Movie craze among children and youngsters

In this article, you will read about some important facts about movie manics and their extent of craze can even distract them from their routine and even ruin them. So, children or youngsters should be taught to watch movies in a right way and learn only the positive aspects of the movie.

Almost everybody loves to watch movies as a means of entertainment. They can spend their leisure time in a enjoyable way. Some people forget their frustrations and some people who are constantly experiencing boredom, experience a sense of thrill. Watching movie can be a thrilling experience or an utmost pleasurable experience. You can watch movie just once in a way to refresh your mind and know the current trends of fashion world. To some extent you can also discover the advancement of the century. By watching the type of weapons, gadgets, or devices, you can become wonderstruck and realize to what extent a man can change the world. But, a person should not constantly watch movies because he or she can be impacted in a negative way.

Some of the facts that reveal the negative consequences of watching a movie

Due to movie craze many teenagers and children get distracted from their daily routine and cannot pay attention in class. They do not pay attention at home too and hence do not study effectively. In this way, even intelligent students, score low marks in their examination, because they are accustomed to watching movies. If you remember your childhood days, then you too recall those incidents when you could not feel quenched unless you watched Saturday night movies and hence you could not spend time studying at that hour. Hence, you scored slightly less marks than you could.

More intensely, some youngsters or children write the names of the stars with bloody fingers. Some of them even put a garland over the poster of the star and believe that they are marrying them. Some of them even leave their homes to visit the great stars. Some youngsters have entered the film studio uninvited and are later sent back by the secretaries of the stars. Still few youngster or even teenagers or children live in their own world and always imagine that they are marrying a star and are leading a happy married life with them. In this way, such youngsters or students drastically score low in the examination. Most of them were good students initially, but due to movie craze, they are losing their marks and are even dropouts.

In the worst cases, some youngsters and children have lost their lives by following the stunts or actions performed by the great stars on silver screen. Some youngsters tried to run on the railway track in the direction of the train and instantly jump on the other side of the track before the train clashes to them. In this way, they challenged with their classmates and lost their lives. Some people feel extremely excited after watching any movie and even meet with accidents while driving. Many teenagers drive recklessly on the road and sometimes meet with accidents.

Even common men develop irrational thoughts in mind. They portray sentiments and emotions of the stars in a very dramatic fashion. So, people expect to acquire a lot of affection from their people around them. In the movie, they may portray a family that is extremely happily-lived and the members are so co-operative that they are even sacrificing in nature. So, in real life people expect that people around them should be sacrificing and hence they spoil relationship with everyone due to over expectations. They fail to understand the complex situations of the real world.

Watching movies in a matured way and reduce the negative impact of movies

A person should watch movie to refresh his mind. A person who has not watched movies at all in his or her life is obviously a very dull personality because the person does not know the meaning of humor, thrill or excitement. In the process of watching movies a person should build the three traits of humor, excitement and thrill, but also should know how to control the three features.

Parents should always keep track upon their children and view the hours they watch television. Sometimes, some children watch movie over several times and hence they become absorbed in the movie. A child can watch a movie only few times so that he or she does not get absorbed in the movie. After watching a movie, your child should not show drastic behavioral changes. Some children become too quick in their actions after watching a movie filled with excitement. You should teach your children the difference between film world and real world before and after watching the movie. To attract audience, in the movie some of the scenes are portrayed too dramatic or action packed.

Teach your child to play sports so that they learn to play any game in a matured way and understand the nature of every game. Energy of the children should be channelized so that they can play in proper manner. They should realize that stunts or actions cannot be performed unless proper training is provided by experts.

The children or youngsters who are not exposed to the world usually tend to watch movies on silver screen or television in their house. They only learn about film world and not the world around them. In this way, they develop imaginative and irrational thoughts that later on hamper their success.

Parents should encourage their children to watch comedy movies so that they can learn many positive traits from the actors. They should also watch suspense movies, so that they learn to use their brain in the process of watching the movie.

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Author: K Mohan16 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

Yes I am also dead against the movie craze among the children and especially the youth who would watch the same movie again and again and they does not know for what reason. Probably they might be attracted by the hero's attire, his body language, some punch dialogues, or some steamy song sequences, or some extra ordinary fighting scenes or merely for some viewing pleasure. And what irks me much is that those who have already seen the movie would disturb the fellow fans by trying to get up five minutes before the movie ends and thus the climax scene is missed by the real fans. Youngsters have the habit of aping the styles of the hero, their dress sense, their hair style and even walking style. All these are good for a while but some children and youth have gone addict and this kind attitude even irks the parents who do not want hero worship for any actor as the children would be wasting time for nothing in return.

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