Tattoo beginners guide - safety precautions and tips

We all have heard about tattoo art. Tattoo artists have found out many beautiful designs for the tattoo work. Have an idea to put tatoos on your body, follow the simple instruction guide before going. Here in this article you will find various safety tips and precautions for beginners.

What are tattoos exactly?

To find the exact meaning we can say that a tattoo is a kind of body alteration, done by inserting permanent ink into the skin to change the pigment of a particular place. Some time it is done to hide a particular scar on the body and many times it is done to highlight a part of body and make it look attractive. Tattoos are in use from ancient period in England. Earlier the art was considered as just a fad or a status symbol. The process of tattooing was painful and expensive also. But in 1891 the electric tattooing machine was found and the art of tattooing got a new direction. Now the art was easy and less painful. It was affordable for the common people. In today's modern era nearly 20% to 25% of the population is seen with the tattoo on their body. Now let's try to understand something more about this amazing art.

Safety first

Tattoos are completely safe if you get it done from the right artist and hygienic studio. Painting tattoos on body doesn't carry much risk but if it is not done from a hygienic source then it can cause a very serious harm. If you are getting tattoo done for the first time then certainly you will think about the pain behind the art. It is true that the process of tattooing is painful. The reasons behind this pain are almost common, the person who is getting tattooed for the first time gets nervous and this can lead to painful condition. Also if the tattoo artist is not professional then also you may face the painful condition while tattooing. That means when you are passionate about your tattoo and your artist is expert at his work then the tattooing work will not remain much painful.An expert tattoo artist knows the perfect levels of pushing the needles in the skin and never cause bleeding or scaring while painting tattoos. The correct way of tattooing is to place the ink in the middle layer of the skin without hurting the blood vessels.Unprofessional artists can damage the vessels and create serious problems too!

How to get relief from the pain?

Tattoos are made by inserting ink in the middle layer of the skin which is stable. Therefore tattoos are permanent on our skin. Tattoos are bit painful and using numbing creams doesn't make much difference. Numbing creams work on the top layer of the skin and tattoos are done on the second layer of the skin. In this way the numbing creams cannot reduce the pain of the tattooing but they can cause many kinds of side effects. So it is better not to use any numbing cream to get relief from the tattooing pain.

Are the tattoos costly?

The cost of the tattoo totally depends upon the quality of the tattoo studio and the tattoo artist. Getting tattoo done from someone who is not expert in this field can be cheaper option for you. But when you prefer to visit an expert tattoo artist then you have to be ready to pay a very good amount to get tattoo done. You should be ready with the idea about what kind of tattoo you want to get done and where. The price of tattoo also depends upon these factors.

How to select a tattoo design?

When you are set with the studio and the tattoo artist, the most confusing question is how to select the tattoo design. Any professional tattoo studio will provide you number of beautiful designs for tattoos. Also you can find some new designs from online site also. Instead of copying someone, select the tattoo of your choice and preference. Let the tattoo reveal a part of your personality and choice. Many people love to paint their family apex, symbol etc. you can even suggest the artist to make some changes in the tattoos in make something new for you.

Precautions to follow after tattoo art

You don't have to take any particular care after tattooing. Just to keep the tattoo in proper condition, some after care procedure is suggested. It is proved that the tattooed people don't have to face any physical limitations because of their tattoos. What you need to do is to keep the tattoo clean and bit moisturized for a month period. It is always better to get tattooed during winter season as you don't sweat much in this period.

Some important tips

  • When you have made your mind to get tattooed, then find a perfect studio for it.

  • A perfect tattoo studio will maintain quality and hygiene in their work. They can provide you plenty of designs and give you proper assistance.

  • Make sure that your tattoo studio is using autoclave. An autoclave is a sterilization tool used in most of the hospitals.

  • This tool is used to clean all the items used in tattooing process. The use of autoclave is necessary for maintaining proper hygiene.

  • Also be sure that the artists are using gloves and masks to prevent any kind of bacterial infection.

  • As tattooing is a piercing process, this precaution is most important.

  • Also it is essential that the tattoo artist must be vaccinated for Hepatitis B as this infection can spread through infected blood and other body fluids.

  • Using good quality, well capped inks and sterile needles is the hygienic way for the tattoo art.

  • After the tattoo is done, it is bandaged for next three four hours, after that remove the bandage and let the skin breath properly.

  • Apply a light coat of moisturizer on tattooed area to protect it from dryness.

  • Avoid sauna, hot tubs and swimming pools as it can cause bacterial infections.

  • Also keep the tattooed area away from direct sunlight for few days.

  • Conclusion: Tattoo making is a beautiful art, do it with precaution and proper care to avoid health complications.


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    Temporary tattoos are images or designs resembling real tattoos applied on the surface of the skin using inks or other colorings. Such temporary tattoos are drawn , painted or air brushed on the skin. Henna application can also be said to be a form of tattoo. It is a traditional method of staining the skin , in India. Tattoos though considered to be permanent, can be removed also by laser treatments. However the process is much more expensive and painful than the process of applying them.

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