Some of the common reasons why children become irritable

In this article, you will read the reasons why children feel irritable and the ways how parents and elders in the house should deal with the problems. If your child constantly cries, then you feel disturbed, but you must know the reasons for their irritation.

Usually children from two to four years become highly irritable by nature. They cannot express the reason for their irritation and hence they even become violent at times. Do not be panicked if the children are showing irritable and wild behavior because they have not understood the principles of life. Try to resolve the matter in a cool way and if you have not succeeded in cooling them, then leave them on their own. They will change their behavior automatically after a period of time. Every parent will obviously become upset when their children become irritable and create disturbance in the house. To make your children happy and satisfied, you must observe their likes and dislikes.

Why children become irritable

Constant bothering

Many parents and other people associated with the child think that a child should be taken care and should be protected. But in the process of protection, they are constantly chasing a child and the child feels irritated. So, the child is induced to constant crying and creating disturbance around. Just feel your child free in a zone that is free from danger. Do not bother much if the child falls downs just as he or she is running or walking. Your child should play independently to explore the world around and hence nobody should constantly give suggestions or pester the child while playing.

Family co-ordination

The children become irritable if the parents or family members are constantly fighting with each other. They cannot express in words, and so they become irritable by viewing a disturbed atmosphere in the house. The children become irritable even if the parents or family members are not communicating with each other. In most of the houses, the family members do not openly interact with each other and when a child notices that the people are not in harmony with each other, they feel suppressed and unable to express, they become irritable. So, the family members should always maintain a cordial atmosphere in the house.

Constant feeding

Many elders and parents think that their child is hungry, so he or she is crying. But the reason for crying is not always due to hunger. So, they compulsorily only feed the child and if the child is not hungry, he or she again show the sign of irritation. Children cry when they are always made to sit in the house. They need to breathe fresh air of the atmosphere. Al least take your child outdoors till the gate of your house. Your child should always observe the greenery, trees, flowers and the beautiful nature around to feel happy.


Sometimes the parents or elders in the house pamper their children so much that they give large share of biscuits, cakes, chocolates etc. So, the child gets accustomed to large portion of edibles. When the child gets little one day, he or she show the sign of irritation. So, you can give your child his favorite edibles, but only to a certain extent. You should not give your children more even if he or she throws tantrums.

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