Ways to improve grasping power of children

Is your child unable to focus? This article provides tips on improving the grasping power of children through various means, such as instilling confidence, activating their brain, teaching them spontaneity, etc.

Every child is gifted with different level of intelligence. Some children are too intelligent to understand any subject or environment around them easily. Many children grasp a subject after applying efforts to their mind and brain. Some children are too slow in grasping on any topic. Parents should understand and accept the level of intelligence of their children. If every child was gifted with wonderful grasping power, then the world would not consist of any competition and parents faced boredom. Everybody can enjoy fun of life only if they live in a world of competition. But, they can take some steps to improve the grasping capacity of children. They can also take some steps to retain the grasping power of children. But ultimately, they should accept the limitations of children. They can only try their best to stimulate their brain.

Ways to retain grasping power of children

Instill confidence among children

Do not expect your child to be smart in every activity. In the process of their expectations, some parents discourage their children. So, the children lose their motivation and become compressed. Sometimes due to compression of mind, children feel that they cannot grasp anything easily. Even you may remember your childhood days. Some teachers in school were so strict that they whacked a student if he or she did not answer the question. So, the moment the teacher asked any question, you experienced a sense of forgetfulness. So, do not unnecessarily pressurize your child because due to lack of confidence and intrinsic energy, they cannot grasp some concepts easily.

Expose them to the world

The children should be constantly be exposed to outdoor life. You must take them to places such as parks, gardens, or your friends or your relatives house etc. They should interact with many people in a day. Then they can explore the world and learn anything quickly. A person can normally grasp any subject or topic easily when he or she is familiarized to the topic. Before, sending them to school, you must familiarize them with alphabets or numerals. When they are suddenly exposed to school life, they cannot learn any concept easily.

Ways to improve grasping capacity of their children

Constantly activate their brain

Encourage your children to effectively utilize their brain. You must help them to boost their thinking power by allowing them to play games such as puzzles, giz-saw, memory game, etc. If they constantly think about things around them, they can easily understand any topic easily. If they are isolated or if they are not allowed to think on their own for a long time, then they cannot grasp any topic easily because they feel dull.

Teach them to be spontaneous

Teach them to be spontaneous in life also and face certain life situations wisely by undertaking immediate decision. When they learn to undertake decisions spontaneously, then their brain is stimulated and they learn to grasp any topic quickly as the develop the trait of promptness.

Give them plenty of water

The children should be taught to drink plenty of water from their childhood. When they drink much water, their brain cells become very active and they are programmed to develop listening skills and easily understand what the other person wants to say.

Improve their power of concentration

You must improve the concentration power of children so that they can become stable and grasp things easily around them. Many children do not understand any topic or world around them easily because they cannot pay attention easily. To improve concentration, you can provide them games such as molding clay or making garlands etc. You can also allow them to play in mud or soil.

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Author: K Mohan23 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The author made a good attempt to give us the tips for the slow learners among children who fail to grasp things when told. Normally every child is having his own quality and understanding the things. The parent must prepare the child to face the world. During first three years, the kids are having enormous interest in things as their brain would be growing. They keep on asking questions and the parents must answer them properly and should not ignore them. Likewise if the child wants to pursue any goal from the young age, let him do that. Some are good at singing, some in dance, some in making drawing and so on. Take the children to out door activities and expose to the nature. They will learn everything quickly.

Author: Sharmistha Panda27 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

True that some of the our children could be slow learners. But they need constant support from their parents in terms of building confidence and encouragement to take the leap. Children need to be exposed to the outside world in order to frame their own opinion about things. Besides they also need to be taken to places like the planetarium and the museums to make them understand the world. Practicing mental maths is also an effective way to activate the brain.

Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati23 Apr 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A special care should be taken by parents and teachers in upbringing of slow learners. Parents and teachers should realize that by continuous memorizing method would not give any fruitful result. First the teacher or parent has to explain the concept or answer in an understandable form. Make the student to tell the answer in his own words. Any mistakes are there correct them and make him tell again without any mistakes.

If we make them to tell the answers in their own words will make the slow learner to learn the answers easily. After perfecting in this way make him write the learned answer which makes him more perfect and confident. While explaining anything teacher or parent has to explain with more and more examples from our daily life. Teacher after explaining the topic have to ask small small questions on the content of the topic.

Slow learners will answer such small questions which build confidence in them that will help them to learn the topics more interestingly. Making them to do the exercise work on the topics will help the student to understand the topic content of the topic easily. Teachers and parents should give more importance to make learn short questions before venturing into descriptive long answer questions.

By learning short answers quickly confidence in them will be boosted and it will encourage them to learn difficult answers later.

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