Confused individualists in collective nations

In this article, you will read about the mental conditions of the confused individualists in collective nations and how they can cope up with the cultural differences. When both of them try to understand each other, then they can live peacefully.

Today, due to increased trade relations with other countries, many countries who even followed collective culture are adopting liberal policies for trade. Due to the liberal trade policies, the people are influenced by the culture of the individualist countries. The policies followed for trade gradually influence the lifestyle and culture of the country. Today, they can gain information about any counterparts of the world and hence also are influenced by the lifestyle of individualist countries. The people from collectivist nations are greatly influenced by the culture of the individualist nations and they try to implement it in their daily lives. Due to their individualistic way of thinking, they feel that they cannot easily adapt to the surroundings. Such individuals should understand the ways to live a peaceful life.

Influence in the family life

In collectivist nations, many people live in a joint family. But when an individual in a family begins thinking in an individualist way, he or she may want to live independently in a nuclear family. Both the types of cultures are unique in their own way. In collectivist nations, people live jointly, perform any task in a joint manner, go outdoors jointly and undertake decisions jointly. But those nations following individualist culture, emphasize upon the personality of an individual. Every individual has the scope to reveal his own intelligence, express their independent opinion, live independently and perform every task independently. They should also face any consequence independently and face any dire situations independently.

The individualists of collective nations want to think independently, live independently and also undertake decisions independently, but the people around them do not support their way of living. Even partners after marriage seek for personal independence and the other partner becomes disappointed with the way of living of the other. Some men or even women love to go to shopping alone and the other partner becomes disappointed. Some of the women who marry to a joint family experience host of problems with the family. They become irritable when the family members constantly oppose them when they want to go outdoors. The women want to be independent and alone for sometime in a day and the other members do not understand them. They really become irritable when they become answerable to every small work done by them in the family. Most of the women in this way think of even filing for a divorce as they get irritated by constant pestering and their expectations in life is to be independent. The family members are also confused why they mention them as 'torturing people'.

Many people in collectivist nations opt for live-in -in-relationship because they cannot bear the barriers of marriage. The family members of such individualists are so shocked that they even stop interacting with their child. So, they are totally detached from their parents. In individualist countries, this type of living is common and the parents of such children are not surprised.

Coping up with the differences in their nation

Every individual in the collectivist nation should be taught to respect his or her own nation, traditional and values. They should be also taught to respect their parents and their mental framework. When they learn the problems of their parents and ancestors, they will understand the cultural lifestyle of collective nations. Their ancestors, grandparents and parents compromise in life intensely and even sacrifice their joys and so the children enjoy comfortable life. Every individuals should be counseled by the schools and should be provided with seminars from their childhood itself in schools and institutions. They should be taught more about their traditions, folk dances, group music and also should be trained in such matters so that they can understand the significance of collective culture.

The people who are associated with the individuals should understand the personal freedom that is required for the present generation and should allocate some free time to them. They should be allowed to enjoy liberty within specified hours so that they feel contented in life. If the parents do not openly communicate with their children and understand their requirements, then they seek liberty in any form.

They should be encouraged with solo activities such as painting, gardening, solo dancing so that they enjoy within specific hours.

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Author: Aditya V.04 Dec 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 7

A relationship is never made of just one person. To sustain a healthy, progressive relationship, both entities must take equal steps to understand each other and develop the positive qualities while complimenting the weak zones.

But the ease in which one person can understand and appreciate the other, in a relationship, depends on the context in which the individuals have been brought up.
In the given context, the persons who have accepted and are living an individualistic lifestyle in a collective nation, have the upper hand. It is easier to shape a hot rod than a cold one.

Extreme believers on either sides find it really difficult to grasp a sense on the advantages of the other, as all they are trying to do is 'to fix' the ideology of other. But how can we fix something that's not broken in the first place? A lifestyle exists because people following it believe in the reason and are reaping the benefits of such a lifestyle. Neither joint nor individualistic lifestyle is better in an absolute sense.

But achieving a common middle ground is of utmost importance whenever people or families with seemingly contrasting ideologies are the entities of the relationship. It is really difficult for such relationships to instantly find an equilibrium.

That's where I'm suggesting the concept of dynamic equilibrium. The minority in the relationship (in this case, the individualistic person married off to a joint family) should first try to gel in to the methods of the majority's lifestyle as much as possible. Meanwhile the person (the newly wed girl in this case) must try to figure out a way, however small it may be, to showcase the benefits the benefits of her lifestyle, all the while not directly offend the family's ideology. Once the family understands and physically sees the direct benefit of adopting a newer ideology, they will surely go slightly less restrictive on the girl.
This approach is similar to the manner in which ladies found a way to go and earn a living in our society. Their persistent baby steps helped many families in India to recognize the benefits of working women and accept it. But during all those baby steps they made sure that they understand the reason behind the family's strict conservative ideology.

Change happens in slow steps. But it surely will happen.

Author: K Mohan24 Dec 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

All Individuals are not same and all thinking ability is not equal. In a home itself there are different people and their preferences and choices are aloof and cannot be compared. So one can imagine wide range of people with different thoughts and expectations. For the ruler satisfying everyone cannot be possible. But a balance can always be done to satisfy all the sects of people. This can be seen during budget presentation.The Finance Minister would definitely satisfy every section of the society and thus try to bring equal opportunity and representation to all. So there are every chance of people changing their attitude if the approach of the National towards real goal is possible.

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