How a woman can earn income without using computers and internet?

In this article, you will read about the ways a woman can earn income without using computer and internet technology. She can apply her skills to earn regular income for the family and uplift her family.

Many people both men and women who earn independently use computers and internet as their tools. But they can earn decent income even without using these tools. Women can earn effectively even without using computers and technology. A married woman who must take care of the household and consistently perform household chores cannot spend time typing on a computer or making use of internet technology. A woman may not be educated enough to earn money through these means. Scientists have recently proved that the reproductive system of a woman can get weaker due to constant or excessive use of computers. A woman can prove her intelligence, skills and talent even without using sophisticated tools. She can earn in any counterpart of the world by using her basic inherited skills. A woman can earn regular income if she uses her skills in a right way. She can become self-employed and also earn some pocket money.

Some of the home-based jobs that bring good reward to women

Running a mess

If a woman is residing in a place that is near to colleges, industries, banks, etc people frequently want to visit a mess and eat food during any odd hours also. Some students who travel to another place for further education and live as a paying guest often want to join a mess. So, a woman can start a mess in such areas and buy materials such as vegetables, rice, grams, etc to prepare food. She can start a mess in her home and hence need not spend much. She should only arrange for a place for the visitors. She can enjoy cooking throughout the day and prepare different recipes according to the tastes of the consumers nearby.

Commence a tutorial

A woman can commence a tutorial in her home only. She can provide tuition classes to the students studying in primary and high school. Usually high school students require tuition classes and most of them require tuition for mathematics and science. If she is a graduate, she can commence a tutorial class in the respective field also. A woman should only spend for books and benches for students.

Distributor of products

Usually a woman does not undertake sales executive job as it involves field work. But she can work as a distributor of a product by maintaining the products at home. Some companies or agencies require distributors for certain products. She can work as a distributor for products such as cosmetics, confectionery products, or stationary products because she can retain them in her home easily.


Usually a woman works as an agent for insurance product. She can also work as an agent for other tangible products and work as an intermediate. She should only involve in telephonic conversation.

Preparing dry edible items

She can prepare edible items that can be retained for many days. Such edible items include biscuits, cookies, cakes, some fried items or items that can be fried, pickles etc. She can pack these items and retain them for some days but try to sell them as soon as possible.

Commencing hobby classes

She can work for the benifit of the community by undertaking hobby classes such as painting, puppet or doll making, dancing, singing, aerobics etc. She must only conduct classes in a room that is spacious enough to accommodate students and should be ventilated.

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Author: Kailash Kumar24 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Depending upon the socio-economic conditions and educational level, many employment opportunities existed for the women since very beginning in traditional societies. Many women from poor and illiterate classes used to get employment in domestic work sector like cooking food etc.. Sewing clothes, embroidery work, making papads and pickles etc. had been very common among enterprising women for earning livelihood or for supplementary income. However for women with comparatively better socio-economic backgrounds and having capacity to make initial investment to some extent, many other activities are possible like opening a female girls hostel/providing paying guest accommodation, daycare facilities or opening beauty parlor at home in case sufficient space is available. Opening a provision/stationary store, gifts shop, decorative packaging for weddings like occasions etc. are some of other options which are likely to yield productive returns.

Author: K Mohan25 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

While the author has suggested many self made business opportunity for the women to practice at home, one more business has been forgotten. That is the beauty parlor. Now a days girls want to look beautiful and arresting and won't mine spending lots of money to maintain their fashion of looking good. So being a beautician in that area would be an added advantage. I have seen many women learning the course of beautician with qualified persons and then practicing the same in their home itself. It is a fetching business and can be conducted as part time too. The women can always use their spare time for earning through beauty products sale and that has hefty margins.

Author: SuN02 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

What I would like to say is that computer can be handled alone by a woman and the earning can be transacted through banks. Whereas all the jobs you mentioned viz running a mess, commencing a tutorial, distributor of products, preparing dry edible items, commencing hobby classes would need some or more assistants to support. Moreover, the woman will have to pay for their job. If there is no gain but loss, the assistant might leave the job and go, and we may have to search another suitable guy for the job.

Your proposal is very good if a woman can manage it well.

Author: Timmappa Kamat06 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Well, your suggestions make sense. However, please note that you need to be an expert in the field concerned. Running a mess or working as a distributor does not come easily to everyone. Also, it needs you to learn the basics of the trade to be successful.
I would suggest encashing the skills you have in you. I can cite an example from my personal life. My wife has done a course in fashion designing. And she has an active interest in all those concerned side tricks of the trade. So she converted it into a business. She now makes the Razais and sells them. Apart from that the information spread from her inner circle to outsiders and then to the department of Handicrafts. Now she conducts classes for the department.
That should be the way, you search for an opportunity that is in line with your field of excellence.

Author: Venkiteswaran28 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Teaching(tuition) is one of the most suitable earning alternatives for an educated woman who is not employed on a regular job.

It comes naturally to women to teach children. They have the knack and patience and perseverance to teach small children and make them understand. The easiness to be in friendship and communication with parents of children, empathy, motherly care etc make them best suited and choice for teaching (giving tuition) to small children or even grown up kids and girls.

For taking up catering or food preparation for sale is but an extension of one of their normal and ordinary household work. That will enable them to earn without sacrificing the household responsibilities also.

Author: umesh30 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

In today's world everyone is running for online work and trying to earn money from variety of options available there.

In such a scenario it appears that online is the only place to make money. This article has tried to remove that myth from the minds of people and reminded many options which we have not cared to consider. Housewives will get lot of tips from this article as the author has given many lucrative options.

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