Impact of the internet on children

Today, no one can think of a life without the internet. Especially the younger generation, the kids, are addicted towards the internet. They skip their meals, their game time and socializing with people just to watch a video on the internet or to play a game on the internet. They body is getting undernourished and their brain is getting underdeveloped. This has become a burning issue nowadays. I will discuss this issue in the next section.


If you ask anybody today if they can do without the internet, then in one word they will answer "NO". In fact, the younger generation, especially the children are the sections that will say this first. Internet has a huge market among the children and teenagers. This is although positive for the ISPs or the Internet Service Providers, it is becoming dangerous for the children.
If you recall your childhood, were you so much addicted to the internet? You might agree with me that internet was not very important during the childhood of today's adult generations. But with time, the world has changed. Today communicating with the entire world has become so much easier. It is all because of the internet. Although internet has become expedient for the progress of the nation, it has quite a lot of bad effects on the children.

Why are children so addicted to the internet

The adults like to surf internet but mostly out of need and only for a short period of time. But it is the children and teenagers who love working on computers and surfing the internet. They can even spend the entire day on their personal desktops.
  • Children are more attached to computers. Computers are like a fun instrument for them. In fact, they are the large amount clients who use internet on a daily basis. Internet is a the new mode of recreation for the children. Children love downloading games on the internet. When they get bored with normal video games, they download the games available on the internet.

  • Social networking websites are a big attraction for people surfing the internet. A sizable section of social networking users are in the age range 12-35. So as you may understand there are a lot of young people using these social networking sites. A lot of kids just stick to these sites all day and sacrifice their studies, meals and more.

  • The other most important aspect of internet in a kid's life is education. Today most kids have opted for a smartphone, since it gives them easy access to the internet. They can know a lot about various subjects from frequent surfing of the internet. Thus they get addicted to it.

  • Internet provides shopping facilities and sometimes that too at a much lower price, than that quoted by the shopping malls. People get lots of offers and deal prices through internet shopping. That is why, the teenagers prefer the internet so much. They prefer saving on their pocket money. So buying products online is a big saver on their pocket money.

Impact of the internet on children

  1. First bad effect that non stop use of internet is seen on the eyes. You see children these days are picking on spectacles very easily. Not only that, the power is also very high. Earlier people used to have very sharp eyesight in their childhood. These days, kids start of with myopia at an age as low as 6 years.

  2. Earlier children used to eat wholesome food. These days kids are cutting on their meals to provide more time for surfing the internet. They don't take a heavy lunch. As a result they feel hungry very quickly and this effects on their health. Today seldom will you see a tech savvy kid eating a full course meal.

  3. When children skip sumptuous and healthy meals, they depend on fast food to curb their hunger. The parents become helpless before the temper tantrums of their kids. They give them pizzas, burgers, etc. As a result this generation of kids have are becoming very fat.

  4. Children have the tendency to skip games also. Since they are mostly inclined llq online games, they don't play regular outdoor games. They keep on playing computer games. This effects very badly on their eyes and weight.

  5. Since the children are gaining weight at a very early age, they are getting affected by lot of diseases. Children who are the future of this country are growing up to be weak and undernourished.

  6. Another problem is the unrestricted access of internet. Today children are getting violent or obscene content right at home. The ISPs can't block access to any particular website. So teenagers can download any video they want. This is having a bad effect on the kids psychologically. They don't have the maturity to watch such content. Yet they have a great curiosity and deep knowledge of the internet.So day by day they are becoming brainwashed.

  7. The kids are refraining from socializing. They are cutting of visiting their friends once in a while and giving that time to the social networking websites, gaming websites and sadly obscene websites.

  8. Lastly, the kids are wasting so much time on the internet that they are compromising their study and brainstorming sessions for useless games and videos. So their brain becomes underdeveloped.


I have tried to raise a burning issue. I am planning one more article in continuation with this article, that will cover the probable solutions of this problem. I would also like the comments of other ISCians on this issue. Please share any personal experience if you have in this regard. I would like to conclude that children are the future of our society. So we cannot let them be the victims of the misuse of internet. Internet is a boon to our country. Let us make it fruitful for our children.

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Author: Swati Sarnobat23 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Useful article to the present generation! Children are so accustomed to internet that most of them even do not watch television. Internet is such a tool that can present anything at any time by just using some options. So, children just lose their patience and want to operate it in their own way. They are loaded with several choices and hence become stubborn. They should not be allowed to watch programs on internet after a specified period of time.

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