By becoming smarter do human beings lose humanity?

A man should make this world a better place by knowing facts about life, theory of altruism and learning the temporary nature of material possessions. Devices sometimes make a man forget about real human nature.

Today every human-being is getting smarter day by day and is able to handle even sophisticated electronic or electrical gadgets. By utilizing many such gadgets and devices, man has learnt the short-cut keys towards life. But in the process of growing intelligent and smarter, a man is not able to understand the internal feelings of another person. Many people are busy with their daily pursuits that they do not even bother to glance at the faces of other people around them. They fail to understand the pain and sorrows the person who is just standing next to them is experiencing.

One of the most happening incidents that recently reveals the true mentality of the present generation

One such incident took place recently in a small town that indicates the frame of mind of present age. Two schoolgirls who were driving were knocked down by a storage tank near a retail outlet. It so happened that the forehand of the girls was severely bleeding and one of them was almost unconscious. The other girl who seemed to be conscious was loudly screaming out her father's name expecting that someone would come and rescue them after informing their father as the incident took place near their home only. But instead, nobody came to the place to rescue them as they would be answerable to the police. But on the contrary, several viewers captured pathetic images of the two victims that revealed the place that was stained with blood and the painful faces that looked tortured due to sudden bleeding. The snaps that were captured by the viewers were being routed by various mobile applications through different social networks and these images were viewed by people from different counterparts of the world. So, in this way, the message and the images were finally routed to the paternal aunt of these victims who was numb with shock. Are people become so cold blooded that they can think of advertising these snaps and convert the heartbreaking incident into a hot gossip?

Other incidents to show illustrations of inhumanity

A minor girl who was mentally retarded was travelling in a train when a drunkard allegedly raped her and none of them in the train came for the rescue. They could not even push a drunkard to the other side or pull the chain to save the minor girl. They only reported to the police when the train stopped at a station.

We experience small incidents in our day-to-day life also. In a bus nobody is ready to give place to a woman who is standing with a child sometimes. Sometimes, they are not willing to give place to a pregnant woman also. Sometimes handicapped people are exploited in the office. We commonly hear about illiterate people or partly unsound people who are exploited in the office. Due to their over-calculative minds and their intention in life only to earn profit and accumulate wealth, they do not want to even think that how painful a person can feel to be exploited. They do not think that by creating such inhuman atmosphere, they are only living for temporary satisfaction.

Make this world a better place to live in

The conception of mankind about happiness has changed drastically. The first thought that should enter into your mind is 'what if I was in the place of victims'. You already know that some factors in life are uncontrollable. You must only remember that you may experience turns and twists in life at any point of time. The nature has bestowed many valuable possessions and talents to you but ultimately, you have not designed them on your own. A woman who is beautiful is sometimes thrown by burning acid on her face and her beauty fades.

You must remember some true facts about life.

Death is a very certain factor but the timings, date or year is never known to anyone. When you are on your death bed, you must always feel satisfied and blissful to leave this world instead of feeling guilty for your wrong actions or insecure to leave the world that is filled with possessions. If you ask any elderly person in the house, then they may relate to a story about their elders at the time of death. They may narrate you the last words spoken by the elderly people and the emotions that were visible on their faces.

You just study the theories of altruism taught by many authors. They teach that by being altruist, you can spread happiness in the society. When the society or the people around you are happy, then automatically, you can enjoy the blissful atmosphere.

Money and status cannot buy everything in life. Some people although born in a rich family are born mentally-retarded. If a person has wealth but falls ill cannot enjoy anything in life. You must aim to be satisfied in life rather than win or become happy by material possessions.

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Author: Kailash Kumar20 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

We often lament over such stories, but if our turn comes to act, I have a genuine doubt, if the individuals will act in a truly altruistic manner. There are several reasons for the same and the main reason is to not to fall in trap of police formalities. Even after getting the information, the police takes its own time in reaching the accident stop. Sometimes it occurs to my mind that in the serious cases, the police wait for the victim to die so that they can complete their formalities including post mortem in one go instead of undergoing the hassles of taking the victim to hospital or trauma center. With the increasing population, number of road accidents are increasing and at the same time ratio of police personnel per person is decreasing. However there are still few good samaritans who act in appropriate manner when ever any such occasion arises. Who can forget noble souls like Mother Theresa and Baba Amte.

Author: K Mohan30 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Yes I am fully agreeing with the author that in the garb of embracing smart technology and becoming smarter, we are discarding the humanity and even rejecting it. Go to any home, the young ones are busy with the cell phones or their gadgets, the elder ones might be eager to talk to them and converse. But no one available. I have seen that even the visitors who come to the home to see the elders are also not cared. Surely humanity is being discarded in the era of smart phones.

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