Strategies women can undertake to uplift the society

The strategies women should undertake to uplift the society include broadening her vision towards society, publishing her writings, creating awareness about fitness and resolving family matters. Every educated woman should realize the importance of helping an uneducated woman in the society.

Every women leaves her parents home after she gets married. She should follow the lifestyle and cultural aspects of her in-laws and husband. A woman is always considered as a frail figure since ages and is always dominated by the elders and male persons in the house. Many authors have stated that women have become a figure of dominance due to their physical appearance. A woman is always considered as physically weak than men. Due to her weak appearance she depends upon men for many reasons. In the course of time, the beauty of woman was neglected and she was not given scope to exhibit her intelligence in the earlier days. Different authors have mentioned different characteristics of a male-oriented society emphasizing the restrictions that were imposed on women. Some popular authors have also stated that the ill-consequences that a society would experience by curbing intelligence of women. If a woman is constantly confined, then she would one fine day lose her emotional balance and spread superstitions and social evils in the society. So, a woman can become physically and emotionally independent if she is willing to undergo boundless difficulties at a stage and conquer her problems with great courage. In England, a group of female activists rebelled rigorously to win voting rights. They even did not care for their basic necessities of life. Today a woman need not undergo such hurdles because they have already won many types of rights. The educated and those women who are capable of earning regular income for their family are already enjoying many types of rights and good status in the society, but the uneducated women are still the rubber stamps of women. Not all the men exploit uneducated women of developed nations, but they should succumb to the destiny. Every woman can decide to form a group within the community and work for the welfare of the society. A educated woman should realize that by benefiting the society, she will benefit the family and become happy as an individual today. Today,we need not fight with the family to impart education and the educated women fight with the in-laws to continue her job because earlier women activists have bravely fought for us. So tomorrow, your own people of the next generation live happily.

Ways women can uplift the society

Broaden her vision towards the society

A woman is socially active and is able to show her presence on special occasions to several people. Women arrange for kitty parties every month, plan to take a tour to different places at least once in a year and join a club to play different indoor and outdoor games with other women. Instead of only concentrating upon pleasurable and status-oriented pursuits, she should plan to work for the welfare of society also. Working women and wealthy women are independent and are able to live on their own. But the women from oppressed and uneducated societies yet face so many types of problems. So, in this era the educated and wealthy women should realize the significance of creating equality in the society and uplifting the women of the nation. The educated women can uplift the uneducated women of a nation in many ways. They can form associations to discuss and help the uneducated women in the society by resolving their problems. A group of women in a society can form a club and conduct various programs to bring awareness among the semi-educated and uneducated women of a nation. Computer institutes conduct computer awareness program for creating computer literacy in the society. So, a group of women can conduct programs to teach basic literacy to women. Some women although they are educated cannot reveal their confidence due to constant oppression. So, to instill confidence among women a group of educated women should form an association to restoreS confidence of women. They should be given chance to speak among a group of people, asked to perform various activities and be encouraged to make meaningful contribution to the society. Do not address to the public that the club is meant for oppressed women, but commence an association to invite generally any woman as a member and focus upon contributing to the society. An educated woman can not only help the oppressed women of the society but also the blooming buds of a nation. If these blooming buds are properly tended, then only they can grow up and uplift the society. The associations should focus upon topics such as career guidance also.

Women and publications

Women are always able to communicate to the public since ages by presenting their skills on a piece of paper and publishing it. The journal that was published by Lucy Stone in 1870 known as Woman'journal became the most popular journal of the world. During the suffrage movement in U.S. many women presented their writing skills by publishing different types of works. An educated woman can reveal to the world the significance of uplifting women society and the skills that she possesses. She can also reveal the hidden talents and skills of oppressed women in the society. She should highlight these issues to the public to reveal the significance of women to the society. A nation that protects the dignity of a woman can only prosper.

Create awareness about physical fitness for daily life

Women were always pushed behind by men due to their lack of energy and confidence. Uplifted women in the society can create awareness to the society about physical fitness. They can conduct campaign about significance of exercises such as yoga, aerobics or powerful push-ups. Today, a woman can campaign online also. Such women can travel extensively campaigning about physical fitness and conduct 3-4 days programs for creating awareness about physical exercises. If every woman begins to take care of her physical fitness, then she can create meaningfully to the society and help in uplifting a nation.

Resolving family issues

Most of the uneducated women are still exploited by husbands and in-laws in the house. Some men are involved in extra-martial affairs if they do not find a partner of their choice. Some men are compelled to marry a woman according to his parents choice. Such men who are not happy with their partner try to find another companion who is beautiful. So, women can form an association so that they can resolve such issues prevailing in the family. Such men should be taught about the significance of a woman in the family. Such issues affect the lives of their children. Men should understand that fashion and glamorous looks are not the statements of married women. They should realize the ill-consequences of exploiting a woman and she can only spread misery in the family one day. So, in such cases men should not be compelled to marry under parents pressure. Even if a woman is not beautiful or educated, she should be given position in the family or else should be rejected at the first level itself so that she can find a suitable match elsewhere.


Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman06 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Swati, there should be a separate courage and motivation to serve for uplifting the society irrespective of male or female. Today, I read an article in one tamil magazine about a lady uplifting a valley people. Ms.Molly, a kerala based lady after marrying a Belgium based person Mr.Mark valentine in Canada where she got a chance for higher studies. She bestowed herself to serve the society and her husband (whose family also on the servicing mentality) also joined with her. Both of them after returning to India, they started servicing and running successfully by forming a School in the backward area named Asmoli in the Sambal District of Utter Pradesh amidst many oppositions.Let us wish the couple all success.

Author: Adila Kabeer08 Mar 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 8

We must not confine the possibilities of women under these headlines. What men can do for the upliftment of society is the same a woman can do .There is no need for special privilege to contribute. Only one problem is there and that is the willingness of the society to accept female gender as humans. And its not good to make it a news when women are doing some kind of social activism. Like men women are also supposed to do that and nothing in particular.Those women who stand up and talk for the rights of women should interfere in the problems faced by marginalized women communities and there starts the real social work.

One thing to point out is that women are not weaker than men. Admit that first. Men and women are two different genus of a single species meant for two different purpose. The bodily ratios of women is the reason behind all the oppression she face, but what if it is not for the body features; who will give birth to and feed the baby? Every thing is meant for a specific reason.

Think out of the box.

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