Simple ways to prevent hyper-acidity

In this article, you will read about different ways to prevent hyper acidity,such as avoiding excessive beverages , eat good breakfast, drink healthy tea, drink plenty of water, avoid excess citric fruits, avoid more fermented food and drink milk regularly. A person experiencing hyper-acidity should always follow healthy dietary pattern and eat regular meals.

A person feels drowsy when he or she suffers from hyperacidity. Both men and women can experience hyper acidity due to several reasons. Most of the people experience hyper acidity due to irregular eating patterns. The food that they consume produces heat in the body and hence it causes a burning sensation in the chest. Some people can digest food that produces heat in the body, while some people experience ill-feeling very easily. But a person experiencing hyper acidity can follow some healthy food patterns to stay healthy for a long time. A person suffering from hyper acidity can overcome the problem if he or she is following a healthy dietary pattern for a period of time. But they should follow some regular tips to avoid ill feeling.

Tips to follow to prevent hyper acidity

Avoid consuming beverages at odd hours

Today many people consume beverages such as tea or coffee during odd hours and they eat less during meals. Such people are prone to experience hyper-acidity frequently. Due to dietary imbalance, they feel drowsy and these substances are converted into acids and they experience acidity. So, a person experiencing acidity problem should either avoid drinking tea or coffee or drink only little a day. They should focus on eating healthy food.

Breakfast and tea

They should consume tea or coffee after eating their breakfast or eat breakfast immediately after drinking tea or coffee. They should preferably eat cereals during their breakfast time. They can drink fruit juice alternatively after some time after drinking tea.

Drink healthy tea

They should add ginger or some spices such as cardamom, or medicinal content while preparing tea. A person can also drink green tea or tea with less tea powder so that tea does not become concentrated. The tea or coffee should consist of more milk.

Drink plenty of water

The person suffering from hyper acidity should always drink plenty of water. They should drink water after eating something and plenty of water after meals. They should drink water otherwise at some point of interval also.

Avoid excessive citric fruits

Some people eat many citric fruits at a time such as oranges, sweet lime etc more than their regular food. So, such people feel nauseated after eating many and hence should eat regular food properly and then consume citric fruits.

Avoid eating too much fermented food

Fermented food may build some types of nutritions in your body, but do not eat such food in large quantity in a day. Do not eat this type of food for breakfast, meals and dinner. You can just eat it for the breakfast. Such fermented food becomes sour after some time and if you eat the same during dinner, then you feel nauseated.

Drink milk

Drink milk regularly so that you regulate the acidic content in your body, but do not consume milk when you are actually experiencing a burning sensation in your body. If you drink milk during such odd time, then you may feel bouts of pain in your stomach. When you experience such burning sensation, do remain quite for sometime and then drink small glass of water.


Author: Venkiteswaran19 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

An article relevant for today's lifestyle. However I feel it could have been more descriptive. Long term continuing acidity can cause various problems gradually. Hence it is prudent to control acidity and prevent or manage hyper-acidity.
Drinking sufficient water is one easy remedy to control acidity. Those who are habituated taking coffee in the morning, immediately after getting up can start drinking some water in empty stomach before drinking coffee. Morning empty stomach will have its pH value towards acidic side. Coffee also will add to that. Hence drinking water can dilute the acidity and take care of the addition by coffee also.

Taking leafy vegetables frequently will also help in acidity. Leafy vegetables are categorised in Ayurveda as 'kshaara' characteristic or alkaline (opposite of 'amla' or acidic).

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman19 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

As told by our doctor, the acidity arises due to irregular intake of foods. We have been brought up with a good system of taking breakfast,lunch and dinner in particular times. But later on when we are in the guise of 'no time', 'busy', night duty etc., the total change occurred in our daily routine. To avoid acidity in our body we should take our food in time.

Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati23 Apr 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

In order to overcome hyper acidity problem one has to take care about the indigestion problem with in the individual. Indigestion lead to fermentation, gas formation which lead to acidic condition in the individual. Changing life style and taking proper care in diet will help or give some relief from hyper acidity problem. Some food items which reduces hyper acidity should be consumed to get relief from this problem.

Regular intake of Banana will give good relief from this problem. Banana fruit contain high potassium content which reduces the acid production in our body. It also help in mucous production which protects our stomach by forming a protective layer over it. This layer will protect the stomach from the negative effects of excess aid production.
By chewing Jeera daily one can improve digestion and get rid off from gas formation and gastric problems.
By chewing cloves we can improve saliva production which in turn improve digestion and helps in relieving from acidity problems.
Ginger eaten in raw form in little quantity will relieve from indigestion problem and helps in secretion of mucus which in turn helps the stomach from negative effects of excess acid secretion.
Food which stimulates acid secretion should be avoided like oily fried foods, meat, dairy products, alcohol in any form, hot and spicy foods, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, baked food. Foods which relieve acid production like fruits, leafy vegetables, vegetables like carrots, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, coccinea, lady's finger which contain more fiber content will help in preventing hyper acidity. Taking food in little quantities for more times is good to prevent acid formation, gas formation and indigestion problem. Taking food at late nights and untimely eating aggravates this hyper acidity problem.

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