Importance of English

In this article we will learn about the importance of English in various fields and spheres of life. English is a global language and hence it become important to have knowledge about it. In this article you will know why and how English is very important in today's modern life.

Importance of English


English is the language of people of England and through historical efforts of British empire, slowly English has become the primary or secondary language of many countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and India which were former British colony. It is the language of international business and banking.

Why English is Important

At present there are several factors that make the English language necessary to communicate. Everyone knows, it is the most common foreign language. This means that if two people who belong from two different countries want to communicate then they will have to use English only because it would be the most common language between them. So, in order to get in touch on an international level, everyone needs to learn this language. By learning this language, you can not only communicate with just English speaking people but can also communicate with people from countries all over the world.
English is also necessary in the field of education. In several countries, children are taught and encouraged to learn English as secondary language. Even In many countries where English is not an official language, we can find the syllabi of engineering and science written in English. English is the dominant language in the field of science and technology and most of the research works are written in it as well. To make the material more accessible to international students, students of several countries at university level study almost all their subject in English. A very good example showing the importance of English is internet. The majority of the websites are created and written in English. Many of the sites written in other language give us the option to translate the site.

How to Learn English

In comparison to other language, more number of books are written and printed in English than in any other language, it does not matter where in the world you are, you will easily find some of these books and newspaper available.
Although many people think that learning English is difficult and confusing but it is the easiest language of the world to learn because there are abundant of resources available. If one decides to learn English, there are thousands of resources in bookstores and on the internet. One can watch English movies with English subtitles and in no time can pick up conversational English.

English around the Globe

If you have good understanding and communication skills in English, you can travel around the globe. You can get help and assistance in every part of the world because it is spoken in almost corner of the world. English skills will help you in any business venture you wish to follow. If you visit any office, company or any other international institution and organization, you can see the importance of English. Usually big companies hire their professional staffs after getting to know whether the person they are hiring is good at English or not. Most of the companies which function at international level only consider their staff well educated if they are good English writers, readers and speakers.

Everyone is aware of Hollywood. It is in United State, and it is the center of making and creating several thousands of English movies and music albums. So if one wants to enjoy these movies and music he must know English. Although one can find the dubbed copies of a movie but not all the movies are dubbed in every language, so if one does not know English then he can miss a powerful dose of entertainment.


The importance of English can be simply understand from this fact that you are currently reading this article in English language. Although your mother language may be something else but still you are learning English because of its global importance. Even in various competitive exams English plays a big role. At end of the day, it can be said that English is not a language but a life changer tool. So, learn it as much as you can.


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