Is non-working woman still considered inferior in the society?

In this article, you read about realizing the importance and need of non-working woman in the society. Such women should be given scope to be uplifting in the society for the future benefit of family and society.

Today women with high-profile job or rank live lavishly and is always respected by men and people in the society. Many women have completed an engineering degree and are working in blue-chip companies that pay handsome salary to women. So, such women are liberal in many aspects although they rigorously work in their offices. Some mother-in-laws even prepare tea for them when they come back home. On weekends, they go out for shopping with their life partner and enjoy a hearty meal in a large restaurant. Today, as many women are educated and earn livelihood for their families, the women who are not earning for their family are treated inferior. The society is literally dividing women into two categories namely professional women and typical housewives. Some families have a common tendency that if their daughter-in-law or wife cannot earn lump sum income by working, then she should stay at home and live a restricted life only performing household chores. Intensely, some women are exploited by their family members at home. Some families are considerate towards their daughter-in-laws, but she should be lucky enough. A non-professional woman may or may not be sent to a considerate and loving family, but she should be ultimately prepared for any adverse situations. But if a profesionalized working woman experiences any adverse situations in her married life, then she can easily combat such situations as she possess a treasure of money and knowledge. But non-professionalized or non-working women should not be considered inferior because her life is filled with dedication and sacrifice.

Reasons why a non-working women should be treated with respect

The family members should realize the following points and other reasons why women is considered as an asset. Some women get married at an early age and they begin taking care of the family at a tender age, while other women of their age are freely dancing like larks in the college campus. A housewife does not have a holiday on any specific day and she should work tirelessly even during weekends. A family can live happily only if a woman is creating a happy atmosphere in the house. A woman who spends the whole time at home is committed to creating a happy atmosphere rather than a professional woman who loses her frustration towards her family. Although, she is not earning any income to the family, she is a great source of cost-saving. She looks after her children since they are born and helps them to settle down in life smoothly, whereas a working woman sends her children to day care before they complete one year and spends some portion of her income. A non-working woman is always available to the family anytime. When the husband comes back home feeling tired, then he immediately receives a cup of tea and feels refreshed. By just drinking a cup of tea, a husband feels rejuvenated and forgets his tension prevailing in the workplace. But a man who has married a working woman cannot rely upon her as she comes back home according to the timings of her office. Sometimes such men should prepare a cup of tea on his own and hence he should become independent emotionally too. Such mothers always prepare nutritonal food to their children and hence their children do not urge to eat outside frequently. She invites several guests home and treats them with hospitality and hence these happy guests always become close inmates in the future. Many families are greatly favored by people who just arrived in their houses as guests. Such woman always keeps children happy and hence these children do not create a wild atmosphere in the house. But despite a working woman also should be respected because she is also as asset to the family, but non-working women should not be despised. Some families do not send such woman to do a job outside even if they are settled in the house. Hence such woman become frustrated gradually and try to seek independence by any ways. If such women want to perform a part-time job, they should be allowed to do and they should have the freedom to explore the world. When they explore the world, they utilize their knowledge for the benefit of the family.

Such woman should be exposed to the world in some ways

A working woman receives several prizes for performing well in the company. She receives bonus on regular basis and she is provided with special packages under different circumstances. But a non-working woman is not provided with a certificate or a gift for performing well in cooking or any other activities. Such worse situations are experienced by village women. Village women perform rigorous household chores and they prepare tasty recipes by just utilizing some ingredients, but they are not awarded by the public. Some such women even create their own recipes and hence they should be certified. To give scope to semi-literate or illiterate women who are possessing special skills, the educated women and general public should undertake initiative. If you are the member of any woman association, club or any group in your locality, you can undertake initiative. You can visit villages and small towns nearby and announce to conduct competition for women in the town or locality. You may arrange for competitions like cooking, rangoli, drawing, speech etc that any woman can be eager to participate. You must advertise from home to home and convince the family members to allow their women to participate. You can build an association in the particular village or small town and sometimes arrange for various events and functions. Sometimes you can deliver speech about women dignity or giving scope to women explaining the significance of making a woman happy.

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Author: Kailash Kumar05 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

It is neither a question of differentiation between a 'working' and 'non-working' women, nor a question of showing respect to the women. As a matter of fact all women are respected in the society and all women 'work' also. However the 'earning capacity' of a women makes the difference. Almost everything including lifestyle i.e. the quality of house, education and healthcare etc. depends on the household income. In case the women of the house also earns and supplements the household income, then it makes a lot of difference in overall improvement in the quality of life. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. where cost of living in comparatively much higher, the women have to work in any case for maintaining certain minimum living standard. Any individual who earns for betterment of the family, gets attention and appreciation from the society.

Author: sathish chandrasekaran06 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

The society is evolving and it has a long way to go. Here we are talking about women liberalization, their dignity and how society treats them. A country like India has all sort of treatment that one can think of! Women in general, whether employed or housewife are suppressed in one way or other. Even though the new generation of men are highly respectful and willing to support women and take her support where he needs it, still the socio-cultural fabric are way too unconventional. A rebellious change is required not only for women but also for men. We cannot discard the exploitation done by so called liberal women on innocent men as well. The love, care and happiness factor on global scale should be the real concern. All should ultimately realize that men and women are complementary and both should make effort to learn the other gender through love and silence. As on today, most women are the victims of the society, be it working women or housewives!

Author: K Mohan08 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Who says that non working women are not getting attention in the society. In fact I appreciate the non working women for their multi tasking ability on daily basis. They handle the demands of the husband, looks after his needs and arrange the things as per his likes. They prepare food daily and there is no leave for her even for one day in a year. The house hold wife gets immense pleasure in preparing and serving choicest food to the family and thus she is regarded most and liked by the children. Moreover a good non working woman has the ability to manage the family in a better way as she knows the intricacies of saving money through various methods. Therefore non working women cannot be under estimated in the society.

Author: Partha K.08 Apr 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Many men think that women are inferior to men, irrespective of their employment status. On the contrary, many women think that men are 'good-for-nothing' and all men are simply waiting for opportunities to harass women. But these extreme versions can't be true. Now time has come to change our mindset. We must stop this gender-specific generalization.

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