Medicinal uses and health benefits of coriander leaves

Coriander is an herb that is used all around the world in various recipes. Apart from culinary purposes, the coriander leaves and seeds are beneficial for many health problems. This medicinal herb is rich in Vitamin C, minerals and vitamins. Lets' try to understand the some important medicinal uses and health benefits of coriander.

Best for skin diseases

The antiseptic and antifungal properties of coriander are beneficial for many types of skin diseases and disorders. The coriander can fight against many types of infections and its antioxidant properties give relief from the pain quickly. The skin infections like dryness of skin, eczema and fungal infections can be cured with the help of coriander seeds.

Natural diarrhea treatment

Some essential oil like Borneol and Linalool are found in coriander. These essential oils are beneficial for smooth digestion and regular functioning of liver. These properties are also useful to treat diarrhea. Also the antibacterial properties of coriander can treat the diarrhea caused by fungal and microbial infections. Other stomach problems like nausea and vomiting can also cured with the help of coriander.

To reduce cholesterol level

Coriander contains acids like linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. The combination of these acids is very beneficial for reducing the harmful cholesterol level in the blood. The consumption of coriander can also improve the level of good cholesterol that is HDL in the blood and thus reduces the risk of heart attack effectively.

Coriander for blood pressure

Studies have proved that the consumption of coriander can reduce blood pressure efficiently. The medicinal properties of coriander help to relax the blood vessels and regularize the functioning of the same. It not only controls the blood pressure but also can cut off the risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attack and stroke. So when you use coriander just for garnishing purpose, remember that this herb extracts can keep you safe from heart problems too.

Anemia home remedy

The coriander is rich in iron that can directly give positive effects on anemic conditions. Iron deficiency can cause symptoms like fatigue, succinctness of breath and heart palpitation problem. The iron provided by coriander can regularize functioning of organ systems, improves energy level in the body and gives extra strength. It can also give power to the bones and muscles.

Treating mouth ulcers

Antiseptic and anti bacterial properties of coriander can give soothing effects in painful condition like mouth ulcers. The use of coriander extracts can heal the wounds quickly and helps to remove bad breath too. This is the reason why coriander extracts are used in all ayurvedic tooth pastes and tooth powders. In ancient era coriander seeds were consumed for avoiding bad breath.

Menstrual problem cure

Coriander extracts can regulate the hormonal functioning in the body. It works as a natural stimulant that can improve the secretion from the endocrine glands and thus treats the irregular menstrual cycle. It can also solve the problems like menstrual cramps and irregular flow.

Great remedy for your eye problems

Coriander is rich in vitamin – A, vitamin C and minerals like phosphorus that are very beneficial for eye problems. It can prevent the risk of vision disorders and can reduce the stress on the eyes. Other eye diseases can also be prevented with the consumption of leaf extracts effectively. The regular consumption of coriander can prove beneficial for the vision deprivation in old age patients.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, coriander leaves and seeds are also beneficial in the health problems like small pox, conjunctivitis and diabetes too. It can also cure ulcers and inflammations effectively. By knowing the benefits, try to add coriander with your diet regular diet.

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Guest Author: SSJHA2117 Mar 2016

There are numerous spices available in the kitchens which are known for their health benefits but the most unfortunate part is we are not aware of its intrinsic values of such herbs. The author has examined its full applicability in the different health issues and the readers are expected to exploit its benefits in real terms.

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