Eight useful tips to help children love reading

Parents want to inculcate reading habits among their children. But what steps to be taken for this purpose? In this article, eight small but useful steps have been discussed to help children to develop reading habits. Read the article and follow these tips.

Personally I am a voracious reader. I regularly read English and vernacular newspapers, periodicals, books of different genres and articles on diverse subjects on internet. Even after reaching middle-age, having more responsibilities in work-place and home and despite weakening eye-sight I still read a lot. I always want my daughter acquires this quality. So what should a guardian do to develop reading habits among their wards? What useful steps should the parents take to inculcate reading habits among their children? This article discusses some steps in to make books and reading interesting to children.

Don't push children to read harder books quickly

Generally children enjoy comic books and books with pictures at the initial stage. Picture books send pictorial messages to their brains which are easier to comprehend by them. Slowly parents should guide their children towards chapter books with lesser number of pictures. Parents should not force their children to leave comic books and graduate to chapter books abruptly. It may have undesirable effects on their reading habits.

Read aloud to the children

If the parents want their children to develop interest in books, they should start reading the stories to their children. This story-telling should not be done mechanically. Proper pronunciation and creating a proper atmosphere simply by reading are required. Gradually the children would try to read the stories themselves. Parents must give it a try.

Give audio-books a try

Although audio-books are not very popular in India, these can help children to open the vista of enjoying great and interesting stories even if they can't read stories on their own. It is almost similar to reading stories aloud to the children. Audio-books also help developing listening skills among children which help them in schools and colleges in future. Moreover, audio-books expose the children to different voices, voice modulations, different reading styles and pronunciations, which would be extremely helpful for them at later stage.

Try new genres

Parents should take care that their children must develop habits of reading different types of books. Reading different books on varied and diverse subjects would help them in future to grasp different subject relatively easily. Not only books, parents and guardians must encourage their children to develop the habits of reading newspapers, periodicals, children's magazines, etc. Children's magazines like 'Chandamama', 'Reader's Digest', etc. are worth mentioning in this context. Reading books of different subject would be extremely helpful for the children in future and parents can play the most important role in this direction.

Membership of a library/libraries

From my personal experience, I can say without an iota of doubt that the children will definitely develop habit of reading different books and periodicals in the libraries and book clubs. Parents must develop and encourage this healthy habit among their children.

Let the children chose their books

Parents are advised not to force their choices on their children. Let the children chose their own books. I have seen many parents try to force their children (directly or indirectly) to a particular type of books. This may cause more harm than good. Let the children enjoy the pleasure of touching new books, read rapidly the first or last few pages and decide about purchasing. Guide them, don't force your choice on them.

Keep books accessible

Keep the children's books in an accessible place so that they can take out a book from the book-rack or book-shelf and start reading on their own. They should see all books at the same place and then decide which one to read. They should not plead to their parents to find them a book to read.

Let the children follow you

In my opinion, this is most important. Consciously or unconsciously, children follow their parents and elders. If they see their parents reading, they would definitely follow their parents. If they see their parents spend their leisure time watching television or in other activities, they may not develop the reading habit. I have got my reading habits from my parents and elders. The same is applicable for my daughter also.

Needless to mention, parents and other elders have very important role to play in inculcating reading habits among children. They may follow the afore-mentioned steps and themselves enjoy developing reading habits among their children/grand-children.

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Author: sathish chandrasekaran06 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Excellent article. I appreciate the points given here. It is perfectly making sense. Am a voracious reader too. I got the habit of reading since childhood. My father used to have his own library and have always read the stories for me. That was very exciting time for me as everyday I used to hear new stories. A sense of excitement was injected into me at such a tender age. He used to give me all sort of exposure to books. He never forced me to choose a book. That freedom to choose the book of my choice helped me to feel reading is bliss. I could really connect with this article and indeed it is well written. Keep going sir!

Author: K Mohan08 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Creating the habit of reading in the children is an important start from the parent side as reading makes the child to remember the points stated in the book and thus over the period of time those important points can be expanded to make a good article or content of own creation. Children are the most observing type and they learn many things by imitating from the elders or the parents at home. If parents have the habit of reading books daily, surely children would be interested to refer the same and thus habit of reading can be slowly started in the children. One must find out in which type of book the child is interested in. Some may be interested in fairy tale stories, some in cartoon characters, and some are interested in religious books. Accordingly the parents must get them the required books so that they can read loudly from the initial ages of their life.

Author: Partha K.08 Apr 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Thanks for the responses. I have written this article base upon my own experience. I feel pained when parents force their children to science magazines or encyclopedia type books when the children want to read literature. At the same time, I have also seen that today's children (and alas! their parents too) can't distinguish the smell of old books from the smell of new books.

Author: Swati Sarnobat25 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Yes, good article for children! Children should inculcate habit of reading from their childhood. To develop interest in them, first buy the books that look attractive and are non-perforated. Children should just love looking at the lovely pictures. The font size of the text or story should be large, so that children feel easy to read it. Buy story books, specially fairy tales for children.

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