How life changed for her - I

This is the story of a very sweet and naughty girl who later on becomes quite introvert and silent. The story deals with the various aspects of her life and the way her life changed. It also showcases, in general, the real situation of a girl in our society and the ups and downs of her life. Going through a few naughty moments the story reaches its disastrous climax.

This is not the story of a poor girl but of a very rich daughter of the richest landlord of Cansua (an imaginary town). Maurina was the most naughty and charming daughter of Lady Marsella and the richest Landlord of Cansua, Lord Christo. Maurina had two elder sisters and two elder brothers. Maurina felt very loved when she used to be with her family. All her brothers and sisters loved her very much. She was the blood for her family members. They all cared for her very much and she also gave all the love she had in herself, to her family.

She was a very brilliant but naughty student of her school. She, however, was naughty only in the eyes of her friends and classmates as her teachers used to think her to be the most sincere student of the class. One day while playing with her friends she painted her friend's face with oil paint for which she was later on given a punishment to paint the wall of her friend's house the following night. Once, she made one of her friend in school to dance on teacher's table with shoes in his hands for which the whole class was punished and they had to remain without any teacher for the next one week. One day she made her whole class bunk the school and took them all to the nearby garden for celebrating her birthday which actually was two months later.However she made a quite genuine reason in school for bunking and they were all spared as she said that since the teachers were busy in the celebrations of Christmas and they were feeling that their time is being wasted sitting there in school so they all bunked the school and went home for studying.She was given a round of applause by her fellow classmates for saving them all from the strict physical instructor.

Her life was going on very smoothly and happily. She left behind her school days and entered into the new blooming life of college.She joined Wilson's college of science and humanities (an imaginary college ) which was located in the adjoining city.The students, there,were very nice to her but she missed her family members, there, a lot. So, she left the college and came back to her town and joined a local college there.

Days passed and she completed her graduation. One day she was going to a picnic along with her family members. They all were very happy. Their servant was driving the car and she was sitting in with her mother and father. Her brothers and sisters were in another car just behind their 's. Suddenly, while crossing the overbridge a loading vehicle collided with their car and then.....; all the visions..... went blind.....

When she gained consciousness, she found herself in the general ward of a government hospital on bed no.35. It took a moment for her to recollect what had happened. She found her eldest sister, Bella sitting besides her. Bella was carrying a very unusual calm and peace over her face. Maurina asked Bella about her mom and dad but she only said ," Come , let's walk home. "

Maurina was filled with a heart breaking fear which made her shivered . They reached home. Outside their house was a long queue of cars and taxis. People were standing just like ants changing their residence before rainy season. Maurina could figure out by now what could have happened but her heart was trying to refuse all what her mind was inferring from the situations.

Bella held her shoulders and made way from the crowd to their house. They both entered the house. Intense silence was spread in the house. Every one was silent. A few of the local ladies were trying to break the silence by making loud cries in a minute or two's interval. They entered.

Two coffins were lying inside. They were covered with white, extreme white ... spotless white clothes. Bella hold Maurina more tightly. Maurina's silence burst into tears. She now knew what exactly happened. She could only whisper ," mom....... dad......." Bella heard the whisper. She hugged her tightly and said ," Now I am your mother and I am your father. .!!!."

To be continued. ... in second part.

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Guest Author: Suresh18 Mar 2016

Nice 1st part. I am waiting eagerly for the 2nd part and hope it will be more exciting then the 1st part and hope story will adhere to its subject and keep everyone curious and interested till the last word. Appreciate author's sincere efforts.

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