Effectively dealing with over ambitious people

To effectively deal with over-ambitious people, you must teach them the theory of wants, wisely revolt with them and always hold good. Such people always create bad atmosphere around you and hence you must become strong-minded.

Every man aims to be successful in life and accumulate enough wealth to lead a comfortable life. Although, everybody does not want to be stinking rich or accumulate a lot of wealth, but everybody seek for comfort in life. But some people are so recklessly ambitious that they are never satisfied in life. They are always urged to gain more than what they have now. Even if their spouse, children or family members earn high income, they tend to look at people who are richer than them and wish that they would be so rich like others. Some rich people always feel scarcity around them although everything is abundant. Even if their spouses, children, daughter-in-law etc are successful and are meaningfully contributing to the household, they wish that they still possessed something more than they have presently. In this way, they cannot keep the atmosphere calm and peaceful. They always create disturbances in the house and sometimes quarrel for petty reasons. In your day-to-day life, you meet such people and you should deal with such people in an effective way. You cannot avoid such people in your house. Sometimes bosses in offices or employers also are constantly demanding from their employees.

Teaching some lessons to over-ambitious people

Theory of Adam Smith

Adam Smith had stated in his theory of wants that ''Although resources around us are limited, human wants are unlimited''. Everybody wants to be happy all the time, and always urge to possess their favorite belongings, but that belonging may not be owned by you due to several reasons. You want to buy an expensive car today, and may buy it also. But to buy another valuable possession, sufficient cash may not be left with you. Your wants are unlimited, but the cash or resources around you are limited. You wish that you are able to store barrel of water during summer season, but you must realize the scarcity of water in your area. Municipality or city corporation aims to distribute water proportionately to all people. Such people should not be told in a theoretical or philosophical manner. You practically explain the problem. For eg. if your mother-in-law is not satisfied with your earnings, then you must explain that you are able to contribute to the household and according to the standard of living of the city, you are earning enough income. Tell her that if you were provided with enough scope and time, then you would earn even more.

Wisely revolt

Such people cannot understand true situation until you direct them that they are behaving in a wrong way. But do not get too forceful or violent in the process. If your boss is constantly pestering you for more output, then deliberately provide less output for some days and teach him the value of providing the high output that you provide everyday. The people who are always demanding should be temporally deprived so that they can learn the value of possessing something. Do not succumb to such people and you should revolt with such people at least at some point of time, so that they can realize the value of a possession. Even if your innocent children are ever-demanding, then do not give them the thing for a day, so that they become good citizens and human beings in the future.

Do not become depressed or feel offended

Such people cannot easily praise you even if you achieve something higher, so do not expect any praise from such people. They may even try to hurt you by speaking rude or sarcastic words. Do not become sensitive or disheartened when they speak ill about you. Remember that such people have not learnt the true facts or life and are not willing to accept the true facts of life. If you feel hurt, then they even want to hurt you more because they are only seeking for personal satisfaction. So, become strong and do not help them to feel personally satisfied. Ignore them as many times as possible and turn to revolt only if they are constantly pestering you.


Author: Kailash Kumar18 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

There is no end to materialistic possessions. An Amitabh Bachchan may be carving for a private jet and a Modi may have a hidden desire for a Bharat Ratna. In case it is revealed that the Mahatma Gandhi was desirous of a Nobel Prize, then I will be least startled.
Luck also plays an important role in such matters. One should not waste his/her life by sitting idle and should continue to strive for attaining the maximum possible heights but not at the cost of neglecting his/her family.

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