Do educated women sometimes lose their identity after marriage?

In this article, you read about how a woman can a woman fulfil the duties of the household by yet maintaining her own identity in the society. Every woman can even perform better if she is given a dignified position in the family.

Many men or in-laws still look for a bride who can perform all the household chores. Some houses are always filled with guests as each and every time some or the other people are visiting. Some houses frequently perform rituals or arrange for functions. While some other families are the members of large associations or clubs and they are constantly engaged in arranging events. So, they look out for a bride who can help them to arrange events. These problems usually take place in a collective society as they live in a joint family. So, they search for a bride, you can adjust to the household that is always visited by several people in a day. But ultimately, nobody should be blamed because every family has its own lifestyle. Imagine if every family wants to live independently and want to prevent people, then world would be such a lonely place. But at the same, time, the problem arises because a bride who newly enters the house requires some extent of freedom. Usually, now-a-days conflicts arise due to this difference and most of the brides want to be separated from the in-laws. The women of collectivist society are also becoming individualists because of liberalization policies is most of the nations. This problem should be resolved diplomatically by both the parties. If a woman is made to feel special in the family, then she can uplift the family to any level.

Brides or married woman should be given attention and their strengths should be appreciated

A educated woman should expects that she should be given certain extent of liberty in her in-laws house. She also expects that whatever she has learned should be given due importance and she should gain something by acquiring education. The in-laws should give her chance to join for a part-time job. They should encourage her to take tuition classes, do freelancing jobs or undertake any other job that can be done at home only. She should be encouraged and praised for the strengths and her contribution of her strengths to her household. If she is encouraged, then she can feel motivated to work for the betterment of the family.

She should not be taunted if she cannot meet the requirements of the house when she is newly married. The in-laws should understand that she has devoted her time for studies and other activities and tomorrow, she will apply her skills for the betterment of her kids. She is a learner when she newly enters the in-laws home. Everybody wants a woman who is perfect in her household and will reduce house burden. But, they cannot expect this at an initial stage.

They should not expect a woman to consistently serve people around her all the time. She must be committed to her duty and meet the requirements of the house but the requirement should not override her personal independence. She should be able to be on her own for at least two hours in a day.

Women should understand her commitments

A woman should not be too liberal minded after her marriage because she should be willing to undertake bundle of responsibilities after her marriage. If she wants to roam outdoors, the whole day, then you will fill the belly of the family members or husband? Who will provide clean clothes to her husband and maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house. If she is able to comply with the following duties, then she can think of doing a job or engage in other activities. If you are married, you must surrender to the family to some extent. You are married to bear the responsibilities of the household and hence fulfilling them is your priority.

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Author: K Mohan23 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Yes I am also of the opinion that educated women shall lose their identity after the marriage. The parents of the girl child given much importance in nurturing her by giving all sorts of comforts and giving best education so that she could become something big in her life. Once the girl completes studies and gets ready to get a good job, the parents hurry for her marriage and settle in life. Here comes the challenging situation for any girl. She wants to earn money for her future and secure life but parents wont agree and insists for the marriage. Most of the in laws demand that the bride need not do the job and as she must concentrate on house hold chorus every day and look after the husband needs every time. Thus in a course of time the well educated women tends to forget what ever she learned and feels lost in the in laws home. Husband must understand her feelings and help her going to job so that she gets respite from the daily house hold works.

Author: Kailash Kumar24 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Living in a joint family has many advantages also. The couples who live away from the family face many challenges though generally they are able to manage on their own also as the circumstances teach everything. Nowadays the number or working couples are increasing day be day with the increase in higher education among women. Generally understanding families encourage and support their daughter-in-laws to work and earn for the family. Only earning can contribute in development and betterment of the family. Domestic helps can always be employed to take care of household work of menial nature. It should be made clear to the would be husband even before marriage and the family also through him, as to what are the aspirations and future plans of the prospective bride to avoid any kind of possible misunderstanding.

Author: Timmappa Kamat06 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

They do not need to lose their identity if they stop constraining themselves to the home. These days, the families tend to be nuclear. So, once the husband leaves for office and the children - if any - leave for school, the woman of the house remains alone. They can make use of this spare time to indulge into what interests them. There is no need for opting for a 9 to 5 job if it does not interest them. It would be a good idea to make use of their education and put it to some good use.

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