How one smartphone has made 14 products obsolete

Do you think a smartphone has made other products obsolete? This article provides a list of 14 products that may get completely obsolete in the future because smartphones have become capable of doing things which were done by these products individually.

How do Smartphones impact productivity?

Times are changing. The way we lead life is changing rapid, fast and for better. Thanks to the smartphone revolution. Is there anything which comes to mind, with which we spend more time than the smartphone? Well, the answer is probably no. Smartphone with numerous applications is sounding the death knell for a number of products. And the consumers had never got it so good because imagine the power of 14 instruments locked in one tiny device called smartphone. Following is the list of 14 products that may get redundant in future because of the smartphones.

  1. Camera
  2. Cameras used to be a must have possession for most of the people. Earlier there were those film roll cameras, then digital cameras and so on. But now, no smartphone is complete without a camera. There are smartphone models available in the market which have very high quality main cameras and are capable of taking best pictures. Infact, we see almost everyone nowadays using phone camera to capture the moments and cameras can hardly be seen.
  3. Calculator
  4. Most smartphones come equipped with basic calculators. Infact, nowadays we have certain models which have scientific calculators as well.
  5. Torchlight
  6. Earlier we needed separate torch or emergency light in the event of power failure or to look around a dark place. But now we see most people replacing torch/emergency lights with the flashlights in smartphones. There are numerous apps which can be downloaded to enable smartphones with the torchlight feature.
  7. Calendar
  8. Well we used to anxiously wait for New Year time because we used to get new calendars in our houses with great pictures. But now physical calendars are gradually becoming redundant because our smartphones are equipped with calendars with much greater capabilities than physical calendars. The calendars in our smartphones are interactive and able to show our next meeting, give us a buzz so that we don't forget an engagement etc.
  9. Alarm
  10. I remember those ubiquitous alarms to wake us up early in the morning so that we don't miss our flight or our exam, or an appointment. But now, smartphones double up as our alarms in the night and we can customize the tune which we like, and adjust the voice levels. So the physical alarm clocks may soon get redundant.
  11. Watch
  12. A wristwatch used to be a must have piece on our writst. But now from utility point of view, wrist watches are redundant and since smartphones are always with us, we actually don't need watches anymore. Wristwatch may soon be redundant in general.
  13. Newspapers
  14. Do we really need a paper newspaper these days ? Trees are cut, so much of logistics is involved, huge printing presses running in the night and we get to read the news with a few hours delay. But smartphones give us real time news, getting updated every minute. No trees cut, no physical movement, logistics - it is so neat and clean. There are very good apps (one of them is "Newspapers") which give us access to virtually every newspaper in the world. So to me a physical newspaper is no more needed, and sooner than later it will be dead.
  15. Letters
  16. I am sure we all remember writing those Inland letters to our near and dear ones, and the joy of receiving a letter from our near & dear ones. It used to feel so great, but it was not quick and fast and not economical really. Now we have smartphones which enable us to communicate instantly with family & friends through emails, instant messengers such as WhatsApp and other social media vehicles like facebook. Letters are dead for all practical purposes as instruments of communication.
  17. Landlines
  18. Smartphones have enabled us to communicate on the move, without a hassle of wired connections. Landlines are fast declining in numbers, and will soon be dead.
  19. Diary
  20. A nice little diary used to be an essential possession. But nowadays we have smartphones having applications related to notes taking such as Onenote (and many more). They have advanced features and are easy to store. Notes once taken are safe. So physical diaries will be redundant soon.
  21. Videogames
  22. Gaming had emerged as a big business with gaming parlours all around us. I still remember spending all my pocket money in playing a videogame called "Super Mario" in a videogame parlour. Not only those, we used to buy little videogame devices from the market which used to run on battery. But now we don't see all those parlours around because we have smartphones with great gaming abilities and very good games (For e.g. Templerun, Angry birds, Candy crush) and nor do we find videogaming devices available generally. So smartphones have hit the videogame market hard and almost made it redundant.
  23. Fax Machines
  24. Earlier we needed fax machines to transmit the papers in electronic form to another location. It was a messy way due to bad quality on receiving side, used to cost money, face connection issues sometimes. But now, we can simply send the documents as attachments through emails, or if a document is not available in digital form, simply can scan it through smartphone (there are various scanning applications available), and send it by email. Fax machines are fast loosing their place and will soon be completely dead. I am sure people can live without fax machines.
  25. Music system
  26. Smartphones are equipped with music playing capabilities and are able to download virtually any song from the internet. So no more required to buy a separate bulky device for playing music, then buy those CDs etc. You get unlimited music content at almost negligible cost and can play on your phone itself. Smartphones have hit the music system market very hard.
  27. Scanner
  28. Certain applications enable your smartphone to get converted into a scanner. It is a quick and economical way to get your work through at no cost.


So we have 14 potential redundancies caused by one tiny device called smartphone. And the best part of this revolutionary product is that it is available for everyone because it is not too costly, hence proving to be a great equalizer in the society. It is making every person on the planet much more productive and powerful and enabling them to lead better lives. The organizations which are into business of any of above 14 products in any way, need to innovate and think ahead of time to transform themselves. Because these 14 products may not exist on the planet very soon.

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Author: Shaikh IzajAhmed31 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Yes you're right Vinay many more products and services will go obsolete with upcomming smartphones and this is the best god gift we got in our life so let us use these smart phones for good things and not for wrong things.

Author: Kailash Kumar02 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

There are many more things which can be added to the list. Consider following -
1. Using PCO /STD/Trunk calls
2. Telegraph (already made redundant)
3. Pagers (already dead like a dodo)
4. Tape recorders/magnetic tape cassettes
5. DVD/VCD players
6. Television
7. Typewriters including electronic typewriters
8. Digital diaries
9. Portable cassette or CD players
10. Radios/transistors
11. Yellow pages directories
12. Camcorders
13. Visit to travel agents for ticket booking/Paper tickets
14. Developing negatives of a photograph
15. Maps and GPS devices
16. Stopwatches and timers
17. Paper checks
18. Mirrors
19. iPods
20. Mini computers

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