Best ways to restore your lost enthusiasm and energy of life

To restore your lost energy you must deprogram the mind filled with worries and program your mind with positive thoughts by changing lifestyle. When you recall childhood incidents, you recall the reasons for being dull and unhappy now.

You were once so enthusiastic about life and you always experienced some form of merriment in your life. But today, you feel just dull and are disinterested about life. If you remember your childhood days, you often spent time laughing with your friends, family and relatives. You laughed for every small matter also such as when your friend fell down in the muddy area, when you played games such as hide and seek, ball, running-catching etc. But today, you do not even spend a minute with laughter and fun. If you recall the last time when you heartily laughed, then you should recall your college days. Usually, married and working people with children experience this problem. Their lives are filled with worries and they are constantly brooding over issues such as current job, children's future, long-term investment, and many more. When people live sedentary lives, then they cannot think about positive aspects of life, but only worry about their current issues. If you recall your childhood days, you were happy because your minds were innocent and you did not understand about worries about life. Secondly, you were involved in those activities in those days, which are normally not carried out by you. You can restore your internal energy if you are firmly willing to change your attitude and accepting the fundamentals of life. You can change your lifestyle and become a lively personality in two days. Firstly, you should lead a life pushing away the unnecessary worries from your mind. Secondly, you can get engaged in some hobbies and activities and lead a happy life.

Changing your lifestyle by staying away from worries

In your childhood day, you were often happy and blissful because you did not understand the worries, sorrows and tension of real life. But today, you understand the worries and sorrows of life and hence you cannot escape from the problems of the world. You have to accept the problems and try to resolve the problems around you by being diplomatic and matured. In your childhood day, you did not understand the problems your grandparents experienced in their lives. You only understood that your grandmother gives you something special that you like when you meet her. So, you ate the special item prepared by her and ran away to play. But today, you are a grown-up and you feel bad if your grandparents are living with you and constantly narrating about their sorrows in life. So, you feel distracted and cannot concentrate in your higher studies as you often hear your grandparents in a sorry state. If you are experiencing this problem, then you should change your attitude. You can change your outlook of life and understand the harsh reality of life. Tomorrow, in your life also, you may experience many changes and you will be bestowed by bundle of challenges that need to be resolved. So, today as you have become matured, you must understand the philosophy of life and use the philosophical concepts to console your grandparents so that they can feel happy and relieved. So, by making somebody happy, you can be happy. So, instead of converting your life into a warehouse of worries, you can treat life as a treasure of knowledge and wise thoughts.

But otherwise, after being married, having children, and being engaged in a full-time job, you cannot run away from your problems. So, do not lose the intrinsic energy within you and become negative. Your life will no more be filled with such joy again because you are responsible in many ways. If you accept the responsibilities as challenges and sacred duty of life, your dull feeling automatically fades. When you are free, you can just sit down in a place at home lonely and began recalling your days since you understood the world. Then you can recall some moments that were utmost pleasant and created an impact in your life. Then you can even recall the incidents when you achieved something and were praised by others. Start recording and noting down the pleasant moments that created an impact in your life, so that you can read them again when you feel bored. You must strongly accept that your life has changed and you can never be free from worries and responsibilities.

You must first deprogram your mind and eliminate the haunting thoughts from your mind. Many types of breathing exercises are recommended. You just forcefully breathe out for at least 30 times without pausing much after you breathe out each time. In the process, remember your haunting thoughts and as you breathe out, believe that these thoughts are drained away. Many physiologists and spiritual leaders have recommended this exercise.

Changing your lifestyle by getting engaged in some activities

When you remember your earlier days, you remember the games that you played and hence you remained happy. You cannot play those games again as you cannot find time. You were engaged in activities like dancing, singing, craft, drawing, etc that made you happy. You can definitely draw a picture on a cardboard or paper daily when you are free and come back from your wok. If you are not able to draw a picture because you should perform household chores when you come back, then draw when your children are asleep. Even if you are tired, you draw a picture and sleep, because your mind will generate positive energy that lasts for many days. You can sing anytime when you are performing chores and become happy. Usually people are not able to dance when they grow up. But they can definitely dance on special occasions or join some association to activate their social life. You can perform such activities even now, but you must remember that you must find time to perform these activities. Time is governing you now and it did not govern you earlier.

After deprogramming your mind, you can reset your mind. So, you can perform an exercise of breathing in and out. When you are breathing in, you must breathe slowly and when you are exhaling you must exhale forcefully. When you are breathing in, you must remember that you are welcoming good thoughts and when you are exhaling, the negative thoughts are drained away. This exercise is recommended by well-known authors.

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Author: Kailash Kumar30 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Prevention is correctly said to be better than cure. This dictum applies aptly in case of managing worries also. It is very much possible for an individual to plan life and day to day activities in such a manner that the common issues of routine nature, never get accumulated to cause excessive worry at a later stage. Leading a disciplined and organized life is a prerequisite for such achievements. Some of such simple principles are as follows -
1. Never wait for last day to pay bills
2. Never take personal loans for buying luxury items and use credit card only as a tool of convenience instead of as a perennial source of extra money.
3. Start early and reach safely. Never procrastinate in getting ready in time.
4. Inculcate right values in the children since very beginning. What ever they are learning now is going to come back later with compounded interest.
5. Never wish to get the people or world change for your own convenience.
The above are some of the illustrative points. With due introspection, individuals can customize their own schemes and plans.

Author: K Mohan07 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

In life we are always not happy and do face some hostile and challenging situations through which we get demotivated and even go to the extension of isolation from the society. That means we are not enjoying the life from all aspects. Every small moment of life must be cherished and good moments should be re-winded when we are really down and not consolable. By doing so we are also giving work to the brain to retrieve the old achievements done by us and how enthusiastic we felt at that time. Moreover children are right people to pep up energy in us as we would be forced to play with them and that gives immense pleasure to the heart and we tend to spend some quality time with the children and that is nothing but we are recouping from worst moments.

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