Effective ways of coping up with your teenage children

This article is addressed to the parents to build a healthy relationship with their teenage children by effectively dealing with them. They should first understand the requirements of their teenagers and the ways to build maturity in them.

When your teenage children grow up, they drastically change their behavior. They do not easily listen to their parents as they listened earlier. Their needs, tastes and behavior are changed and they are not impressed by the little things around them. Most of the teenagers feel that they have grown up and do not like to be treated like the children. They are not impressed by things such as fairy tales, chocolates, balloons in the room etc. Your children at this point of time are seeking for freedom. The parents become muddled when their children lose the control of life. Some teenagers become very reckless and the parents are worried about their future. Hence, some parents become very aggressive and spoil their relationship with their teenagers. Some parents surrender to the recklessness of their children and the children later on in life too behave the way they want. Instead of behaving intensely or very mildly, parents can strike a balance in their behavior and effectively cope up with their children.

Effective ways of coping up with your teenage children

Understand your child well

You must always understand the psychology of your child as your child is growing up. Do not become wild or upset if you realize that your child is seeking for more freedom in life that is not acceptable to you. At this point of time, you cannot behave with your child as a dictator because your child can undertake any step to acquire the freedom she or he is longing. Do not compare the conditions prevailing at the time you were a teenager and the conditions now. If you narrate a story of your teenage days and explain that you adjusted vigorously in life although conditions were so strict, then your child is compelled to listen to you. A teenager becomes just confused at this stage and may suppress their own needs and requirements of life. This suppression may not help them build a healthy relationship with their spouses later on. Allow your child to grow emotionally and discover their true nature. You must always ask your children the issues that are worrying them. If you realize that they are expecting something irrational or unreal, then discuss with them intensely explaining to them about dream and reality.

Provide them special education from freedom and life during that period

Parents should not be an autocrat to their children during this period. Some parents even prevent their children from asking questions about certain topics. Parents should always become open-minded and provide answer to every question. They should appreciate the frank nature of their children and their inquisitiveness. Do not keep your children in dark about any issues. Instead, you must explain your children about issues such as sex, freedom, desires about their children and how they create an impact in the future. Some schools provide sex education to the teenagers so that they can learn to handle any situation in life properly and in a matured way. The children should understand the real meaning of relationship in life. They should be knowledgeable about certain issues so that they can independently handle any situation in life. Some teenagers due to utter suppression, begin to behave very freely in their absence.

Help them to fix a goal in mind

The parents should try to build dreams in the minds of children and try to fix a goal in life. When they become focused in life, their energy and positive traits are channelized in a proper manner. Due to constant interaction and support from their parents, they become matured and understand the real meaning of life. When they have a strong desire to become a professional in life and become successful, then they can easily decide to what extent they should pay significance to acquiring freedom and enjoying their teenage.

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Author: K Mohan24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author has touched upon a important point and teenage is such a situation where in a child gets to start matured thinking and thus there are every chance of being distracted to bad element living style too. The parents especially the mother plays the important role during teenage transition period by giving useful advise for the girl and the boy who even attained that age. For the girls this period brings in lots of change in their physical looks and wants to get noticed with their every move. Likewise boys also have the inclination to look handsome and get attracted to the opposite sex. In olden days boys and girls who attained teenage are not allowed to mingle and behave. But now the freedom of movement is more and the parents are allowing children to get learned about the life. Parental guidance and their support to the understanding level of the child must be assured. Otherwise the children may divert to bad habits.

Author: Kailash Kumar24 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I think one of the most challenging issue the parents face about their teenage children is their emotional entanglement with the individual of the opposite sex. Generally the teenagers due to their lack of experience, are not able to differentiate between right and wrong and sometimes put their studies and hence future career prospects also at stake. In such situations, the parents find themselves helpless and perplexed. Often such children tend to live in a fools paradise and are not able to think or talk rationally. The issue is considered more complicated in the case of a girl teenager. The parents are therefore required to be watchful of such developments and should take preemptive action to prevent occurrence of such situations.

Author: Venkiteswaran04 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The other day I read in a newspaper article where one expert has called the present day teenagers as 'Screenagaers'. He said that for most of the time in a day these teenagers are in front of a screen - be it of a smartphone, a desktop in school, college, office or home. Then they may be sitting in front of cinema screens.

Similarly I also saw a term 'Seenagers' - senior citizen who now enjoy those things they wished but could not get in their teens.
The present-day teenagers are more confused than their earlier generation counterparts. That is because there are many roads on all their sides, but the proper direction is lacking. There are many external commercial interests to add more confusion so that the teenagers will approach them for solutions. So consulting and counselling and corporate arrangements for such events are also available. They cleverly wean away the teenagers from their parental influence and give them a make believe that to break free is the mod thing to do. Not all are able to do that. Hence the dilemma.

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