Is taking help from other a sign of weakness?

Accepting help from other can be especially hard for those of us who believe that seeking help decrease our independence, self respect and our ability to cope. In this article we will discuss how to overcome prideful thinking and also learn to ask for help.


In a simple word, accepting help is something that is extremely challenging for all of us at one time or another. By refusing to accept help, we disregard the fact that we are social animal who need to cooperate with one another whenever required. It is possible to change your way of thinking and become more active to help in future.

Try to change prideful mentality

Stop thinking if you are worried about what others will think

There are many such occasion may possible that might be influencing your dignity to seek help from others. One of your possible reason is how others view you. Few solutions are:
  • You may feel that you don't need any help, or seeking help from anyone is threatening your self respect, dignity and independence. You may have had a bad experience since an early age due to neglectful parents. Now, suddenly you believe that accepting help from other makes you weak.
  • You also feel like someone at your age must take responsibility for himself and your family. As a result, you think it is socially wrong to ask to friends and family for assistance
  • If you are a professional, you might be worried that accepting help can demonstrate a lack of professionalism. On the other hand, you may feel that someone not handling his/her own affairs incompetent
  • You may had a bad past with fears of rejection or have a tendency to towards perfectionism. Both of these motivates can cause you to avoid accepting help for fear of failing

No need for outside approval

Believing that other will judge you may be problematic with your ability to seek help when you need it. Any judgments or rejections by others should not affect you. You must know and recognize your strengths and inner power and celebrating them. When you know your positive natures, judging or rejection from outside world impacts you less. Try to note down a list of your strongest natures and abilities. Look back on this list when you are doubtful or when you are worried about gaining approval from others.

Keep your fear away

No need to show vulnerability can cause to keep you away from taking help. However, it i not at all a bad thing. Whenever you think about it, the emotional exposure required to ask another for help. Give yourself love and acceptance. Acknowledge that being vulnerable is hard and takes courage. Being open to others deepen the connection and intimacy you share. Choose wisely with whom you exercise vulnerability.

Overcome weaknesses of reinforcing societal ideas

Sometime there are conflicting or reinforcing societal ideas that can make it a weakness to need help. If you really understand these ideas you might be more likely to seek help when you need it. We can see in almost every movies, books and even games, that a hero will gain highest glory. Even historical events have been rewritten to accommodate this unrealistic view. Some people have a tendency to think that you should be able to cope alone or to manage without help. But this is not healthy thinking for long run.. Quite often this ideal is reinforced by pressure or family views.

You are not alone

By making yourself alone from other human beings, you are building an invisible barrier around yourself. It will prevent you from new relationships and friendships. It can be problematic to think that you can provide help and advice to others but never need to accept it in return. This will just leads to loneliness. Think about times you have helped others with your own specialties which can give you confidence is asking others for help or advice in their areas of expertise.

Don't be fooled by your own knowledge

Being trained in one or two field of expertise does not provide you the luxury to not seeking help from others within the same field or from other people in other fields. Practical skills and advice will be better for asking for help from others.

Learn how to ask for help

Ask for help without second-guess

One of the best ways of asking for help is to follow your first mind. Don't take the time to talk yourself. You could do with help sorting out a problem like making dinner, working out, carrying a heavy etc. Decide who you will ask, phrase the request in your mind, and go ask for help.

Believe that some people are kind enough o help you

If a person is being kind in offering help, accepting it is the first step. It is true that some people have bad intentions, but all are not the same. Look at the positive side. Volunteering helps you to notice how people depend on one another within a community.

Be choosy about asking for help

Choose carefully and wisely. Find people you really trust to try out asking for help first. This will allow you to open up, and not be exposed to someone who might not do the right thing by you.

Remember the give and take policy

In helping other person, you need to focus on yourself, it is far easier to accept support back from other. Beyond receiving anything in return, giving also promotes cooperation, strengthens bonds, and is just for your health.

Trust others

In order to receive help, you need to trust the other person and to trust that you are worthy of help. This might be the hardest part but it is absolutely vital. Modify your expectation, remember that people are only human and they have both good and bad nature. Find yourself worthy and capable of making wise decisions. Recognize that disappointment, fear, abandonment, and rejection and possible in all relationships.

Find the root cause of your problem

It can be really easy to dismiss the depth of your own problems. A problem is a problem, whatever its ease or difficult. You need to understand how much it is impacting your negatively and preventing you from moving forward.

Keep away the problems that no one can solve

The greatest strength of all in comparison o accepting, forgiving and letting them go. If you need help to that, never be afraid to ask for help.

Points to remember

  • More and more you live in a society here people fail to help one other, by not accepting help or denying the opportunity to be giving and kind
  • Remember that by rejecting help even when you need it, you have full of ideas that any trouble or weakness means that a person is less worthy of help
  • Asking help is a wonderful habit in humanity and essential to develop skills of compassion, bu also remember that even when you ask for divine help


Author: Swati Sarnobat31 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Taking help from others is not always a sign of weakness, but if you always take help, then it is a weakness. No human being is perfect or independent always. During the old age, we require somebody's help. But, if nobody around you are available to help you, then do not become panicked. Experience the long journey of achieving your goal.

Author: Jeet Singh20 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Of course some work which you can't do alone or in which you need knowledge, you have to take help from others. Taking help from others is not a weakness but it should not become a habit. Also, it depends on the nature of the person as to how they take it in their life. A positive person or those who want to learn something will never hesitate to ask help from others because they want to learn something and once they know the thing, they step ahead alone instead of again asking for help. Not every work is so difficult, sometime we learn while doing it. Unless we move our brain and body, we are not going to learn anything. So, the work which one think can be done without other's help, one should start doing it on his own and get experience from it.

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