A trip to Jammu and Kashmir. A funny tale!

This is an original story. Its a fictinal one. Its about a crazy family who travel to the beautiful lands on Jammu and Kashmir in north India. A group of about 12 people, each having different characteristics visit the heaven on earth. Its a funny tale about their experience.

""Have you packed your bags? Asked Mrs.D'Souza." Yes, Mom!" said Jim and Jasmine. They were super excited as tomorrow was a big day! Yes, they were going on a holiday! To Jasmine's dream destination- to heaven on Earth- to Jammu Kashmir in North India. The D'Souza family belonged to Goa. Dad- Francis D'Souza was a strict man and would go furious if any of his children disobeyed his 'tough' principles. Mom- Mrs.Ellie D'Souza was a kind hearted and loving lady. Though she was a lawyer, she was 'the most loving mom'at home. But wait, tomorrow they were not going alone. They were going with Monu uncle and Mina aunty and Sonu uncle and Shraddha aunty, along with their daughter- Shruti. Jasmine wondered what was going to happen tomorrow, for it was a very strange combination. Monu uncle was plump and short and was a typical foodie. Mina aunty on the contrary was 'weight conscious '. She would live on salads and soups and would freak out if anybody called her fat. She would put lot of make-up on her face and thought it was better to talk less.Sonu uncle was tall and good by heart. The only problem with him was that 'pictoroholic'. He would click too many pictures, somany that you would be tired of posing! Shraddha aunty was a chatterbox. She could talk about any topic given to her, may it be films or future of the country, she could go on speaking about it non-stop. But the part about the trip was Shruti! Both Jasmine and Shruti were of the same age and almost had same likes and dislikes. They would get along very well, you see.

The next morning, at around 8 0'clock, they locked the house and started for the airport. On reaching the airport, they found everybody waiting for them. All of them smile at each other and shared hugs. Then they boarded for the next flight to Delhi. Ah! The Delhi Airport was where the series of problems started.They were as it is late, and were rushing, but suddenly Mina aunty found out that she had left her purse 'from Italy' in the baggage counter. The entire family rushed to get her purse, except Shruti and Jasmine who were laughing at everybody's common sense. After aunty got her purse, again the entire family of seven ran towards the two girls and the nine of them went to their flight, where they put their bags in the cabin bags in the cabin baggage space provide on top and waited for the flight to depart. In the flight Monu uncle chopped on his sandwhiches. After two hours, they landed at Sinagar, the capital of Jammu Kashmir. They were all really tired, so they went to the hotel, had their food and went for a long and deep sleep. The next morning, dad told everybody that they were going on a horse ride in the mountains today. Everybody was excited, except Mina aunty who thought that the horse ride would destroy her branded dress, but on encouraging, she agreed too. In a taxi, they went to the place from where they were supposed to sit on the horses and start. Well, climbing the mountains on the horses was easy. The trainers taught them and went along too. But while coming back, Mina aunty's horse started taking turns around a tree. She started screaming started screaming, but the horse wouldn't listen. The trainer had vanished , but on listening to her loud screams, he came running and took control over the horse. Some time later, Jim's horse went unstable and shook itself. Jim was just about to fall, but Mrs. Ellie's horses's tail and hung onto it. Poor Jim! Everybody was laughing at the six year old.Everyone was tird after the horse ride except Shraddha aunty, who kept talking about how important horses are and how they were preffered by the soldiers back in the 18th century. Then they went for some local shopping and purchased beautiful shawls and tasty dry fruits. At six in the evening, they returned to their hotel, tired and sleepy, had dinner and slept.
The next morning, right after the sunrise Sonu uncle woke everybody up, asking them to pose for photographs in the beautiful scenery. And t five in the morning, without getting freshened up, they were clicking photographs. Then they packed their bags and started for a 11 hour journey to Leh. The steep and turning roads of the mountains were tough to cover and the entire journey each of them except their driver, Ramu, was vomiting .When they were just entering into the city, there was a splash of water suddenly, and everybody froze for a second. You see, they were all feeling sick and tired but as the water fell, they were all charged up and started laughing. They realized it was Buddha Purnima and the Buddhists in Leh celebrated their festival by splashing water at each other. Wow, it was total fun! Shruti and Jasmine were sitting next to the window and were wet from head to toe. The next 5 days in their holidays were 'amazing' and they returned back to Goa from Leh. While coming back, they talked about the momos , the snowfall, the people and the water splash in Leh in their flight. At the Goa airport, they all hugged each other and waved a good bye." "Story over" said mom, " you satisfied now?" " No another one!" said Riya playfully. Riya was stubborn, just like other kids of her age, like a five year old. Ultimately mom had to tell her another one and both of them went to sleep, dreaming about the weird family!


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