7 steps to rock your board examinations

In this article, I will give you tips to do well in your board examinations. Board examinations are the first step towards the selection of subjects you want to study. Good performance in board exam is important for having a bright future.

The board exams are the first step towards the beginning of your career. Most of the students want to know that what should they do to do well in their exams. A good result will help you to get in a good school/college and the subjects you want to study in your future. Many of you are worried about their preparations, so here are some steps that you should try to follow this year, before your board exams.

Make a plan

The first thing you need to do is counting the number of days you have to prepare yourself. Now, mark your weaknesses. Start with the things you are not confident at all and try to complete them. Keep in mind that you need to cover all the topics, so manage time accordingly. I don't think making charts for time management is a good idea because you never know which topic will take how much time.Remember every successful person have their own plans to achieve their goals

Concentrate on studies

I know you could have a lot of distractions in your life. You are always online on every social networking sites for hours even when you are studying. You have to stop that. I don't mean that you should stop talking to your girlfriend or stop hanging out with friends. But make sure that the only thing you do while studying is studying. I will suggest you to do drink coffee while studying and start doing meditation every morning.

Practise makes a man perfect

We know that all of us are not good at everything. Whether it be maths or any other subject, regular practice will help you in getting the subject. Always mark the topics that are difficult as well as important for exam. Use short forms and try to remember the drawing associated with the answers. Prepare them properly and rock your exams.

Maintain your health

Try to eat healthy food and maintain a good diet. Avoid drinking energy drinks (many of you do it) to study late at night. Sleep for 6 hours daily (maximum 8 hours) so that you can study with full concentration. Try to lower the amount of rice you eat, since it makes you feel sleepy. Stop consuming alcohol.

Revise what you study

It is a problem with many of you that you forget the answers during the exams. Revising your previous lessons is the only way to solve this problem. Make a habit of revising the difficult topics after every two days and full chapters after a week. This will help you a lot during the exams.

Clean and tidy answer script

You may believe it or not, but good handwriting and nicely framed answers with proper margins help you in fetching more marks. The examiner can judge you only through your answer scripts. A neat answer script will always get an advantage over the other hundreds of answer scripts he/she is checking. So try to keep your answers neat with less scratching and underlining the important points of the answer. Writing in points with bullets and numbering is a very good habit.

Don't get nervous:

The more nervous you get, the greater will be the number of mistakes. So be confident. Drink plenty of water whenever you get nervous during the exams. Try to attempt the easy and scoring answers. Start with the questions which will fetch you more marks. And never get afraid of the results. The reason is that an HTML page of your result will not decide your future. Best of luck.


Author: Kailash Kumar31 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Preparation for board examinations start since pre-nursery stage. Regular studies and consistent preparations since beginning makes boards examinations also a routine affair without any need of extra preparation or planning. Since the students themselves are not able to foresee such matters in the early childhood, the onus lies on the parents. The stage of Xth board examination is reached in 10 years step by step by clearing examinations of the respective class each year. It is like climbing a ladder. One step at a time can be climbed much easily without any extra stress or strain. However attempting to climb all the steps or more than one step at a time, renders it arduous requiring strenuous efforts. The same applies in the case of preparation for board examinations also.

Author: Nilesh29 Jul 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

These are some nice tips that the author has mentioned. I was the district topper in my board examinations and would like to give some tips on my own that the author didn't cover.
1. Do solve previous years' question papers: - In my experience, the format of question paper is the same almost every year and about 80% of the questions are similar (not exactly the same). So do solve as many question papers as you can and study all the topics related to them.
2. Attempt those questions first which you know very well: - Some people argue that one must attempt the question paper in sequence but it is not at all true. You should attempt questions in sequence only in the language subjects. In others, attempt that one first which you are completely sure of. What it does is, it gives a good impression of you at the start to the examiner and later on he might overlook your minor mistakes.
3. Do not leave any question unattended: - This is a very important tip. Remember that in most of the boards nowadays, there is step marking. So even if your answer is even a bit close to the correct answer, you will get at least some marks. Something is better than nothing. So don't leave any question blank.

Author: Gaurav21 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

There are many useful tips for students to help them get good marks in board exams but this list won't be much effective without practicing mock test papers.
It's very important for students to attempt mock test papers few days before exams because it help them to evaluate their preparation. Through mock test they also learn time management. They get an idea on how to attempt questions during exam. Generally most of the mock test papers are based on previous year questions so, it also help them to understand the types of question asked during final exam.
If they are facing problem in solving questions from any particular section then they can work over it and get prepared. Therefore, it is necessary for students to solve some sample papers one month before final exam. It will not only boost their preparation but will also not feel nervous or uncomfortable because they will be habituated of sitting for 3 long hours and solving those kind of papers.

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