How to make an effective brochure

Stuck up with the preparation of brochure? Confused on where to start with? Read on to know what makes the brochure so important. You will also find out the basic features that the brochure should have. Also you can make out on the ways of making an effective brochure for the product or services offered by your company.

Brochure can be easily said to be as an informative document released by an organization used mostly as a marketing tool for the products and services offered by the organization. Normally it is a folded material and is different from the flyers. However it could also have 3-4 folds. The brochure gives a brief information about the product or service as offered by the organization with images for better understanding of the prospective consumer. It explains the usage and the benefits of the product or the services provided the organization. It gives tangibility to the digital way of marketing used in today's competitive scenario.

Features of the brochure

It should represent the organization

The brochure should represent the company. The way the brochure is made and distributed talks about the company itself. The ideologies of the company are replicated here. It should have the company logo and should be in the lines of the company theme. The brochure should clearly mention the contacts and the websites of the company should be mentioned so that the people can get back to the company in case they like the product or service thus provided.

It should look professional

The appearance of the brochure sets the first impression about the product and the company to the reader. It should be attractive but at the same time it should not be too gaudy or too loud.Too complicated language or to much of colours makes the brochure casual.

It should be made for the target audience

It should match the interest and the liking of the target audience. Eg if the brochure is meant for a course book publishing company, it should match the interests of the college going students and not that of the elderly people or people with certain disease.

It should be understood

The language in the brochure should be meant for the common people. It should be kept simple and ought not be complicated, else the basic purpose of connecting to the people is lost. The language in it should be active voice giving an impression of taking to these reader himself.

Why is the brochure so important

The company brochure still is very important in today's digital world. It still holds a place of important as a marketing tool.

Easy to take away

The brochure is an easy way to take away the information about the desired product. This can be easily carried. It is also more informative than the visiting card that is generally shared by the agents.

Cost effective

At any point of time, it is more cost effective than the other marketing channels like the advertisements in the newspapers, magazines or the radio and TV channels. Moreover, it stays in the memories of the reader for a while and can be referred back whenever needed if kept properly.

Personal touch

The brochure when handed over to the reader by the agent or any executive has a personal touch to it. One may recollect the executive who had handed the brochure. The behaviour and the marketing skills of the executive along with the schemes mentioned in the brochure help the reader to decide about purchasing the product.

Shoppers are not always online

There is still a large portion of the shoppers community that is not always online. the brochures help them in deciding about the product.

Distribution in tradeshows, workshops and seminars:

These brochures come in handy while distributing in the tradeshows, workshops and seminars to attract the customers and to make them aware of the products and services of the company

How to make an effective brochure

The brochure should not just be made for the purpose of making it, rather it should be ensured that it is an effective one i.e. the readers have a good impression about the product or service and the brochure remains in their memories.

Understand the target customer

The brochure has to be made from the reader's angle.It is very important to know and understand the target customer for the product. The taste, likes and dislikes of the prospective customers should be understood before designing a brochure. It should be designed taking care of the benefits that they would have by using the product. Also, as the brochure is meant for them, their tastes should be considered in deciding the size, colour, and texture, the number of folds and basic design of the brochure.

Should talk about the product

It should be kept in mind that the brochure is for the product or service and not about the company. Hence not too much should be written about the company. This should be in brief. However, every possible detail that can be shared in public should be given on the brochure. Avoid giving pictures of the building, rather the images of the products or images depicting the services should adorn the brochure.

Should be able to attract attention and interest

As per surveys carried out, a reader takes an average of 5 seconds looking at the cover of the brochure to decide if he needs the product or not. So the brochure should be such that it draws the attention of the reader and at the same times it should be generating interest in him to buy the product. Hence the look and there language of it should be entrusted for the role to create the first good impression. It should not be just like any other brochure. Not should it resemble the language of any well known product.

Usage of headlines and bullets

The brochure should be using benefit oriented headlines. This attracts the readers when they get something that benefits them. Also, it should be as far as possible bullet-wise. This makes the brochure easy to read and simple to grasp.

Usage of graphs

Usage of graphs connects the facts about the product with reality. This instills confidence amongst the readers. So this is also a good way to make the brochure more effective.

Idea on what to do on deciding

The brochure should an idea to the reader with respect to the action to be taken once decision to take the product is made. Action here means either calling up the company or registering somewhere or walking in to the office and any other method as mentioned. This could be given either by way of flow chart or some descriptive pictures. Give your social links on the brochure as well along with the other contacts and addresses.


Any kind of offers or incentives as may be decided by the company should also be mentioned in the brochure to make it more effective. Eg. Money back guarantee.

There could be many more other ways to make the brochure more effective. However, too much of experimentation should be avoided and the originality should be maintained as far as possible.


The brochure should be well documented and should be informative so that the reader is forced to go a step further and enquires about the product so advertised and finally with the support and cooperation of the marketing team go for the product or service as provided by the company. the very purpose of the brochure is thereby attained

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A brochure is the important paper which introduces the new company or the new product to the target customers. Normally we see so many brochures accompany with the news paper early in the morning. Sometimes they are so tempting with varied color presentation that forge the paper news and instead read the brochure first. Normally the local super markets when they have any scheme or offer shall release such brochures for the benefit of target customers so as to increase the sale and get rid of stocks. I have seen that if the brochure is effective with all details expected, surely it will be instant hit and the rush can be seen at the super market. Likewise new schools or the existing schools seeking new admissions can also use the brochures effectively. Some enterprising sales persons are keeping those brochures inside the letter box so that it will reach the target customers. Good way to get highlighted.

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