Papaya leaf juice benefits in dengue fever treatment

When the virus of dengue is spreading very quickly, people have started thinking about some natural remedies for the treatment of dengue. It is proved that papaya leaves are extremely beneficial for curing dengue fever. It can cure the damage to the liver due to dengue fever. Here in this article let's understand about what dengue fever is and how the papaya leaf can be beneficial for the treatment.

In recent days, many people have taken the advantage of papaya leaf extracts to treat the problem of dengue. The studies have proved that papaya leaf extracts can not only fight against dengue fever but it can also treat the other diseases like cancer and malaria. Papaya leaves are loaded with enzymes like chymopapin and papain which can improve the platelet count and regularize liver functioning.

What is Dengue fever?

Dengue is a viral disease that causes painful fever condition. The virus of the disease is transmitted through Aedes type mosquito. The attack of this virus is found in the tropical towns and city areas as this is the place where mosquitoes find suitable place to breed and grow. The dengue mosquitoes are more active during the day time and it is seen that these mosquitoes bite below knees area. Generally the symptoms of dengue are not visible immediately. Only after 5 to 7 days the symptoms are seen in the patient. The common symptoms of dengue are fever and headache, muscle pain, joint pain along with allergy and rashes all over the body. Still there is no medicine or vaccine available for treatment of dengue fever. To reduce the pain, doctors suggest the common pain killers like aspirin or ibuprofen. The patients of dengue are advised to use mosquito nets to prevent the transmission of the disease through other mosquitoes. The attack of dengue continues for few weeks and it eventually reduces the immunity of human body. The patient has to be alert about the signs of hemorrhagic fever that is the next level of dengue fever.

Can papaya leaf cure dengue fever?

Recent studies have proved that the papaya leaf extracts are beneficial for the treatment of dengue fever. The juice or the pulp of the leaves, after removing the central stem can be used for the treatment of the dengue. The studies have proved that the consumption of papaya leaf juice has shown significant improvement in the health of the patient and decreased the level of side effects too. Papaya leaf extract is not only useful in dengue cure but also works efficiently in treatment of cancer and malaria. The enzymes found in papaya leaves are rich in anti cancer properties and can prevent the growth of breast cancer, liver cancer, cervix cancer and lung cancer. The papaya leaf extracts are very good for treatment of common cold and cough too. The natural elements of the juice can redevelop white blood cells and platelets in the body. It can also provide vitamin A, vitamin C and E to body which is necessary for immunity system.

How does it work?

It has been marked that the patients of dengue often suffer from the problem of decreased level of blood platelet. Studies have proved that the raw juice of papaya leaves can give positive results immediately. Thus it is clear that the medicinal properties of papaya juice extracts work directly on the blood cells and helps to improve the lost immunity due to dengue attack. It increases the white blood cells remarkably and improves the process of recovery. The improvement in immunity system can also reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the disease. The other side effects also gradually vanish because of this miraculous juice.

How to extract papaya leaf juice?

Papaya leaf extracts can be obtained from juice of the leaves or the paste of the leaves. In both methods only raw leaves are used and they should not be cooked or boiled. Always try to use tender, fresh and green leaves for the treatment. Never try to use papaya leaves in tea or any other decoction. To extract juice from papaya leaves, first remove the stem of leaves and use only the fibrous part of it. Clean the leaves thoroughly. Crush only the green part of the leaves and squeeze out juice by using strainer or cloth. The fresh and raw papaya leaves give more positive results. To make a juice for a single intake you need to use only two leaves. In a single intake you need to take only two tablespoons of juice and repeat the therapy after six to seven hours again. If you wish to use papaya leaves paste for the treatment then you can use a grinder to make a fine paste. The paste is bitter in taste so it is advisable to mix it with honey or fruit juice and consume. A single intake can be 3-4 teaspoons and repeat the therapy two times a day.

What is the ideal time for a patient to have this juice?

The experts say that it is always better to start the papaya leaf extracts therapy as early as possible. When you are known with the first symptom of dengue fever, you can start the juice therapy immediately to prevent the extreme decrease in platelets count. The patients in later stage can also take advantage of this therapy but results may not be so satisfactory if there is any organ failure.

Thinks to Remember
Consult your doctor before taking the juice, the consumption of papaya leaf extracts can show remarkable effects within four days to one week period. Some things you need to remember is, always select the leaves that are neither very old nor very young. Don't add any other ingredients like salt or sugar in the juice. In many cases it has been proved that the consumption of the juice extracts have shown a very good improvement in blood platelet counts within one day only. Patients have found a great relief from the pain and other side effects too.

As a conclusion we can say that natural remedy varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the condition and stage of the patient. Papaya leaf extracts are extremely beneficial for curing dengue fever but the results are more effective if the therapy is started in the early stage only. It is always advisable to consult your physician before starting any therapy!

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