Interview time! Check what's needed.

Going for an interview? Puzzled about what to take along? Searching for things needed during the time of an interview? Want to know about the basic things that should be taken care of at the time of an interview? Then you are on the correct page. Just go through this article and you will be ready for your interview.

"Interview" a word that creates an impact on the minds of people with a combined feeling of enthusiasm, happiness alongwith some sort of nervousness and fear. Happiness for being selected for the interview, enthusiasm because of the chances of getting selected for the job, fear of losing the job if could not satisfy the interviewers and nervousness of facing the interview.
What if this nervousness and fear is erased from the minds. Certainly the interview experience could become much better. Let's try to do the same. But for that following things should be kept in mind:-

  1. What you need to carry along with you at the time of interview

  2. What should you wear

  3. How to present yourself

  4. Way of answering

1. What you need to carry alongwith you at the time of interview

There are a few basic things that you need to carry along with you whether the institute or organization has told you to bring or not. Its better that you check all these things a night before the interview.
  1. Documents :- The set of documents you are suppose to carry should include the following:-
    1) Class tenth marksheet and passing certificate.
    2) Class twelfth marksheet and passing certificate.
    3) All the marksheets of your graduation level and in case your degree has arrived better carry that also.
    4) Your post graduation marksheets.

  2. Certificates :- You also need to carry a few merit certificates that could put forth your outstanding abilities. These may include:-
    1) Participation certificates of different talent hunt programs or different Olympiads etc.
    2) Certificates of merit in academics.
    3) Certificates of merit in various project makings fields.
    4) Certificates won at state level or district level for different games and sports.
    5) Certificates of NCC/ Scouts/guides/any other.

  3. Experience counts:- You also need to carry your experience certificates of various organizations or institutions where you have worked or where you are still working.

2. What should you wear

It matters alot what you are wearing at the time of your interview as the famous saying depicts" A person is always judged by the dress he wears," so you need to be cautious about the same. Follow the following points for ignoring silliness in clothing :-
  1. Formal dress:- Go for choosing a formal dress. Boys should prefer shirts with pants instead of wearing jeans or t-shirts. Girls could go for a cotton saree or any similar dress which could give an impact of decency and sincerity towards work.
    For if you are going to start an acting career or similar career you need to wear what is trendy and in demand.

  2. Avoid wearing excessive jewellery:- A job needs sincerity and dedication and it's essential that during the time of interview you present yourself as a decent and sincere person and for this you need not to wear excessive jewellery like bracelets or chains in hand, rings in two-three fingers, heavy earrings, necklaces etc. Married ladies could however wear a simple chain and a single ring in index finger and that too if too much necessary. Boys should avoid wearing any chain in neck or in hand.
    Again for those who are going to start an acting career should wear every thing that is trendy and in demand.

  3. Colour selection :- The colour of the dress you have selected to wear should never give a blasting or heated impact so you need to avoid party colours like blood red, maroon, purple. Instead you could go out for simple colours like peach, light blue, lightest shade of green (not parrot green) and similar colours.

3. How to present yourself

This is the most important factor which needs a lot of practice and sincere efforts. You need to focus upon how you are going to present yourself in front of the interviewers that could impress them. For this you need to go through the following factors:-
  1. Body language:- Your body language should be such that it could create a positive impact on the minds of interviewers. Donot show over enthusiasm, this could leave an impact of "over confident personality" in their minds. Donot show excessive body movements, this gives an impression of unstability. Be calm, patient and focussed while answering.

  2. Be confident :- While answering be confident. It happens sometime that the interviewers try to confuse you by making you struck in your own answers. Don't get nervous in such cases. Stick to your knowledge and answer confidently.
    In case you don't know the answer of anything accept readily that you don't know. This will not create a negative impact instead will create an impression of you being honest and eager to learn. Donot create unnecessary arguments.

  3. Convincing nature:- Present before the interviewers your convincing side. Answer them in such a way that they are quite convinced by your ways and orating.

  4. Show your cooperative side:- This is what an institution or organization really wants their workers to have. Show them that you are not only a sincere and dedicated worker but also a cooperative one and this will definitely bring you to the safer side.

4. Way of answering

This is yet another very important factor which needs to be laid emphasis before attending the interview. It needs alot of factors and their furnishing. They are:-
  1. Language:- While answering you must choose a language you are comfortable in. Donot use a language im which you lack command. This could spoil your performance.

  2. Don't showcase your knowledge:- Your answers should be short, brief and to the point. Donot showcase your knowledge in front of the interviewers. This could put you in a mess. Don't forget that interviewers know a bit more thanyou and showcasing over knowledge can prove to be a bit harmful to you.

  3. Smile is needed :- While answering don't forget to keep a smile on your face. This gives an impression of you being calm, patient and confident enough to face any kind of situation without taking much stress. Don't laugh, simply keep a smiling face.

  4. Maintain eye contact:- This is very much necessary. Maintaining eye contact while answering depicts the confident nature of a candidate while performing a task. Note that the interviewers are mainly checking your skills to work with only little focus on knowledge because the knowledge has already been checked during the written examination. Don't gaze a single person continuously, this might create an impact telling about your recovering past knowledge or experience.

Wrap up

Interview is a very important part of getting a job. Make your interview worth by following all the above points. It will be better if you practice all the above atleast once before facing the actual interview. You could go for a practice set of interview along with your friends or guardians. This could prove out to be a great tool for developing above mentioned skills in you. This could also tell you the point where you need to focus more.

Tell us, how useful this article proved out for you.

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Author: K Mohan19 Oct 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

This is the important article which deals with the behavior of a person attending a interview and in this regard I wish to add that one should not ask and know what has happened inside from those candidates who attended the interview.
Mind it , they may give wrong message or they may make you to believe what they say. So keep calm and prepare yourself to answer any question with ease and spontaneously. That confidence is very much necessary. If you fumble and search for answer, then you are going to miss the opportunity.

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