Conquering three types of fears

In this article, I have explained the three types of fear namely fear of death, respect and uneasy situtations that should be conquered by mankind. To courageously conquer the fears, man should follow some wise tips.

Everybody experience fear at some point of life and they feel uneasy to overcome many situations. Many people cannot succeed in life due to accumulated fear in mind. Some people experience fear at every point of life and their fearful feelings are visibly noticed on their faces. When a person does not undertake any step to overcome his or her fear, then forever the person feels uncomfortable and can never lead a happy life. For eg. if you take a trip to visit some interesting places and you land on a beach, then your only negative thoughts in mind only direct you that you may get drowned in the water. In this way, you do not even go close to the tides and do not enjoy the thrilling experience. So, due to your fear, you just sit down far away on the sand and negative thoughts about the past or future again cause you trouble. In this way, such people do not learn the basics of fun also and they begin to lose friends. So, they should realize the root cause of their fear and overcome their fear.

Effectively combating three types of fear namely fear for death, torture and respect

Overcoming fear for death

You fear when you are not keeping well for seven to eight days thinking that you are experiencing something unusual. Some people do not travel by aeroplane or even railways, because they fear for death. Some people are so fearful of even closing closer to the tides of sea. Why do you fear death at every stage of your life when you know that death is certain to everyone, but the time of death is always unknown. Are you born only to fear death? Some people although are short lived, have led their lives so happily. Little children sometimes merrily ride bicycles on the street and finally fall dead when a large vehicle strikes them. A lamb larks so merrily on the meadows until it falls in the prey of a wild animal. Every animal or bird live merrily until they become the victim to their predators. So, similarly human-beings should follow the same rule to live happily. They should only realize that until they are closer to death, life is meant for being merry and happy. If you have read the novel 'Julius Caeser' you remember the wise note narrated by him to his wife " Coward die many times before their death', but the brave face only once". Do not become overly futuristic but live for the present. Every morning when you wake up, feel happy that you are still alright.

Fear for loss of respect

It is one of the most hidden fears of mankind. Many people develop different types of diseases due to constant urge for respect. Many people just do not want to be disrespected in life and they feel depressed due to insults. You may feel extremely disheartened when somebody speaks negative about you and pulls your leg. When a person labels you or speaks ill about you in the presence of many people, then you obviously feel heartbroken. You fear to complete a task because you fear that if the task is not proven satisfactory by the boss, then he or she will insult you badly. In worst cases, he may kick you off from the job. So, be prepared to face this adverse situation and also promise your mind that if you are terminated, then you will boldly seek other job. You fear on the eve of examination because you become so conscious that if you fail, then your neighborhood will laugh at you for many days. Even if you are talented, you do not climb the stage for performance because you fear that audience will laugh at you. Your parents or guardians do not want to become insulted and hence they prevent you. Just because of your fear for respect, you are leading a suppressed life. You must remember that unless you are insulted or spoken rudely, you cannot learn many concepts about life. A man has become smarter by learning from rude words and insults. A cricketer performs better next time when he loses a match and is humiliated. What would you do if a group of people are trying to push you in a pit. You would obviously try your best to rescue yourself and come out of the pit or try your best to leave the clutches of people to escape. So, similarly in life to become free from insults, you must bravely prove people that you are not the person who will remain in the pits of insults by always remaining depressed by insults.

Fear for uneasy situations

Although, in life you are not tortured normally, you experience situations that constantly worry you or people who constantly irritate you. When a person screams or hits you with force, you feel very uneasy and so you do not want to face that situation and become a coward. For eg. if you score less in the examination, then you fear that your parents will hit you or scold you badly. Although, they do not torture you, do cannot face that uneasy situation. Make up your mind at this moment and remember that life is not a bed of roses and hence many thorns will prick you and if you escape then you miss something very important in life. Remember that the people who have acquired independence for our nation or any nation have undergone rigorous torture and torments in life. If someone had not been willing to undertake such rigorous steps, then what type of life would we live today? So, comparatively, we are experiencing very frivolous situations in life and hence we should become matured. Develop a sense of humor to face such situations in life easily.

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