Coping with criticisms in a workplace

In this article, you can learn the ways to cope up with criticisms in a wise manner by understanding the real meaning of workplace. You should handle every level of criticism in a different way and by using your wit.

We are prone to criticisms almost in every stage of life. A man can learn only by committing mistakes. If you undertake any task, you just cannot do it perfectly for the first time. So, people around us or people who are associated with the task, tend to correct us. But every individual is not homogenous and hence the way of correcting people differs from individual to individual. Some people correct us by speaking warm words and also make us actually realize our mistake. They also guide us properly to take corrective actions. Some people just point out our mistake and tell us to rectify the error, while some people are accustomed to taunting others or severely commenting others to get their work done. Some people criticize just severely in such a way that you feel as if you have committed a blunder. You also come across such people who even abuse you for committing a frivolous error. But ultimately, human beings should be prepared to experience such irrational quality of other human being to be successful. Some people are very sensitive and they feel disheartened even if they are criticized in a small way. Some people become grudgy if they are criticized. Whenever, somebody criticizes you at home or in a friend's circle, you can express your feelings and they can console you. But, if you are criticized in a workplace, you must be strong enough to withstand the odd situation. Your bosses, seniors or colleagues may criticize you in a worse way and you have to accept such heartbreaking situations. If you quit your job, then you may experience financial crises and may suffer in a worse way if you have a family. In such situations, you can only learn to cope up with criticisms.

Effective methods of coping up with criticisms

Only use your intellect and not your emotions

The moment you enter the premises of your workplace, you must forget the word 'feeling'. You must only remember that you are a substance made of intellect capacity and you must use it. So, if anybody criticizes you in the workplace, ' just forget that you have a mind that makes you sad. The question that must come to your mind is 'what to do next'.' You can only ask a question that 'can something be done at this moment or later on?.

Plan to do something if you think you can make changes

If you think that criticisms are fair, then plan to rectify your error or take corrective action to make things better and produce more output. Always convert the criticisms into a learning process and take corrective actions. You can also interact people around you and understand the culture of the workplace. You can use your own ideas to improve the situation around you. Do not be panicked if somebody criticizes you or do not take the literal meaning of the words. Some bosses use severe words such as '' poor progress', 'poor quality work'', '' horrible work', etc. ' Some people are accustomed to use bad words. Remember that no human being has the right to use such words on you. So, you must not feel insulted. As a human being, you can commit mistakes, but you have not committed any offense or have hurt anyone. Then you not ever feel guilty about yourself. Do not revolt severely either because you may lose your job and hence should suffer from different problems later on.

Ignore unfair criticisms

If your boss or your colleagues are criticizing you in an unfair manner or if they are expecting much from you, then do not listen to their comments. Let people around you or your boss criticize you and you hear their words, but do not accumulate it in your mind. In your fee time, you can do a simple exercise. Close your eyes and remember the words your boss spoke to you. Remembering your thoughts, just forcefully breathe out and believe that these words are being drained away and your mind is free from negative thoughts. Be confident and do not be influenced by the thoughts of others. Sometimes, you can just coolly explain the practical situation and frankly tell your boss that due to the following problems, you cannot deliver output as per his expectation.

Decision to quit

Do not immediately undertake decision to quit your job. Many people think of quitting the job the moment if somebody criticizes them, but they only lose their reputation. They can quit the job only if several opportunities are awaiting for them. But criticisms should not be the reason for quitting the job.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha26 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

We must not be perturbed by the sharp criticisms made by bosses and colleagues. It would be better to apply the cool mind and one should have the capability to analyse the root point how and why such critisisms originated and the ways required to defuse the serious situation. To maintain cool brain is the essential perquisties to carry forward the task but at the same time the appraisal of the facts why such steps have been taken is to be highlighted so that there would be less chance of confrontation between the boss and the performer.
Critisisms should be taken in a constructive way and in course of heated discussions some genuine points come up for reconsideration, the same may be taken into considerations. Cool brain and farsightedness are the main mantras to attain success in any project.

Author: Kailash Kumar26 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Sometimes such adverse criticism is aimed at deriving some undue advantages especially from women employees at work places. Therefore it is important for women employees to be aware of the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. However the said law don't cover men at workplaces and also women in the armed forces and women agricultural workers. Under the law, all employers are required to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee at each office or a branch with 10 or more employees.
In harassment cases , criticism is done by the predators just for the heck of it. Many employees succumb to such pressures and start behaving in a different manners deriving advantages in the form of seeking concessions and benefits from the employers and thereby putting other workers at a disadvantageous position.
One should never buckle under such pressures and should not hesitate in lodging a complaint also to the appropriate authority.

Author: K Mohan19 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

When we are working sincerely and rightly, there bound to be criticism from some who does not want our speed and sincerity towards the job and company. Even though we do not make mistakes, some of our opponents do bring in fresh allegations and thereby try to bring in hatred or difference of opinion against the company. One thing is sure, if you start working only you will do mistakes. And if somebody finds fault or points out mistake in you, that is the stepping stone for further success in life. With every failure in office we are learning new things and we should take the criticism to the heart. Learn to live with criticism so that you will take all the things said against you in a lighter vein.

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