How to treat bad breath home remedies

Bad breath is one of the major reasons for social embarrassment. The reasons behind bad breath can be many like health problems, oral problems, food intake and unhygienic habits. Here in this article let's try to find out the correct remedies for bad breath at home.

Bad breath is the reason when you feel like losing self confidence and keeps you away from others. Generally it is seen that people take help of chewing gum or mint candy to fight against bad breath. But that is only a temporary remedy for the problem. Bad breath can be an oral health problem and it need to be paid proper attention to remove it permanently.

Maintain hygiene

When it comes to bad breath, the most important thing is to maintain proper hygienic life style. Brush your teeth regularly in the morning and before going to bed in the night. Keep habit of flossing your teeth to remove the particles between the teeth that can cause tooth decay and bad breath. Rinse your mouth after every meal and whenever possible use mouth wash to keep your breath fresh.

Water therapy

Dehydration or dryness can often cause bad breath. Drink lots of water to keep away the bacteria formation in the mouth which can cause bad breath. The miniature microbes in the mouth feed on the food particles in the gaps of the teeth and gums. Saliva in the mouth is the natural way of body to prevent the formation of these bacteria. Dryness of mouth can support the formation of the bacteria and result into bad breath. Drinking plenty of water will keep your mouth wet and formation of saliva will be improved. Saliva contains oxygen and natural enzymes that defuse bacterial formation.

Use zinc supplement

Deficiency of zinc is another cause of bad breath problem. Zinc is the mineral that can clean off the bacteria from the mouth. You can find this zinc mineral in mouth wash as a main ingredient. But instead of using mouthwash for zinc supplement, it is better to eat the food that is rich in zinc mineral. Food like pumpkin, cacao, gourd seeds etc are rich in zinc. The consumption of this food can treat the problem remarkably. Zinc deficiency can lead to oral diseases and other immunity and inflammation problems.

Herb treatment

Toxins in the body can also cause bad breath problem. The metals and the yeast formation in the body are considered as root reasons for bad breath. To remove these harmful substances from the body, it is advised to prefer the use of herb like stinging nettle. This powerful herb can work as a natural blood purifier and removes the harmful toxins from the body. The herb also motivates the lymphatic system and improves the excretion of uric acid in the kidneys. These all functions can control the problem of bad breath efficiently. Along with nettle the herbs like alfalfa sprouts, wild yam, myrrh, lemon and chlorophyll tablets are also equally beneficial for treating bad breath.

Eat lots of raw food

Crispy fruits and vegetables like carrots, celery and apples are loaded with fiber. This type of food is beneficial for fighting against bad breath problem. The crunchy food prevents the plaque formation on the teeth which can cause bad breath. Also it can increase the immunity level of the body. Crunchy food can boost the production of bacteria fighting saliva in the mouth and prevents mouth odor.

Gargle with salt water

Gargling with salt water can cure many types of oral diseases. It is also beneficial for sore throat and other throat infections. Gargling with salt water can kill the harmful bacteria from the mouth and throat and prevents bad breath. This can be done after each meal to reduce the bacterial growth. New different types of gum tone powders are available in the market, it will be very useful in clearing the bad odor.

Conclusion: Prevention is better than cure; bad breath is the sign of some oral problems. Consult your doctor and take necessary steps to get rid of the permanently.

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Author: K Mohan08 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Yes bad breath is a perennial problem for many and I know people are spending much to keep their mouth from spreading bad breath. I was told by some friends that by chewing the gums available in the market, one can have control over bad breath. But what I feel is that there are some beetle nut powders available with scented flavor and by chewing them one can have the control over bad breath. But again chewing the beetle nut powder by the young ones is considered bad character in the society. Therefore it is better to have mint peppermints ready in our pockets to have the control on bad breath.

Author: Partha K.09 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This is a very useful article. Many people feel embarrassed because of bad breath, not only in social circles, but also within the family. The author has given some useful suggestion in this regard. I am also giving one or two suggestions to get rid of the problem of bad breath:

(a) Some people have the habit of chewing raw onion and garlic. Although these two have many positive effects on health, these two cause bad breath. This habit is required to be discontinued for getting rid of bad breath.
(b) People must make a habit of chewing aniseed or cinnamon for getting rid of bad breath.
(c) Many companies are bringing many mouth-wash for this problem. Although these products are expensive, they give temporary relief from the problem of bad breath.

Author: Nikhil10 Mar 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

I appreciate the article written by the author. It is really very embarrassing for one who have bad breath. It is often seen that people stay away from those who bad breath. Nowadays many solutions have come up to overcome this problem. Many mouth wash are available in market which ensures prevention of bad breath. They neutralize the effect of acids in our mouth and hence stops cavities too. One of the major reason why most of the people bad breath is that they don't clean their tongue properly. Tongue cleaner has become a must now. Keep cleaning your tongue at certain time intervals to avoid bad breath.

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