What are the major problems faced by an intelligent people

Highly intelligent people do face problems in their life that are beyond time and anyone's capacity to correct it. Just can't believe my words, then scroll down to know all the problems faced by highly intelligent people.

Highly intelligent people might appear to be successful and doing well in life. When you look upon them you simply get green with envy and categorize them as being lucky, blessed and extraordinary to have anything and everything in their own geography and surroundings. Well, pause a minute to all your dreamy assumption and seek a deeper interrogation into the reality. Being successful is just one part of their story and like all human beings they too face problems. They suffer and are cursed to live with it. Just can't believe my words, then scroll down to know all the problems faced by highly intelligent people. The various problems faced by highly intelligent people are as follows-

Intelligent people

More pressure to perform well

Initially, when you do well in your class, rank yourself on top, being better than anyone. Bag the title of the best among all then things are pretty great. You are being loved and appreciated by your teachers, family and society. And in this very process you set a benchmark- to be good and to be on top undoubtedly. Anything less than the set benchmark is neither accepted nor negotiated even for second best. And with this mere situation the series of endless pressure mounts up. The very person gets trapped in the endless pressure that can be eliminated out of the window only by securing that best position.

Making friends are not their cup of tea

Making friends is all about how well you connect with people, how well you hold a potential to be a good listener, helper and a great companion. Well, even if a person is nice enough, well behaved and posses all the above qualities he lacks to create a count on friends. The only reason holds strong here is no matter what they do somewhere their action makes people feel inferior about them. Perhaps the saddest part is their high IQ frequency hardly matches with anyone. For example if a person penchant more about books, novel, high career goals to person who are incapable to think that way eventually drift away from this person no matter how good he behaves. Contrary to this case if they meet up with people with same frequency and attitude towards life then too results are not amicable. As same minded people seeking same goal and ambition tends to develop more of competitiveness than a healthy friendship. In words of Aristotle- Without friends no one would like to live, even if has all other goods.

Prone to severe depression

Intelligent people seek things differently and see thing far more distant than anyone else. They lack decisions making sometimes because they are the champion of overthinking. what if, what then and so on is their prior self talk. They over think and eventually realize their life is total havoc that need to be fixed. Their always something in their life that they feel need to be changed. And all this series of overthinking and unplanned event in life leads to elongated depression. In-spite of having all intelligence and potential there are days when they just lie, over think and miss on all important action to do. And this indiscipline leads to self criticism and endless pain both at personal, social and career ends.

They seems to be weird

Intelligent people are always different from the common crowd. Their way of planning and executing thing are totally different from all. Since their focus is to produce some extraordinary results, they appear to be work obsessed, workaholic and lit bit more weird. They never just let go things easy. They work relentlessly to achieve their goals. For ex- a student spending more hours in library, focusing more on his studies and assignment appears to be nerdy, weird and boring to fun loving student.

Life is always off balance

Intelligent people are good at anything they perform with heart. But life is not only about good marks, success in workplace and getting desired job, it lot more about people in your life, your journey with them and eventually how happy you are. Intelligent people mostly lacks to balance their life. They miss on the core of happy living that everything is important and each colour of life should included. But for them its always black and white. They miss to sing the song of life with all around them. Eventually isolation and own personal comfort zone is what they choose and prioritize.

Wrap up

Intelligent people identity always leads to lose- lose situation. Life is beautiful when it is balanced with all its core elements. Being always off beat can never give happiness and life satisfaction. These people have high ambition and they feel they should always produce some great results and anything less than that is making them feel worthless. They even hit the stage of self criticism. Since key to happy life is self love. Being judgmental about yourself is the worst feeling on this earth that takes away all happiness. History has proved even the best man do fail. But for intelligent people failing is like dying. They prone to stuck in their life because they never want to settle for anything less than they deserve. Life tends to be messed up and sometimes these people just chose not to settle, get stuck rather than failing in their foremost prioritized work. So intelligent people not always be in the pink there are days when everything seems all grey. Totally clueless to deal with life's up and downs.


Author: Kailash Kumar30 Apr 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

As far as I know, intelligence is not something which an individual can acquire out of his/her choice. It is perhaps an inborn blessing of the almighty God. So there is no choice available with the intelligent people to part with their intelligence. However through education, training, exposure and experience, the intellectual energy can be channelized in various manners. I think such people never feel the pressure of performing as presumed by the author. Instead they enjoy it as it becomes their habit and hobby. We should not forget that the people are enjoying this world because of many inventions/discoveries made by intelligent people only.
There appears to be a typo in the word 'Frutation' in the graphic.

Author: Ankita Sinha30 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Very true Kailash sir, intelligence can never be acquired out of anyone's choice. But hard work is key to any success. By consistent effort and training we can achieve any goal. And during this process of hard work anyone need to be physically fit and able to acquire the training. No matter how much potential any child holds, if he lacks the training he can’t give his best. That’s the reason attendance in school and colleges considered to be a prerequisite for good results. But sometimes people do fall ill and that acts as major constraint and failure is inevitable. At that particular point of time you fail to give your best and pressure mounts up only when you know it was something within your capacity yet you miss to achieve that goal. For example one student who scores 95% in 10th will only feel the pressure to crack IIT or he aims for IIT. He allocate all his energy to achieve this but fails due to some illness then frustration and pressure will definitely grow. On the other hand, student who just manage to pass his class will never feel pressure to crack any exam. Rest I totally agree with you that success is habit. But to pursue this habit you need to have all the basic resources- good health, mental alertness and unbeatable desire to excel.
Yes sir you just get it right, there is a typo in the above posted graphic. I just missed to type s and r, its basically a typing error. It should be Frustration.

Author: Adarsh Yadav02 May 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

I highly agree with the article. The author should have wide view angle to pen out such well conclusions about intelligent people.
And yes it is true that being just intelligent doesn't yield good results always.
To get consistent good results intelligent person has to discipline his emotions, thoughts, and action.
Intelligence without discipline is like wealth without sense of spending it. Most of it get wasted.
And the smart inventions and discoveries we enjoy today are the results of nice duet of intelligence with discipline.

Author: K Mohan14 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

If the work is not properly planned or executed there could be problems even for the intelligent people at the helm of affairs. Why the companies appoint top people as directors and Managers because they use their expertise during challenge time and bail out the problems with ease. But what is more interesting is the fact that some people underestimate their own capacity and intelligence and there by heavily bank on help from others. So this gives rise to series of problems and the solutions cannot be that easy. One thing is sure, what ever may be the intelligent quotient of a person, unless and until he is not lead by the performers or led by the confidence people of his choice, the whole exercise would go waste.

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