Best dog foods available in India

A best dog food can keep the dogs away from the diseases like heart and kidney problems. The dog food is essential for their teeth, muscles and bones health also. Here are some of the best dog food brands in India that can provide essential nutrients for your dogs and puppies.

Dogs are best friends of human beings. Providing them proper and nutritious food is essential for their healthy life. There are various brands of dog foods available in India but we are familiar with one or two. This article gives you the knowledge of some branded dog foods available in India.


Pedigree is rich in the ingredients like corn, gluten meal, chicken or meat byproducts, meat and bone meals. But you need to remember one thing that corn and gluten meal is not suitable for all the dogs. Some dogs may be allergic to it. Also the byproducts and bone meals are derived from leftover remains of the animals. The leftovers like bones, eyes, feet, nails, feathers and beaks of animals are the main ingredients of pedigree. It is proved that there is not specified meat used in this brand of food and it is just a low quality food for dogs.


Eukanuba contains a great amount of fresh meat as a main ingredient that can provide a very good amount of protein to the dogs. The other ingredients in eukanuba are corn, rice and byproducts that can be difficult to be digested by some dogs and some may also get allergy because of it. This is the only food available in India which contain high meat, It is loaded with duck meat and various types of fish meat. At the moment it can be considered as the best option for the dog food.

Arden Grange

Arden grange is a European brand of dog food and is highly recommended for dots. This dog food contains fresh meat and meat meal. 30% of the food contains rice which is supposed to be better than corn and wheat for dogs. The company has added many other healthy ingredients like beet pulp, fish oils and eggs for better nourishment. Arden Grange is low in fats and a best option for your dogs.

Science plan

This is not much popular among the customers. The food contains nearly 30% of meat meal along with lots of other fillers. It also contains a good amount of gains. It is enriches with omega-3 and 6 fatty acid. The quality ingredients give excellent taste. This is the best food for dogs and especially for the puppies. The science plan contains more amount of grain than meat and thus it is giving more strength to your dogs.

Royal Canin

The Royal Canin formula is mainly based on the rice as a main ingredient. The other contents of the pack are poultry protein gained from clean slaughtered meat. The quality of these ingredients is well maintained and the formula is beneficial for the dogs. The only thing is, in this formula the most of the protein is derived from the vegetable proteins and it is difficult to digest for the dogs. This is the product which is very costly in the market.

Farmina's Ecopet

This formula is not highly recommended for dogs. The main ingredient of the food is chicken meat and a huge amount of gains. This is an European formula and the percentage of the ingredients is not mentioned on the box. The quality of the ingredients is well maintained and hygienically the food is good. The food is easy to digest for the dogs and the price is descent. Thus it is considered as a standard food for dogs and nothing special about it!

Farmina's N & D low grain

It is one of the best choices for your doggy. It is an Italian brand of food and 60% of the ingredients are fresh chicken meat. Only 20% of the ingredients contain oats and splets as a substitute to corn and rice. All the ingredients are easy to digest for the dogs. Farmina's N & D contains 35% of crude protein which is not found in any dog food in India. This brand is highly recommended for all types of dogs for excellent growth.

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