Making massive muscles made easy

In this article, I have provided the essentials for making great muscles. How to gain muscles and to maintain them is explained in a lucid way. All the tips and tricks are given in a simple manner so that even a beginner in muscle building will be able to understand everything. These tips and methods will surely benefit the aspiring bodybuilders. This article is a must read article for them who want to start with the gym to change their personality.


It has become a fashion to make muscles and doing gym in today's world. Most of the youth want to make really massive muscles and a great personality but most of us lack the basic knowledge required for this. Some people join gym and start doing exercise without proper planning and goal and eventually end up quitting the gym. There are many things one must keep in mind before starting gym. One must start with setting up their goal before starting gym or weight training. One should decide that he has to get great and muscles and he just want to stay fit as the practice varies depending on the requirement. For gaining great muscles, weight training is advised and for staying fit, cardio is advised. There are two options for anyone who want to make great muscles, One is joining gym and the other one is doing the exercises at home with help of dumbbell, rod and some basic tools which can be kept at home. Choice may vary from person to person as the people who are free in evening and can give some time daily on a regular basis. If consistency is not their then home exercise must be done. There are certain points to be kept in consideration which are explained by me step in the steps below.

Good diet

This is one of the most essential requirements for making good muscles and be healthy as most of us already know but we lack the basic do and dont's in this. First of all a good diet balanced with all the nutrients should be taken. We must introduce variety in diet and must not be selective. Our meal should comprise of almost everything like Protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and starch. Most of the beginners have a mindset that consuming a lot of Protein is a pre-requisite for building great muscles and it is partially true. For making great muscles and good health a balance of all the food should be taken. If balanced diet is not consumed then our body system will not be able to work in proper manner. More focus should be given on the consuming Protein as the broken muscles are replaced by Protein only. For non vegetarian people there are many choices of Protein such as Meat and eggs. Vegetarian can opt for cereals such as gram and soyabean which are rich in Protein. Egg is also one of the healthiest and cheap source of good quality Protein. Some people prefer Protein supplements but may cause side effects so should be taken by the doctors advice. Consuming a plenty of fluids and water is also good practice as our body needs water for the various metabolic activities. Sprouted grains should be taken in the morning as they have Protein s as well as minerals.

Proper Exercise

A proper and regular exercise is the most important thing which should be followed religiously for mastering the art of bodybuilding.
In the starting phase a mixed approach should be followed combining all the exercises. This approach should be followed for almost a month in order to activate the body for exercise. After one month by the advice of the gym instructor, proper segregation of the exercises must be done. Biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, lattice, legs, abdomen, these are the various target muscles which are targeted while exercising. One day one muscle is exercised. Typically one hour of exercise is considered a decent one. Before starting with the exercise, warm up must be performed to activate all the muscles of the body to avoid cramps and injury to the muscles due to sudden jerks. Sometimes people combine two exercise with the advice of the gym instructor. Two days rest is advised in a week typically. For changing any exercise, trainer must be consulted for best results.

Other tips

Apart from these tips there are certain other tips and tricks which should be kept in mind for doing gym. We should know that maximum flexion of muscles is needed for getting maximum benefit. More we do the flexion, more muscles can be made in less time.
No pain no gain. If one can't feel pain while lifting a weight then he must be using the wrong weight. Selection of weight to be lifted must be decided depending on the individual strength and trainers advice. Regular exercise and proper diet are a must for building good muscles and proper health. By these tips and tricks and strong will power mixed with dedication anyone can own a magnificent body and a great personality.

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