Ways to overcome examination fear

In this article, different techniques for overcoming exam fear by changing your concept about examination. The fear within you is hidden and you must realize become positive minded to solve the problem.

A student always is promoted to the next level after clearing an examination. First a student passes tenth grade examination to secure admission in a good college and so on appears for several examination, unless he or she is certified as a professional or is awarded with a degree. To clear tenth grade examination, a student should clear many examinations earlier. A student appears for the examination usually from the age of four or five. But students are usually dreaded by the name ''examination' itself. ' They began to feel tensed the moment their exams are approaching. Some students began vomiting on the eve of their examinations. Some students experience anxiety that they are not willing to enter the examination hall. Some students exceptionally experience fear and they ultimately do not attend examination. But some students fear acutely and they score less marks in the examination. One can overcome their fear for examination, by knowing the cause for fear.

Effective ways of overcoming examination fear

Realizing the root cause for fear

For sometime, if you are feeling very uncomfortable before the examination, then sit aside preferably during nightime and find out the root cause for fear. Most of the students fear because they are socially too conscious. They are answerable to their friends, relatives or people around them and they always want to maintain their reputation. But they do not realize that this phase in life is just temporary. If this thought is triggering you, then forget the word 'other people'. The question that always arises in the minds of such students is~: What will people think of me? Remember , you are not appearing for the examination to please people around you. You must pass the examination to build a bright future. If you score less in one subject or one exam, then your future does not get ruined. So, do not bother for such frivolous issues. Be sportive and do not worry about prestige. You are too young to bother issues about prestige. Some students fear to enter the examination hall and sit in front of a difficult paper. Do not visualize in mind about the type of paper beforehand. You become so nervous, that you lose your confidence beforehand. Do not imagine anything about examination hall and paper until you sit on the bench. You can simply imagine that you have entered the examination hall, viewing the difficult paper and yet you are not nervous to solve such a complex paper. Just imagine that you have gathered a lot of courage to solve the paper and are solving the paper with great courage and the people around you are appreciating you for your courage.

Remember that you are on a battlefield

Develop a sense of lust in mind that you want to be a topper. Just go ahead and break the jackpot. When you wake up in the morning, just remember that you are entering the examination hall to win a grand prize of solving paper in the best way.

Admit boldly if you have not studied

On the eve of the examination, you ask question to yourself if you have studied or not. If your conscious answers you that you have not sufficiently studied, then boldly admit that you did not study seriously and hence you cannot expect any special result. Be ready to accept even if failure is on your way. You promise your mind that you do not commit the same mistake next time.

Time for relaxation

On the eve of examination, you must spend time to relax rather than study something that is not studied earlier. Do not sit in front of television or hear rock music to feel relaxed, but on the contrary spend time for breathing exercises. If you watch television or listen to music, you feel relaxed for sometime only and again later on you tend to feel aggravated. You can slowly exhale the warm air that is enveloped within you. for sometime. Later on, you can take deep breaths. Do not necessarily sit meditating or chant any God's name ' several times. If you believe in God, then remember that God will not bless you if you remember him at the last moment or on such simple issues.

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Author: Kailash Kumar24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The best way to overcome the fear of examination is to study regularly since the day one, when the classes begin and revise the learnt lessons intermittently. It should be clearly understood that there is no separate period for preparations for the examinations, just before the examinations are approaching or on the eve of the same. Preparation for examinations is a daily activity. By adopting this technique, the student is likely to have no fear of examinations whatsoever. Internal examinations and unit test keep the student in examination ready mode. A student's main activity is learning only. The other activities like games, sports and recreational or relaxation activities are meant only for keeping fit and prepare the student for further studies. The students need not participate in all kind of social activities and parties just to enjoy the same. The real joy lies in clearing the examination with flying colors.

Author: K Mohan25 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I just cannot understand as to why the students should have the fear of exam at all. After all they know before hand that in a year three exams are conducted for each class namely quarterly, half yearly and annual and for writing them one can easily pass through if they follow the classes regularly without any absent. Apart from the text book the teachers tells most important points connected to the particular subject and if that notes are taken and practiced at home, surely on the eve of exam, there wont be any fear. And at the exam hall, try to attend the easy and objective questions first. That will ease out the tension and bring assured marks too. Then go for little known answer and attempt it. This way the exam can be fared well without any fear and doubt. One thing is sure, having some knowledge about the subject is essential and students should never depend on last hour preparation for exam. That will give more pressure to the mind and body.

Author: Venkiteswaran04 May 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A tempting article to most students.

The saying is that 'present fears are less than horrible imaginations'. Even though the students may not have examination fever at all, the special features articles in newspapers and magazines and special supplements brought out by them during the exam season al build up some artificial fear also. So each students starts to imagine and convince himself that he has examination fear.

Unfortunately in this article too the paragraph
with heading "Remember that you are on a battlefield " only serves to increase the fear and anxiety of the student and not to reduce it.

A student who has studied well by a systematic preparation from day one and a student who never bothered about studies and is sure to fail, will not have any fear of the examination.

It is those who want to get through somehow as it is necessary for them, but hav not studied wll that are fearing exam. That is fear of oneself not having done the expected duty.

The one and only way to get rid of exam fear is to study well by putting sincere, dedicated efforts from day one systematically taking guidance of experienced teachers and parents. If started from beginning then, there is no need for long hours of study and no necessary to lose sleeping hours also. The self confidence will replace the exam fever.

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