and hence you must support your child. You can imagine a world without close bonding between parents and child. If every parents only begin to taunt their children for their weakness, then the children will obviously lose faith with their parents. If you expect something from the child, you must access if your expectations are irrational.

Encourage your child

The parents should try to eliminate the negative thoughts from the minds of their children. They should constantly interact with the child and understand the problems of the child. They should make them understand in every way and teach them about the truth of life. They must always direct their child to think positively. Narrate your childhood circumstances that made you feel strong.

Activities for building confidence

You can just try some activities that can instill confidence among children. You can just tell your child to stand on a bed. You must tell your child to close his or her eyes. One of the parents can push the child from one end and the other parent should take the child in the arms from other side when the eyes are closed. So, the child develops faith in mind that something can save him or her from any situation. Allow your child to play slide and it is one of the activity that builds confidence. The other activity includes walking on the pavement or narrow path. You must hold your child's hand initially and then leave your child to do it alone by just keeping watch on your child. Otherwise, you can just allow your child to play with some challenging tool and tell him that 'I am always with you'.

Do not pamper your child

Always teach your child to face situations and learn about adversities. Do not always become overprotective with the child. If your child returns home crying that his or her friend has insulted him or her, then do not approach the friend and slap him or her. Instead, initially teach your child to face such a problem alone initially and speak boldly. If you allow the child to face adverse situations on his or her own, only then the child becomes bold and confident.

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Author: Bhuvan29 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

In addition to the above mentioned points, I would like to add few more points. Praise your children if they have done some good work. Some children may cry to demand something. Train them in such a way that you will provide the item if they ask for it politely. If your children are watching TV interestingly, don't switch off the TV abruptly. Instead, tell them that you are going to switch off the TV in five or ten minutes. When our child learns to talk, we enjoy a lot at that time. Even if he says some bad words, we will enjoy it. But make sure that such bad words won't continue even after he grows up.

Author: K Mohan04 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

As the children grow their ability to understand others would also grow and along with that their adamant attitude also grows which instigates them to be superior and one step ahead of others. In that melee they even ditch the near and dear ones and won't care even for the parents. In that case the parents must be careful and they should not compare the child with anyone. Even if he is superlative than other child, that should not be revealed. If a child is pampered in front of other child, he shall continue to expect the same. And one more thing, send the child to the nearest grocery store or vegetable store to fetch things and observe how he manages the money by rightly spending and rightly bringing the reminder change. This way the confidence of the child can be built up hugely.

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