The Hunger Games - An Intimate Overview

The article deals with the young adult dystopian fiction 'The Hunger Games', authored by Sussen Collins- the American writer. Its a personal review regarding the specialties and uniqueness of this fiction from other similar works.

That was an experience! To be in the arena without any hope, accompanying Katniss and Peeta, silently and dubiously. Of course my subject is the amazing work The Hunger Games written by the American author Sussen Collins. Though there are numerous works attested to Collins, this one is the best of all. Especially the esteem it received from the budding generation was tremendous; leading the book to the rating of a bestseller.

Lot of young adult fictions are popular in the display. They treats various subjects like love, sex ,war, rebellion, adventure, journey, epics and what not! The major difference between Collin's Hunger Games and other stuffs is that special approach she has towards these themes. The Hunger Games -the post apocalyptic dystopian novel is more than 300 pages. But none can exceed the reading span more than 48 hrs. The story of those 12 districts under Capitol (the present North America). The televised 'fight to death' entertaining program- Hunger Games, conducted by the Capitol to remind the districts not to rebel against their tyranny. The protagonist and the narrator of the story is the same person, Katniss Everdeen a 16 year old girl from district 12-the land of coalmines so of poverty and barrenness. Katniss was actually volunteering for her sister Prim. From that moment the readers are forced to adore her. The rise of Katniss Everdeen from the ashes of coal mines like a phoenix is really inspiring and surmounting.

The cute romance between Katniss and her fellow tribute Peeta Mellark is universalizing the plot of The Hunger Games. Collins played with emotions in such a way that each and every character will leave their mark in our hearts. Those 24 tributes from the 12 districts are supposed to kill each other . The cold blooded stunning events happening in the arena is left unjustified for the sake of Capitol. Because The Hunger Games possess the traits of a sci-fi ,the readers are not supposed to expect any sort of soft emotions from it. However the book will alter our prejudices upside down by playing with tender emotions, that too in a very genuine tone.

Female protagonists are frequent in today's novels. With in the last two decades, female gender attained acceptance for their individuality through different modes of literature. Powerful and daring young girls redirected the dimensions of the genre- Novel. Still young Katniss is unique by all means. Unlike the celebrated heroines of our time , Katniss is not a perfect and super natural charm, but a girl of several limitations and flaws. She is forced to be a warrior and her character formation as a fighter is unwrapping through the pages in a logical move. Its possible to investigate the keen eyes of Collins behind the portrayal of Katniss as she wanted to make her appealing for the readers. Collins deliberately avoided the emotional constrains and conformations of a stereotypical 'girl' and attributed some sort of eccentricity to Katniss' personality.

Searching worthless characters from The Hunger Games is a futile job because, each and every characters have to perform some assigned duty. The whole plot is a network of underlying relations and each instance is important. The smell of a love triangle, brave but impetuous nature of Katniss and very unique Peeta along with Effie, Haymitch and all the characters have their own amplitude in the chapters. One of the important feature of this book is regarding the finishing statement of every chapters. Catching, surprising and alarming they are meant to evoke the curiosity of readers.

The book costs Rs.350 and certainly its worth buying. 'The Catching Fire' and 'The Mocking Jay' are the second and third part of The Hunger Games respectively. The language is so simple that even an average reader can follow it comfortably. In short its obvious that the acceptance it gained from the readers is not a constructed buildup but original and worth. Read it and you gonna love the stuff.

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