How to understand and maintain cultural differences

We are very familiar with the word "intolerance" now a days. Not only in India, all over the World fight for some nonsensical reasons. So lets learn and understand how to admire inspire of our differences on the earth.


Have you even think, why do war start? It is due to misunderstanding and jealousy with the neighbors. Sometime it happens for nations, people, firms or any other reasons. Differences leave us apart, but we forget one thing: we are all human, we all are the creature of same planet. So our personalities are often different, even within the same culture or family. But we have to learn, understand and admire every cultural differences in the World either it is good or bad according to you.


Understand closely

Realize that all the cultures are good and all the people are different. Some are wiser, nicer or meaner than others, but that should not change how you treat people, more firmly and kindly.

Observe thoroughly

Start conversations with people who are from different cultures, different places of the World, find out some similarities, means some certain hobbies and find out what makes them love it so much. Find out some history on that person's hobby/home/culture. This way you will be able to appreciate it more than you do now with your limited knowledge. Go and have a talk with people you don't know. Always try to overcome the cultural barrier between all of us.

Experience a new place

Visit somewhere outside your state or some other country, or even outside from your comfort zone if possible. You will surely feel the experience how other people leave or their own culture, food habits, dress, language and so many thing.

Mix your culture with another

At least for few days you can try to adapt some other culture. Their very own food, try to wear their dresses. Explain to your family the roots of the culture, try to learn their history, background etc. So that you can get some feeling and tastes of it.

Study some history and traditions

Try to gain some knowledge about their history, tradition of other peoples of the earth. Not only them try to learn about our own country, even about our home town. So that you can also showcase your country or hometown to them as well.

Accept these differences

Always remember we all are human, and we all have our own habits, cultures, traditions, history, food habits, dresses and ways of life. We love our culture, that way we also need to like and respect other culture as well.

Some tips

  • Try to get knowledge by watching and studying people closely, without much judging them. This will help you understand others
  • Unity in diversity, celebrate diversity. Life is very short for complaining and criticizing, so learn how to look for good in everything and everyone
  • Social service is always a good idea for the learning, not simply for work. Help the less fortunate people of the earth
  • More and more you live in a society here people fail to help one other, by not accepting help or denying the opportunity to be giving and kind
  • Avoid judging and being unnecessarily disagreeable with others for whatever reasons. Be tolerant, they differ but they probably think that you are rather odd as well
  • Avoid stereotyping persons of other culture. Some members of each culture are out of the ordinary and are not typical of the people, but many ideas are old or are tourist attractions

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Author: Kailash Kumar28 Mar 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

It should be well understood that all the religions are good only. The thoughts and beliefs of various religion may appear different outwardly , but actually and practically they are all good only. Consider the humans living in different parts of the globe having different cultures and beliefs, but all of them love their children, cry when pinched and laugh when tickled.
One should never be prejudiced toward others beliefs. The whole world cannot to changed to conform to one's own thought pattern. At the most the individual can adopt a flexible attitude to respect the other's point of view. By taking interest in the other's culture one can always find positive points in the same and thus can get an opportunity to adopt the same for value addition. Very crudely it can said to be like exchanging delicious culinary recipe or outstanding designs/patterns of the attire.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha29 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

To understand the cultures of different regions, we have to have broad mindedness so that we can appreciate the stands taken in other cultures. To criticise something is the human -nature and very often, we are indulgent without examining the entire issues.
The best option would be to have enough interest in other cultures and their beliefs and considerations should be understood fully before we speak out in favour or condemning the same. Such examination would take a couple of months to understand the full philosophy of the culture being taken under examination. Open mindedness is the essential perquisties for proper evaluation of any culture and this should be done without scumbing to any pressure.

Author: Aditya V.27 May 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 6

You have typed an excellent article, Mr Bhaskar Islam. Your writing style made me feel as if I just read my own write-up. I totally second you on this. Having said that, I would like to add one point.

The core solution to understanding and maintaining such cultural difference is tolerance. I believe that tolerance has roots much deeper than culture. We must learn to be tolerant to an individual, his ideologies, his attitude, his communication and his differences. Being tolerant never means completely supporting the person. We can be tolerant even with our arch rivals. That's what I like about the good politicians. They cannot stand the political views of the other but yet can easily share a laugh when they are together.

It's never easy to do that. Just like the author pointed, it's natural for us to point fingers. When we become tolerant to an individual, we start to see the reasons behind his actions, his circumstances, start to empathize and live life in his shoes. It's when we start to see the real beauty of the individual that we become tolerant.

Also, there are examples of good Samaritans in all religions and nations. We just tend to forget their contributions towards the society. All these individuals have contributed in their own ways, yet believing deeply in their religions and ways of life.

A society is made by individuals and their contributions. It's rich due to the differences in its members. Of what use is the beauty of white without the existence of black. Let's learn to accept differences.

Author: Swati Sarnobat29 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

This article explains briefly about the cultural harmony that can be obtained by accepting the other person as a human being. Remember that he is a human being like you. Every country or region has developed a culture or tradition according to the geographical and historical factors. Also, remember that culture is a way of life and for comfort living in a particular region. For eg. if you go to England and follow their culture, then you can live comfortably and combat extreme cold whether.

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