How to extend your lifespan?

Every one wishes for long life. The modern life is full of stress and tensions. We can extend our lifespan up to hundred years by making some life style changes in our day to day. Let's have a look upon the things we can do to be healthy till we turn 100 years.

Pollution and the hectic life style have reduced the life span of a normal human being. When earlier humans used to live a healthy and fit life without any health problem, the modern man is occupied with lots of health ailments and troubles. The life span of a normal human is reduced to 55 to 60 years. The causes behind it are many! The hectic life style, wrong food habits, pollution, diseases, stress are some of the major reasons of decreased life expectancy. But still we can complete 100 years of our life in perfect health by changing our living habit.

Healthy rainbow diet

The most important thing we need to take care about is our diet. Wrong food style can be a main hurdle in the path of longevity. The healthy diet is essential for healthy body. What is a healthy diet? The diet which includes all the tastes can be considered as healthy diet. The basic tastes like sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent can be derived from various types of food items that are essential for our body. The perfect combination of six tastes can improve our immunity and metabolism naturally.

Along with the tastes the color of the food also affects the health. Be sure that your plate contains every color of rainbow in it! That means the foods with different colors are rich in different kinds of nutrients. The red foods like tomato, watermelon, beet roots, red cabbage, apples, cherries, strawberries are rich in antioxidant properties. Orange and yellow food like mango, carrot, oranges, papaya and pumpkin provide a huge amount or vitamin supply to our body. Green food like spinach, cabbage and peas or blue food like blueberries, blackberries and egg plants are loaded with nutrients that are essential for immunity building. Avoid the consumption of frozen or canned food. Also avoid the excessive intake of alcohol or other drinks. Prefer to go for fresh food, fruits and vegetables instead. Drink lots of water to remove the harmful toxins from your body and stay fit and healthy.

Do regular exercise

If you wish to live 100 years in very good health condition then first thing you need to follow is regular exercising. Regular exercise can keep your body strong and fit. It can reduce the excessive weight, which can be main hurdle in your longevity. It can provide strength you bones and muscles, it can control the cholesterol level in the body and it can also regularize the blood circulation. Exercise can give a natural flexibility to your body that can make you less tired after long day work. Exercises like morning walk, aerobics, and swimming. Early morning jogging and cycling are suitable for everyone. Exercising in morning air can provide a very good amount of oxygen to your body and help you to keep healthy. Be regular in your exercising schedule and enjoy your exercise. Do not over stress your body while exercising. Spend 15 to 30 minutes a day for exercise. Take advice of a proper trainer for suitable exercise for your health depending upon your body type and age.

Yoga and mediation to avoid stress

Stress is the root cause of many diseases. It is the reason behind deadly diseases like blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes. If you really wish to live a healthy life for many years then keep the stress away from your mind. The tensions and anxiety can lead you towards aging process quickly. Try to keep your mind in control and follow meditation to reduce the level of stress and tension. It is proved that the meditation can control the stress level remarkably. It not only controls our mind but also makes our body relax. The studies have proved that those who follow meditation regularly are free from stress related problems like heart diseases and hypertension. Following meditation is also considered as very good practice for brain health. It can improve the brain power and sharpens the memory. Only healthy brain can control healthy body, so it is necessary to meditate to remain strong and sharp for many years. Along with meditation, the practice of yoga is equally beneficial for increased life span. Take advice and help of well trained instructor to follow yoga and meditation for desired positive effects.

Do something interesting

Fill your life with lots of happiness and cheer! Keeping away the stress and tension is the key of long life. Give some time for the things of your interest. Love yourself, love your body and try to take efforts to make it beautiful and strong. Change your life style and be enthusiastic all the time. Let not your age affect on your mind. Make lots of friends and be a social animal. Mixing with other people and sharing thoughts with friends can relax your body and mind surprisingly. If possible join social clubs and participate in every activity. Think positive and take interest in cheerful activities, even if they look odd in the beginning. Loneliness can speed up the process of aging and a youthful mind can prevent it. Make new friends and spend fun time with them. Give ample time for your family to feel relaxed.

Plant trees and do some gardening work. Another way to relax your mind is pets. Good music can calm down your mind and make you feel stress free. Spend some time for yourself watching your favorite program on television. Play your favorite musical instrument. If you are a book lover then read lots of books to forget tensions easily. Feeling young is the easiest way to stay young and fit for longer time.

Getting enough sleep

Peaceful sleep is a secret of healthy life. Our body needs relaxation after all day long work and tensions. Getting less sleep can disturb the cycle of your body and show negative effects. It can affect immunity system adversely and speed up the process of aging. A normal human being needs rest for six to eight hours. A sound sleep throughout the night can make you feel fresh and enthusiastic throughout the day. If you are not feeling fresh and energetic in the morning then you might have not got peaceful sleep at night. It is necessary to maintain a schedule to get a restful sleep. It is always advisable to go to bed early in the night and wake up early in the morning. Be sure that you take your meals at least 2 to 3 hours earlier, before you go to bed. If possible go for a evening walk after dinner, this will help you to digest your food and get a peaceful sleep. Avoid using electronic gadgets before going to bed, read a book instead remove the harmful toxins from your body and stay fit and healthy.

Laugh more and think positive

Laughing is a best remedy to stay tension free and healthy. Laughter can reduce your stress level remarkably. It can improve the blood circulation and keep away the diseases like heart problems and blood pressure. Join a laughter club to enjoy your time with others. It has been proved that being cheerful and happy can increase your life span efficiently. Life is full of good and bad things, try to change your view towards life. Take the things positively and try to be relaxed in the difficult situations. Taking extra stress can disturb your health negatively and decrease your life span. Be with the people who have positive approach towards life.

Follow clean habits

Maintain clean habits if you wish to live a healthy life. Being clean can keep many diseases and infections away from you. Stay away from harmful habits like smoking and alcohol. Keeping the body clean will make you feel energetic and fresh all the time. Stay away from polluted environment. Breathing in clean air, staying in clean atmosphere and maintaining clean habits can definitely help you to increase your life span.

Overall it is seen that with some minor changes in your life style can lead you to live healthy long life up to 100 years. So take care of yourself, love yourself and live a perfectly fit life!

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Author: sathish chandrasekaran08 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I am impressed with the suggestion for rainbow diet. Quite creative and easy to remember for readers. Well written article.

Author: K Mohan18 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Good and thought provoking article from the author which gives extensive tips and rules to be followed for keeping our life happy and extended. But what I feel is that we are all spending too much time on thinking about others and their progress and that is giving us anxious moments in life and and some times bring blood pressure and untold new diseases too. God has given this life to live and let others live. You have your potential to grow and stress your need in that direction. Never get bowed down by the progress of others and get jealous over it. If others are progressing, it is because they planned their life well and give lesser importance to gossiping and thinking about others. So live stress free life and that will surely add to our age and we can live longer than expected.

Author: Kailash Kumar18 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

As per the data published by the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy is maximum in Japan which is 87 years in case of females and 80 years in the cases of males. In India the average life expectancy is 68 years and 65 years in case of females and males respectively. Worldwide the average life expectancy is 73.5 years and 71 years in case of females and males respectively. Therefore the data cited by the author in his opening paragraph needs review. Also connecting the healthy or balanced diet with the taste is generally unheard of though presence of colors in diet is known to make it comparatively more balanced. Similarly requirement of physical exercise depends on the age group also e.g. for younger age groups, physical exercise of duration more than recommended 15 to 30 minutes may be possible and advisable. Besides taking adequate sleep of six to eight hours duration, it is also important to rise early and go to bed early. A disciplined life style is likely to beneficial for health. Also all possible efforts should be made to avoid intake of contaminated food and polluted atmosphere.

Author: Juana17 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

I agree with the author’s views. By following what she has prescribed we can not only extend our lifespan, but also improve our quality of life.

Practising healthy habits, staying positive, getting a few laughs, giving the body adequate rest, following an exercise regime, remaining stress free and keeping yourself occupied in a hobby are good ways to improve over all health.

I also advocate the need for adding colours to your plate. Foods of different colours have different properties and health benefits, as I have explained in my article. There is an abundance of nutrients in food that can positively impact our health.

Food can in fact, also help in fighting stress. Eating the right foods can be a natural cure to everyday stress. There are many foods that can be included in the diet to overcome stress. They have no side-effects and come with an added advantage of improving over all health (weightloss, lower BP, blood sugar and cholesterol levels). Try these foods to manage stress in a healthy, holistic way.

Stress is the number one killer. It can lead to health conditions such as heart problems, high BP and weight gain etc. There are some techniques that when practiced can be beneficial in the management of stress.

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