How to use hibiscus for hair care home remedies

Hibiscus plant is worldwide famous for its natural properties advantageous for hair care treatment. This herb can be used as an important ingredient in the preparation of hair oil, hair pack, home made shampoo, hair mask etc. In this article let's try to know more about this amazing plant hibiscus and its hair care remedies.

Hibiscus helps in hair growth

Whether it is male or female, every one wishes to have a crown of beautiful, black and shiny hair on the head. Very few among us get the long, thick and beautiful hair naturally. In this modern era due to pollution and dirt many hair problems are seen commonly. Hair loss, hair thinning, premature hair graying is very common hair trouble seen among the youths also. Many medicines are available in the market to treat the hair problems but very few among them give some positive results. Instead of using the chemical based hair treatments, natural ways of hair cure are always more beneficial. Hibiscus plant is considered as miraculous plant for natural hair growth and hair care. The Carotene present in the flower extracts is very beneficial for the problem of premature hair graying. The flower of the plant carries various nutritious values like vitamin C, phosphorous and calcium essential for hair growth.

How to make hibiscus hair oil at home

Hibiscus hair oil is very favorable for healthy hair growth. The regular head massage with this oil can improve the blood circulation in the scalp and promotes the healthy hair growth. It also makes the hair soft and shiny. To make the Hibiscus hair oil at home you need to take 10 to 15 hibiscus flowers and leaves. Wash them well and grind them using a grinder. Take a thick bottom pan and heat 250 ml of coconut oil in it. While boiling, add the paste of hibiscus in it and mix well. Remove from the heat and store it in tight container. Use this oil for scalp massage and leave it for overnight. In the morning wash hair with mild herbal shampoo.

Home made hair mask

Hair mask made with hibiscus leaves is very useful for giving extra strength to hair roots. It is a very good remedy for scalp health. The regular use of this mask can give extra shine and nourishment to the hair. To make the hair mask use leaves of the hibiscus plant. Clean the leaves and grind them to make a fine paste, add 2 tsp of fenugreek paste. Mix this paste with curd and apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. After one or two hours, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Practice this weekly twice for a month to grow your hair.

Shampoo preparation

The shampoo made with hibiscus leaves and flowers gives very positive results in the hair problems like hair fall and hair thinning. To make the shampoo, boil leaves and flowers of hibiscus in a cup of water for five to six minutes. After cooling down grind both ingredients into fine paste. Add besan or gram flour in the paste and mix well, teen add a table spoon of soap nut powder. Your home made herbal shampoo is ready to use now. Wash your hair regularly with this homemade shampoo. Be sure that you wash off the paste completely from the scalp.

Hair conditioner

To give extra nourishment to your hair roots and to promote the hair growth, use hair conditioner made with hibiscus flowers. Grind or crush ten hibiscus flowers along with little water to make a paste, add an egg white, and beat nicely. Apply this paste on hair and after an hour wash it off with warm water. You will find extra shine and bounce in your hair. This paste also helps the rejuvenation of the hair follicles.

Dandruff treatments

Hibiscus leaves and flowers show very positive effect on the problem of dandruff. It removes the dead skin from the scalp and keeps it clean and healthy. To treat the dandruff problem various hair masks can be made at home using hibiscus

Hibiscus and henna mask: Clean and grind hibiscus leaves along with henna leaves. Grind both together to make a fine paste. Add lemon juice in the paste and mix well. Apply this mask on your scalp. Use of this hair mask will not only provide nourishment to your scalp but also treat the dandruff problem easily. You can also make hair mask using hibiscus leaves along with pre soaked fenugreek seeds. Grind both ingredients to make a paste and apply it on scalp for two hours.

Hibiscus amla hair pack: For the healthy and strong hair growth amla is equally beneficial. Grind clean leaves of hibiscus and mix amla powder in it. You can also use amla juice in the paste. Apply the paste on the scalp for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water. This hair mask is advantageous for new hair growth and to prevent the problem of dandruff, hair thinning and hair loss.

Hibiscus hair mask with curd: For the problem of dandruff and hair fall, the mask made with hibiscus leaves, lemon juice and curd is very beneficial. To make the mask clean and grind fresh hibiscus leaves. Mix fresh curd in the paste and apply it on the scalp for an hour. Wash off your hair with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

Baldness cure

Hibiscus cures baldness, hair fall and hair thinning are the main reasons behind baldness. The medicinal properties of hibiscus can support the new hair growth. Use hibiscus oil for regular head massage. The hibiscus oil can not only improves the blood circulation in the scalp but also can promote the new hair growth. The paste made with hibiscus leaves, flowers and onion pulp can gives strength to the hair follicle and promote the hair re growth fast.

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Author: K Mohan24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Either the usage of Hibiscus flower were subject to praying and offering as devotion to God. But given the new knowledge and the benefits being used and trusted, people are more aware of this wonderful flower called hibiscus and its usefulness for maintaining hair care. Apart from the suggestions made by the author there are good henna based hibiscus products available in the market which can be compensated instead of using shampoos which contain chemical presence. I have seen people using hibiscus henna are sporting with long and good hair strength and the hair falling has drastically reduced and stopped. Though the hibiscus henna powder has become costly now, still it is useful and must investment for the ladies who want to maintain hair growth without any damage.

Author: Adila Kabeer24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Thanks for the detailed sharing of new information. In my home ,instead of using shampoo we will make an oil like hibiscus pack. After boiling the hibiscus leaves and flowers in little water, we crushes them all together and will get a thick oil like substance. Filtering and applying it on the head is infact nourishing the hair roots naturally. Beyond that using the same with aloe vera extract is again a useful combination. We call the mixture "thaali". Before this globalised market our grandmother used these stuffs to maintain there natural beauty. As the chemical contents and harmful unpredictable substance a in the branded shampoos are creating constant headache ,i prefer these kind of green remedies.

Author: Kailash Kumar24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Hibiscus is used for hair care in following manners also-
1. Soak one tablespoonful of fenugreek overnight and make a paste of it with 10 -15 green hibiscus leaves. Mix it with a tablespoon of thinned curd, apply the paste on scalp and leave it for about 20 minutes. Regular use helps in dandruff management.
2. Grind a few hibiscus leaves with fresh henna leaves and add a half lemon fresh juice. Apply it on the scalp and leave it for few minutes. It helps in prevention of dandruff and acts as a good hair conditioner.
3. Application of a thick paste of ground hibiscus leaves and curd on scalp for about half an hour helps in reducing hair fall and strengthening hair.

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