Seven exercises for people having desk jobs

Don't find time to go for a morning walk or work out? No problem. Perform this exercise sitting at your desk. These exercises would help strengthening body muscles and bringing flexibility of joints. Read carefully and practise regularly.

Most of the people doing desk jobs don't find time and opportunity to go for morning walk or work-outs. As a result, their bodies start revolting when they reach forty -sometime even earlier. These white-collar job-holders can do some exercises sitting on their desks which are beneficial for various muscles and joints. In this article, seven exercises suitable for people having sedentary life-style have been discussed. A person performing these exercises need not have to even get up from his/her seat.

Perform clenches

For buns of steel, a person can clench his/her buttocks and hold for ten seconds. Five sets of eight reps each are sufficient. The best thing of this exercise is that the colleagues won't see any movement. Nobody would even understand that the person is exercising while remaining on his/her seat.

Ankle rotations

The second exercise is rotating the ankles in both directions. This exercise must be done daily with a frequency of five sets of eight reps in each direction. This exercise strengthens the flexibility of ankles and makes a person less vulnerable to sprains.

Exercise of arms

A person can easily perform various exercises of arms even remaining seated at his/her desk. He/she must stretch the muscles of right arm by reaching as far as to the left, and vice-versa. Again this exercise should be done for five seconds and eight reps each for both arms. This exercise makes the muscles strong and flexible.

Toning calf muscles

Calf muscles of the body must have a regular work-out. This can be done by raising the legs on the tips of the toes while remaining seated on the chair. Ideally the calf muscles would almost have a burning feeling after some time. This should be done for ten seconds and repeated eight to ten times.

Rotating at the waist

Rotating at the waist is a very useful exercise. This helps to strengthen the core. A person should rotate as far to the left and remain in that posture for five seconds. Then the same exercise should be done on the right side. Five sets should be done everyday. The backrest of the seat can be grabbed for getting extra support.

Perform crunches

A person should move to the edge of the seat and lean back on the backrest. Then he/she should lift the straightened legs a few inches above the ground and raise his back a few inches off the backrest. The abdominal muscle will be strengthened and the person would be able to feel the same. Eight reps of ten seconds each would strengthen the abdominal muscle, if performed regularly.

Lifting legs

Keeping both feet flat on the floor, leg lifts are to be done, commencing from the right leg and then the repeating with the left. Ten sets of eight reps daily strengthen thigh muscles.

Final remarks

Busy schedule should not an must not be an excuse for unfit body. Every person must find time for his/her own body. One's own body must be treated as temple. However, during office hours, a person can do the aforestated exercises for strengthening muscles and for flexibility of various joints of the body.

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Author: Kailash Kumar24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Generally even the desk jobs are supposed to be performed during the period 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM only. The activity of performing morning walk or such other physical exercise should be put in the bracket of activities like morning ablutions and taking breakfast etc. As we don't skip meals as a routine, the physical exercise should also not be skipped.
Besides the exercises mentioned by the author of the article, breathing exercises or pranayam can also be practiced while sitting on the chair. One may attempt meditation also while sitting on a chair whenever time is found for the same.
With due awareness and conscientiousness about the health issues, one can always find time for doing physical/breathing exercises to keep fit.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha25 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Generally, we remain so much indulgent with our desk - jobs, we find little time for the morning walk or jogging the essential condition to keep ourselves fit. Morning walk or jogging does improve blood - circulation benificial for cardo vascular - health apart from shedding the excess weight by burning the excess - fat. Despite all our hectic activities or busy schedule, we need to be a little vigilant to our health - regimen.
Pranayama such as Kapal - bharati, Anulom - Vilom does increase immunity by enhancing body - resistance power.
There are othe important aspects which too should be followed the foremost being to lead a stress less life. This is attainable by following a simple life - style and our indulgence with less time consuming exercise so to keep fit ourselves.

Author: K Mohan25 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

By the way we wont be having time to think of exercise when the work load is more than expected. Desk jobs are never easy and finished earlier. There are some jobs which are continuous and never ending. In that case, thinking of exercise at the desk may not be possible. Even during lunch time when we want to undertake exercise the excessive work bestowed on us should be completed and there are days when the lunch was skipped to complete the pending job given. So in office we cannot think of doing exercise. However we can take some time out for the exercise at the home and that should be in the early morning hours.

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