Concept and nature of education

Ever wondered what exactly is education? This article is an essay on the concept of education and its process.

Education is a relative word. It is difficult for human beings to stay away from it as it starts at the moment one is born and continues till his death. Education is considered as the power which develops both the individual and the society in which he/she lives. It is that quality of humans which distinguishes them from other living organisms. For a deep study of education we should first know the nature of education. Education is a relative word and its nature could be described only by considering it as process and aspect which deals with both the human being and his society.

The nature of education can be described under the following headings:

It is a bipolar process

According to this point education is a bipolar process I.e. it has two poles- the learner and the learned. The learner can also be called a student or the one who learns. The learned can also be called as a teacher or the one who teaches. In this process the flow of education is always from the learned towards the learner.

It is a tripolar process

Previously it was assumed that education is only a bipolar process but later on it was found that apart from the learned- learner factor there is one more factor which is associated with the flow of education. This third factor controls the other two factors and decides the nature and structure of the interconceptual process between the learned and learner. This factor was termed as "curriculum" which governs the other two factors. It was then that the process of education was termed as the tripolar process.

Social nature of education

Whole life of an individual is completed in a social atmosphere. Thus, society plays a very important role in the process of education. Education to a student is always given ; keeping in mind the social environment in which he lives and also in which he has to live in future so that he could be able to adjust himself according to the duties , desires and needs of the society. Hence, we can say that education has a social nature also.

Education is a continuous process

The most important thing about education is that it is a continuous process. It starts from the birth of the child and continues till the death of the human being. Each and every experience of a human being gives him knowledge which adds in an indirect way to his education . Thus, just like the universe which is developing continuously ; education also is a continuous process which helps in the developmental process of a human being.

Scientific nature of education

Educational process works on the basis of pre-determined aims and goals which are achieved by different sequential programs and steps. Also Education which lays down its basis on philosophy and psychology ; has its independent existence in the form of a science. In the present era education is not only a process but also a disciplinary scientific process.

Education as a process of behavioural change

It is a well known fact that education changes the behaviour of a person by changing his attitude towards life, society, other persons , other organisms , his nation and towards the whole world and thus makes him a complete human being.

Thus, from the above points we can conclude that education is not merely a word but a complete process which develops a human being mentally, socially, psychologically and prepares him for his future in a real manner.

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Author: Kailash Kumar20 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Though the concept and nature of education elucidated by the author in her article is likely to be useful to the students as well as parents, but the real challenge for parents lies in ensuring that their children are getting proper education. The process begins with identification of right school. It becomes very difficult for the parents to identify right schools. There is a general perception among parents that a high fee demanding school is a better school. Therefore the author is requested to throw some light on the procedure involved in selection of a proper school for the children.

Author: Swati Sarnobat20 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Education is something that involves creating awareness among the people about the facts of nature, facts happened, facts likely to happen, and use different methods to find a direction to your life. It also involves learning the strategies to discover new concepts after studying a particular concept. It gives you the power to think beyond.

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