Best useful ways to control anger

Feeling lonely in crowd? Stressed with failure at workplace? Do you think anger is stopping you from being social and giving good results at workplace or in studies? Check out this article for some useful tips to control your anger.

The twenty first century is an era of competition and development. In order to achieve dreams and fulfilling desires everyone is trying to grab opportunities. But, this weird competition, mostly leads to some or other sort of frustration and stress in one's mind and since, every time; everyone is not able to cope up with this stress and frustration, this leads to a much abnormal and striking behavior called "anger."

Anger is that state of one's mind in which a person's will power becomes so weak that he is not able to bear up any sort of mental stress and as a result of which he loses his temper very shortly. The main reasons which give rise to anger are :-

  1. Over stress

  2. Improper diet

  3. Continued sitting for hours at a single place

  4. Work burden

  5. Health

  6. Irritable surroundings

  7. Pessimistic feelings and thoughts

  8. Loss of confidence on oneself

  9. Improper sleep or insomnia

  10. Addiction

Anger is, thus, not a simple and usual behavior but a situation which is difficult to get rid of.
We can't uproot anger in a moment as it is a result of all the above mentioned malfunctionings. We can reduce anger by trying following things :-

Regular meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga both helps in reducing anger to greater extent. Meditation helps in creating a better focus of our mind and thus helps in increasing our will power. This increased will power helps in absorbing the over stress of the brain and henceforth keeps us calm, cool and patient. Moreover, it helps in increased concentration which leads to better results in our work areas.

Yoga helps in keeping our body stress free. It is so because it helps in developing a proper circulation of blood throughout our body and thus makes our body feel better and stress free. It also helps in increasing the work ability of our body. And as we all know if a body works well : the brain surely will." Thus, it increases the stess handling ability of both the body and its brain.

Listening to soft music

Music is yet another important factor which could help us out in reducing anger. When we listen to soft music some positive waves are generated in our body. These positive waves reduce our mental pressure and brings back our mind to a more normal state.

Balanced diet

Since, in a day we do many different types of work so it is necessary that we should take a proper balanced diet. A diet rich in all the various nutrients required by our body, not only brings our body in proper state but it also nourishes the working capacity of our brain hence by reducing its mental stress and thus anger is controlled to some extent.

Proper sleep

It is very important not only for proper body functioning but also because it keeps our mind in a relaxed and ready to work state. A minimum of 8-10 hours sleep is essential for all the working persons. Students should take 10-12 hours of sleep a day.

Choose the optimistic company of friends

Try to keep yourself in a company of optimistic people as only people with positive thoughts can nurture your brain and this only could help you to keep yourself away from stress and anger

See your face in a mirror

Silly to hear but this is a very useful method of reducing your anger abruptly. It is a well known fact that our face gives us pleasure and happiness so whenever we look into the mirror our mind starts working to find happiness and as a result our anger automatically ends.

Drink a glass of cold water

It will also help you in getting rid of anger.

Visit a nearby green place

Greenery helps in giving pleasure to our mind thus by reducing anger and stress.

Stop being addicted

If you are addicted to some sort of drug or anything similar to it; try to get rid of that addiction as it not only increases anger but damages the body too.

Go out for walks

Start going out for walks specially evening walks. After a long tiring routine day evening walk is the only thing which can give you immense pleasure and your mind intense relaxation.

So these are some useful ways which can help you out in putting end to your anger. Try out these and let me know how useful these tips are to you.

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Author: Sharmistha Panda14 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Nice work by the author. I have seen people practicing meditation and yoga having a control over their anger. Meditation has changed their personality.
There used to be a common practice passed on to us by our mothers of counting numbers till 10 or 20 to calm down the immediate anger. Guess now a days this method does not work!!

Author: Monika Kushwaha20 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks for your feedback Ms. Sharmishtha. I remember my mother telling about the same practice you mentioned above. The thing is that time children used to count upto 20 with full concentration but nowadays children are not much focused and hence they need to practice meditation and yoga just to develop concentration and high focussing abilities.

Author: K Mohan16 Oct 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Controlling anger has become the necessity of the day as we cannot overpower the opposite person without a burst, no matter we are in the right position. No one likes the domination of others and those with anger try to dominate others with even big sound of noise. Anger has to be controlled. Being cool and quiet even during challenging situation is the worthy way to get noticed by others. Please remember that if you are cool and sober, people would certainly contact you to bail them out from the present situation. Such is the quality of cool persons without anger.

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