Medicinal uses and health benefits of Onion

Onion is not only a cooking ingredient but a best medicine for many health problems. It is a natural detoxifier which cleanses our body naturally. It is seen that consuming onion can keep us safe from many types of infections and dangerous diseases. Through this article I will try to explain some major medicinal uses of onion for some major health problems.

Things to know about onion

Onion is loaded with sulphur compounds because of which it gets the strong smell that can cause teats. Here in this article you can understand about the medicinal values of onion and how it can cure us from deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes too. Apart from sulphur compound onion contains phytochemicals that improves the level and functioning of vitamin C in the body. Thus it helps to improve immunity remarkably. The chromium in onion can control blood sugar level efficiently. It can reduce the bad cholesterol from the body and boosts the level of good cholesterol too. This amazing vegetable can fight against cancer too. The green onions provide us a very good amount of vitamin A. If we try we can get a very big list of the benefits of an onion.

Onion for asthma treatment

Onion is rich in an antioxidant called quercetin, which works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It can act as anti histamine too. It has been proved that the quercetin can prevent the production of histamine in the body through immune cells. Histamine can cause allergic reaction that is the main cause of asthma. Asthma patients are advised to consume onion daily as it is one of the best remedies to control the attack of asthma. iphenylthiosulphinate chemical present in onion is a fantastic anti inflammatory agent that can reduce the inflammation of asthmatic condition. Eat raw onion or extract onion juice and consume it daily. You can also include onion in your daily recipes for equal benefits.

Is onion good for diabetics?

The onion has shown amazing effects on control over blood sugar level. This happens because of the essential oil present in onion called allyl-propyl disulphide. This oil can reduce the blood sugar level effectively by improving the insulin level in the body. It prevents the inactivation process of insulin in the liver and improves the availability of it in the blood. Onion is loaded with flavonoids that are beneficial for our body. Quercetin is one of the flavonoids that can reduce blood glucose level effectively. Onion is also rich in fiber that is essential for better digestion and to treat constipation caused by diabetic related nerves problems. Onion carries very low amount of calories and carbohydrate and thus can be used in soups and vegetables to reduced cholesterol level effectively.

Cancer treatment

Onions are proved to be beneficial for reducing the risk of cancer. Onion along with turmeric is a best combination that can lead to synergistic effects which reduce the size and quantity of precancerous multitude in the intestine. Thus it controls the risk of colon cancer effectively. The organosulfur compounds of onion can detoxify carcinogens and protects our body from cancer. It is proved that the consumption of onions can reduce the risk of colorectal and ovarian cancers effectively. Onion belongs to Allium family of vegetables that can control the growth of cancer cells. Consumption of onions along with garlic has been proved more effective. Add onions in your regular recipes but chopping and eating raw onion will prove more beneficial for cancer treatment.

Reduces cholesterol

High cholesterol in blood can cause heart diseases. Onion is one of the best remedies for treating this problem. The consumption of onion can not only reduce the bad cholesterol level from the body but also can improve the level of good cholesterol efficiently. Allinase is an important compound found in onion that can control the blood cholesterol level effectively. Onion juice is very good for reducing the bad cholesterol level in the blood and it can also improve the functioning of heart. Along with the reduction of HDL cholesterol, it can also reduce the risk of development of blood clots. Cholesterol is also a major component of Gallstone and consumption of raw or cooked onion can control the development of cholesterol gallstone.

Onion juice for baldness

The main ingredients of onion are protein, fats, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. apart from the other health benefits, onions are considered to be very good remedy for baldness. The onion can reach the root cause behind the problem of baldness and cure it permanently. The onion juice extracts can improve the blood circulation in the scalp and supports the healthy hair growth. It can treat the problems like dandruff and other skin infections that can cause hair fall or hair thinning. The sulphur compound in onion can treat the problem of hair fall which is the main reason of baldness.

How to extract onion juice
Onion juice extract is useful in treating many health problems. To extract the onion juice manually, peel of the skin of onion with knife and rinse it cleanly to remove dirt from the onion skin. Take a grater and grate onion to get juice from it. Collect the grated onion in a strainer. Place a bowl or a glass below the strainer. Use mortar and pestle or Squeeze the grated onion pulp using your fingers or spoon to get the pure onion juice in the bowl or glass below. Again gather the pulp in a thin cloth and press it again to obtain more juice.

Thus the consumption of onion is beneficial for everyone. Along with the above mentioned benefits it can treat the other problems like bronchitis, fever, oral health, and tooth decay, heart diseases etc. Use onions in your day to day food and try to consume at least half piece of raw onion in a day. Onions are free from any side effects and so can be given to kids as well as adults. So now we can say that a cup of onion a day can keep the doctor away!

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Author: Sharmistha Panda28 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Onion, the member of the lily family is undoubtedly a wonderful detoxifying agent. Since ages, the vegetable is used as a home remedy to reduce the body fever and in healing infections.
The wonder agent is also quite useful in the treatment of gastric ulcer.

Author: K Mohan03 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Yes Onion is one the best and most tasteful vegetable ingredient which is a must in every kitchen. Though the peeling of onion is the most cumbersome work for the house holds but what ever dishes are prepared from the onion, that will be liked by every family member. I am very fond of Onion salad with tomato as the companion. In urgency onion helps us to cope up the shortage of curry. Normally we prepare curry and sambar to have the meal. At the time urgency when there is no time to prepare curry, it is better to have sliced onions sprayed with pepper and salt and that is enough to pull on as the salad and the meal can be completed with the usage of some pickle. So what I mean to say that onions have been very useful as the emergency stuff for those who were in hurry. Those who have the time, they can prepare onion snacks for the evenings which the children would relish after their hectic school hours.

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