Rising rate of teenage accidents- Who is responsible?

To avoid teenage accidents, parents should direct their children to become matured, government should prioritize this matter, citizens should follow rules and regulations and teenagers should take control over their life. This problem can be reduced only if every citizen shares the blame.

The reckless teenagers always drive their vehicles rashly or without much experience and meet with accidents. We often read in newspapers about the young students who die in accident. Recently an 18 year old male met with fatal accident on the road, when he was conversing with cell phone and a truck hit him from behind. One more worse accident took place recently as the two sisters aged 15 and 13 who were driving to tuition classes were hit by a storage tank and were killed on the spot. The road was flooded with crowd, and they even captured several pathetic images of the victims. At this juncture, the public only blames the third party. Some of them blame the government for not undertaking initiative to construct broad roads. Some of them even blame the parents for providing bike to minor children. Yet some people blame the children for being so reckless and stubborn. But ultimately, this game of blaming does not lead to any fruitful results. The game of blaming is just reciprocal as the government blames the public for breaking the rules and regulations and the public blames the government for not undertaking steps for the welfare of the nation. Some of the god-fearing people of the society blame the destiny. So, who is ultimately responsible for such fatal events?

Everybody should share the blame in the community

Every individual in the society should share the blame to work for the welfare of the state. Why do you strongly blame the parents only? The parents cannot provide bike to the children unless they behave in a stubborn way or forcefully demand anything from them. Many parents in the community surrender to the tantrums of their children. Parents should be very-strong minded to reject the unreasonable demands of children and many such parents are unfortunately not very firm. But these unfortunate parents experienced such unbearable loss and hence they should be initially consoled to face this unexpected event. Even the government should not be blamed because the teenagers who use bikes are not even qualified to obtain license. Teenagers usually become reckless at a certain age and later on take control over their life. But ultimately this blame game does not lead to any positive results and the problem of teenage accidents just recurs. Now every citizen should share the blame for reducing the rate of teenage accidents.

Measures to be undertaken as responsible citizens of the nation

Role of the parents

Hereby every parent of the nation should become more firm and stable in their approach. They should not listen to the tantrums of the child and should not surpass the safety rules and regulations of the state. If the child is throwing tantrums, let them cry as long as they can until they experience the pain of tantrums. Most of the parents of this era do not focus upon spirituality and religion. They want to raise their children in a modern way and hence consider the concept of religion and spirituality as pragmatic. They should induce a type of positive fear in the minds of children so that they can be controlled easily. The parents play a very important role in building maturity in children. They should explain the ill consequences or long-term consequences of an improper action. They should also discuss more deeply about their matters and understand their minds. Usually teenagers wish to have a bike because their friend possesses the same. So, the parents should teach their children to become matured. They should teach them that these pleasures are just meant for temporary purpose and they do not decide about the future of a child. The children should focus upon their goals of life and should not pay much significance to such temporal pleasures. Usually parents join social clubs, arrange or kitty parties and form a group to dance on special occasions. They should also form a club to discuss about child problems and the solutions to such problems. When they hear ideas and opinions from several people, they too will get a clear idea about child upbringing.

Role of the government

The government can only prioritize the issue of constructing proper roads in places where accidents commonly take place. Many zones in a city are known as accident zones. The regional transport offices and other authorities related to transportation and roads can address their problems so that this matter is prioritized.

Role of the citizens

The citizens should always abide safety rules and regulations to avoid such fatal problems. The government does not have adequate funds to resolve this problem at the earliest because many citizens do not pay tax regularly. The income tax authorities should introduce better mechanisms to locate tax evaders. The tax evaders use wise strategies to conceal their income. Every citizen should become aware and also spread awareness among the public.

Role of teenagers

The children should take control over their minds and follow the values taught to them by parents and school. They should realize that parents and teachers always think about their betterment. They should broaden their views towards life and understand the matters that are significant and non-significant to them.

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Author: Kailash Kumar01 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Though minimum age is fixed for allowing children to drive a vehicle, the rules are flouted more compared to being followed. The parents themselves encourage children to drive vehicles even when they are underage. In most of such cases herd mentality takes overpowering effect. Parents want to see their children grow fast and become self dependent. As a matter of fact the vehicles are treated as toys to be gifted to the children on their birthdays. At tender age, the children are not able to analyse and think rationally about the possible consequences of an accident. Besides road accidents, many tragic accidents involving drowning of college students in lakes and rivers/sea during picnics are also heard on media.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman06 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

By keeping the rules and regulations all in one side, the main responsibility falls on the parents. In India, most of the houses are with two wheelers (motorised) and cars. The parents are encouraging their children even in tender age of them by keeping them by their side they are telling them this is clutch, this is brake etc., On the next day when the children telling correctly about the clutch, break etc., the parents' face brightening with 1000 watts bulb. In odd hours they train their children by making them to sit in the driving seat. (I read in one newspaper a boy of 8 years old driving car and the father of the boy published the photograph with pride). Later the boy before completing his 16 years started move driving the vehicle. Parents are asking the children to drop them in nearby bus stand when going to office by bus. On the holidays to the parents they allow the children to take the vehicle to their schools. These are all not my imagination or my views but I am seeing regularly in our area daily. Such motivations are tends the children to take the vehicles in the absence of the parents to some more distance. After attaining the age of 16 or more they are getting licence/LLR, they felt they are seniors in driving and thereby they drive vehicles with super speed that is minimum of 80 KM.

Author: Venkiteswaran12 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Let me start by praying'God forbid' such teenage accidents.
Teenage is a period of rash youth energy. Many times elders' wisdom fails to convince them and it does not dawn on them by itself also. However parents and elders cannot stop repeating the caution to them even if they refuse to hear.

I fervently hope that those teenagers who read this at least may heed to the sincere and concerned advice of caution by parents. Sometimes the mistakes that happen or caused by irresponsibility and rashness cannot be corrected and remedied. They may become too costly and cause for eternal tears to the dear and near. Even it becomes a serious loss to the nation too.

I would like to remind the teenagers a traffic warning which I used to see on the roads many years ago,'Speed thrills, but it kills too'. Our interest may be others injury also. Be cautious and prudent. Keep safety first. Whether it is helmet, seat belt or speed control. Sometimes even young reflex also fails to respond within a fraction of a second.
Don't do anything you are not authorized to do.

The modern age has contributed more accident factors also. Talking on the mobile phone while walking or driving, taking selfies in danger zones etc are some of the avoidable reckless actions today's teenagers do. Please avoid them.

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