The mystery of the blocked website- II

In the first part we are introduced to four friends- Catherine, Tisha, Tina and Marsella. They plan to move out to celebrate weekend but before that Tisha purchases an item from a website which gets block later on. What happens after that? What's the mystery is all about? For the answers of these questions read the story.

If you have missed the first part of the story, go through the following link-
The mystery of the blocked website

Lady Cambell's call

After returning home Catherine sat down on her relaxing chair. She started preparing the list of items which she would require for the trip to Tisha's town. She drank water from the jug kept on her table and again started to think. Just then her phone rang. Her previous neighbour, Lady Cambell was on the other side of the call. Lady Cambell who was quite fat and fair lady with bulging cheeks and red rosy lips, was very caring and loving to Catherine. She loved Catherine just like her own daughter. Catherine talked to her for an hour. During their talks she told Catherine about a website from which she ordered some new dresses for Catherine. She gave her the ip address of the site so that Catherine could check out the dresses and could claim back if the delivery could not reach her on time. Catherine bids love and good bye to Lady Cambell and disconnects the call.

Again the blocked website!

She was so excited for the dresses that she sat down on her bed the next minute and started to look out for the website. She typed the link once then twice then thrice. "Oh my god! What's this? " murmured Catherine. The site seemed blocked. She became upset. She thought to call Lady Cambell to tell her about this. But, the thought of her becoming tensed prevented her from doing so. She sat down quietly for a moment and then she picked up her phone. She typed a message for Tisha saying- Come to my place, right now.

In a few minutes Tisha was with her. She recited the whole incident to Tisha. "Do you think it is somewhat related to the incident which took place today morning, the one of my headphones?" asked Tisha. "Exactly! " replied Catherine, " did you remember the site from which you purchased them? "Catherine continued roaming in the room while saying this. "But I got the headphones!"said Tisha chewing her lips.

"Ummm! That's okay but." Catherine started to think upon the matter more intensly. "Tell me the website from which Lady Cambell ordered dresses for you" asked Tisha. "" answered Catherine in a stressfull way. "So baby it's different from the one I ordered. It was-" Tisha said trying to cool down Catherine. "May be it was a mere coincidence and you are worrying for it without any reason. Infact you should worry for Lady Cambell's account status from which the sum was paid for the dresses." Tisha tried to divert Catherine's mind. "You may be right Tisha. Hope this would be a mere coincidence," Catherine said with her fingers crossed. "This superstitious gesture of yours worry me, I could never bear a Marsella in you" Tisha commented and they both started laughing. Few minutes later they both were in the bed, lost in their dreams. They slept restlessly that night.

That's your dress Catherine!

The next morning they woke up by heavy and endless knocks on the door supported by unlimited doorbell sounds. "Oh shit! Tisha!"shouted Catherine "wake up darling its 8:30. We are supposed to leave at 9." Tisha woke with a jump and Catherine opened the door. Marsella and Tina were standing at the door with their luggage packed up nicely. "Oh my god! The two pretty queens were sleeping uptill now"said Marsella angrily." I hope you two were not fooling us about the weekend trip to Tisha's town"added Tina in a harsh tone. "Do you think we could ever Tina?"said Catherine trying to calm down the girls. "Wait for 15 minutes and we'll be ready for the trip" said Tisha while going to take the shower.

When Catherine returned from the shower all the three were waiting for her. Marsella was holding a beautiful purple tunic. Tina was wearing same colored hat and Tisha was busy scratching a cardboard box. "What a beautiful dress! Marsella" said Catherine"from where you purchased it? Or it's a gift from Christopher" Catherine teased Marsella. "I would be even glad if any of the two would be correct. It's yours baby" said Marsella smiling. Pretty lady these three dresses are a gift from Lady Cambell to you" Tisha continued saying" you remember she ordered them from a site for you." Before Catherine could say something Tina started running with the other dresses shouting that she will not return them. The other three started running behind her to get the dresses back. Finally Catherine succeeded in getting her dresses back. "Five minutes left in 9" shouted Tisha. "Get ready Catherine and girls let's load the luggage in car" said Marsella. "The keys are on the refrigerator in the kitchen" shouted Catherine from the dressing room. At sharp 9o' clock all the four started for Tisha's town which was famous for its landscape and waterfall.

Out for the trip

It took three hours for the girls to reach the town. However it was Tisha's hometown yet they all preferred to live in a hotel as Tisha had no one to look after her after her parents death there. She was brought up in an orphanage. Catherine stopped her car in front of a hotel,"The Royals". The hotel building was a huge one made up of specially imported marbels. "Catherine, you only are going to pay the bills everytime" said Marsella. "Oh god! I forgot my purse at home. My credit card was in it only" Catherine continued, "Marsella, I am sorry but this time you have to pay." "What!" Marsella shouted. "How could you do this?" "Relax baby, she was simply checking your patience" Tisha told Marsella. While the other three waited in the lobby Catherine booked two rooms in the hotel for them.

Coincidence for third time!

While booking she saw a man and a pretty girl in the lawn outside the hotel. It seemed they were having some hot argument between them. Out of curiosity she went there. The two were in hotel uniform so it was quite obvious they were office staff. The man was shouting at the lady," How could you be so silly? Just because you were tired you ordered such expensive items online." "But sir, I didn't knew the site is fake and it will be blocked soon" the lady replied. "I don't know anything. I am going to deduct the amount from your salary. Go back to work now" the man shouted and left. Catherine went to the girl and asked what happened. The girl, Krisin, was so tensed that she told her every thing without noticing that she's a stranger to her. She told that the manager told her to purchase a laptop and she ordered it from a website which is now showing a 'blocked' status. "Tell me its web address" asked Catherine. "It was" she replied. Catherine also narrated the story of her dress to Krisin and requested her to inform her if she receives the laptop. Krisin nodded and they both get back to their destinations. The four entered their rooms, Tisha decided to stay with Catherine and Tina with Marsella. They promised to meet after an hour.

Tracing of the address

After an hour, they gathered in Catherine's room where Catherine narrated them the whole incident. Marsella said," Let's trace the ip address of the websites and try to trace the locations of all three websites. May be this could help us find some clue." "Good idea Marsella, go ahead" said Catherine. Marsella was also a computer expert apart from a fashionable lady. "The site of your clothes and Tisha's headphones has no history and nothing could be traced out of these two" Marsella continued "however I could tell you the forming place of this website." Every one sticked to the screen of the laptop with eyes wide open. "Be quick, Marsella" said Tina nibbling apple slices quite hastily. There was silence for a few minutes. It broke with Marsella' s whispers, " Gals, its the same town in which we are presently living". "Can you trace something more about it?" asked Catherine. "No dear, only this much I could tell" replied Marsella licking her lips. "What will we do know, Catherine? " asked Tisha. "Since the site is uploading new online products every day we 'll now keep in touch to get into new sites with minimum sell out rates. May be this could lead us to a way" said Catherine. All of them nodded. "But now if you permit us can we all go out for some enjoyment"said Tisha pinching Catherine. They all laughed and left the hotel for the town's view.

The shopping

They entered the jewellery market on Marsella's insist. They entered the most famous shop. A sale was going on there. Catherine didnot have much interest in it so she started roaming here and there in the shop. She was awestruck by the beauty of a bracelet which was lying in the corner shelf of the shop. It had a figure of a lady and a man hugging each other and the man stabbing lady at her back. She was lost in its awesome beauty. Suddenly an argument started at the gate of the shop which soon turned into a fight. Every one at the shop became the viewer for the fight. Catherine also went there. After about five minutes the fight was over. The girls after fulfilling their shopping needs came out of the shop and after having coffee at the coffee shop, came back to their room.

The same bracelet!

At night they all gathered at Catherine's room to discuss their day. Catherine started searching for new websites. Suddenly she shouted,"Gals! Look what I found. "Out of curiosity all three gathered near Catherine. Catherine showed them ab image of a bracelet and said,"This is the same bracelet I saw today at the sale before the fight. I was awestruck by its beauty. I was thinking about this rare combination of love and cheating when the fight occured." A deadly silence spread out in the room.

To be continued in third part.


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