Handwriting skills and a few facts about this art

Are you aware, because of the poorly written prescriptions of the doctors, a number of patients die every year? The salespersons working in a chemist shop sometimes misread the prescriptions, resulting in wrong medicines to the patients and that sometimes prove fatal. Read this article for more such startling facts about handwriting.

Every handwriting is unique

Ever since the first humans learned to write, mankind has never looked back except through the pages of history books, manuscripts or archaeological finds. The writing abilities of humans were a boon for mankind and it brought a kind of revolution in spreading knowledge to one and all from one generation to another. Handwriting is a very unique thing. Everyone has his own style of writing. It's like our fingerprints. No two person has the same handwriting. Even identical twins can't write the same way. It may be possible that one may copy the handwriting of another person, but the handwritings are not likely to be identical. Because of its uniqueness, forensic experts and the police department often use a person's handwriting to establish the identity of the writer.

Handwriting characteristics

There are however certain characteristics to every handwriting. The most prominent among them are:
  • Shape of the alphabets, whether they are round or sharp
  • Spacing between the letters, whether regular or irregular
  • Slope or slanting of the letters
  • Size of the letters
  • Thickness of the letters
  • The pressure applied to the paper while writing

Some interesting facts about handwriting

  1. Whether you have written with your right hand or your left, no handwriting expert can establish this fact by seeing your writing. Neither is it possible for the expert to judge, whether you are a male or a female, through the handwriting.

  2. Anyone who has some elementary education has the ability to write. But problem comes when you desire to improve upon your handwriting. It is not an activity which is as easy as improving your skills in swimming, cycling or running. It is hard to improve upon and requires learning new techniques and a lot of practice. Moreover, one needs to have the interest to improve upon one's writing.

  3. It is the observation of most teachers that compared to boys, girls are generally better in handwriting skills. It is probably because girls are generally more disciplined in nature than boys. Girls take a bit more pain to see that their handwriting looks good. Whereas, most young boys are simply carefree about their handwriting.

  4. Most of the world's population writes with their right hand. Only around 10% of the people use their left hand to write. The left handed people are called as 'Sinistrals'. It might be news to you that 13th August is observed as the 'World Left Handers Day' every year. Even though most of the population in the world are right handed, it is surprising that most of the US presidents have been left handers. It's even true about the current president, Barrack Obama. Four out of the last five US presidents have been left handed. That includes Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and the present president. On the other hand, those with right handedness are called 'dextral'.

  5. Amar Klar, a scientist who has worked on writing preferences of people, says that those who write with their left hand, have a wider scope of thinking. This he justifies by pointing out the disproportionately high number of scientists who have won the Nobel prizes over the years. Even many famous writers and painters have been left handed too. Michael Peters, a neuropsychologist, has opined that since left handed people have to adjust themselves to a predominantly right handed world, they are more mentally resilient and are hence more likely to be an achiever.

  6. It has been found that the style of our handwriting doesn't change, whether we are writing with our other hand or by putting the pen in the mouth. Even with the leg, the style is similar. This characteristic was observed during the World War II, when a number of people who lost their one hand were asked to start writing with their other hand. It was surprisingly found that after days and months of practice, they developed their original style of handwriting and their new handwriting was very similar to what it used to be in the past. So instead of calling it as handwriting, it can be also called as 'brain writing'. Our hands play the minor part. It is the brain which controls our writing.

  7. It is said that writing rejuvenates the thinking process and thus helps in better learning of young minds. With a certain flow in the handwriting, the learning process is stimulated further. As parents or teachers we should encourage the young to get a 'flow' in their handwriting.

  8. It is very much true that our signature and even handwriting doesn't remain the same over the years. Many of us must have faced problems while doing financial transactions at banks, when our signatures don't tally. As we age, our handwriting and signature changes due to many factors like psychological, emotional and physical changes in us.

  9. 'Graphology' is a subject, which by sampling our handwriting, can predict our personality traits - whether negative or positive. It is often used as a recruitment tool to analyze the traits of applicants for possible employment.

  10. 'Calligraphy' on the other hand is the art of producing beautiful handwriting. All kinds of artistic handwriting like cursive writing comes under calligraphy. It has its opposite too. It's known by the term 'Cacography'. Cacography is the art of very poor writing or penmanship and is despised by most.

  11. The dot we place on 'i' has its own importance. The dot is known as 'tittle'. The more the distance between the stem of 'i' and its dot, lesser is the memory skills of the writer.

  12. Handwriting has its own importance for students. A good and neat handwriting is very much instrumental in landing them with good jobs and employment. Very often young people lose out on the job market because of their poor handwriting skills.

  13. Parents and teachers are advised to appreciate the writing skills of their wards. Words of appreciation are a great mental boost for the students, which stimulates them to maintain their skills and also upgrade them further.

  14. There is even a National Handwriting Day, which is observed on 23rd January in the United States. It is mainly observed by the 'Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association' in the US. On this day they promote the usage of writing materials like pens, pencils and papers. The art of writing gets an added fillip on this occasion. The day symbolizes the birthday of John Hancock, who was the first person to sign the Declaration of American Independence from the British.

  15. It is worth remembering that nature didn't give us our hands for the purpose of writing. They were more to be used for holding and throwing objects and for eating our food. It's because of our mental abilities that we have developed the art of writing. So it's not apt to blame nature or even technology for our poor handwriting. Even though hard, it is totally in our hands to improve our handwriting. So it's time we take things a bit more seriously and improve upon our writing skills.

Article by Dhruv
Dhruv is an electrical engineer by profession. Apart from liking his job, he has a special love for writing and has often dabbled in writing scripts for skits and short plays. As a Content Developer at ISC, Dhruv is having a whale of a time, showcasing his writing skills.

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Author: Kailash Kumar06 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

The statement made by the author in his last but one sentence in the concluding para that '..it is totally in our hands to improve our handwriting' contains the essence of the article and speaks volumes about the subject matter. It is a fact that a new born baby don't know how to write and acquires this skill through learning process. It appears imperative that the parents should pay due attention to the their children's hand writing since the very beginning. I am tempted to say that poor handwriting of an individual simply shouts aloud that his/her parents were careless and didn't love him adequately. On the contrary, a beautiful handwriting of an individual, endorses the fact that his/her parents loved him befittingly.

Author: sathish chandrasekaran06 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A truly engaging article. I got plenty of interesting facts shared by the Author. Yes graphology is really exciting study. In fact, I learnt graphology basics myself. It is a beautiful experience to recognize the patterns and arrive at the personality traits. In most cases, you can get it right! Good article, thanks for sharing!

Author: K Mohan08 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Handwriting is the most important factor for any person to show his profess of understanding the things and also showcase the ability of writing with total legibility. Often it is found that those who are more educated have worst handwriting. May be that is the reason that some doctor's prescription are not understandable to the patients or even the chemists. No matter, one can have the control over good handwriting, provided it was practiced daily from the early age. Parents must inculcate the habit of cursive writing in the children so that they can improve upon their own writing day by day. An examiner who is correcting the paper gets impressed with good handwriting and would award more marks for the best presentation through very good hand writing.

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